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What does it mean when you dream about MONEY

What does it mean when you dream about MONEY

– Dream about money –

Dreams about money often suggest achieving certain goals.

Dreaming of paper money can be a reminder that you forgot to pay certain debts or bills.

Dreaming about a pile of money is a good omen, while dreaming that you have lost money is not a good sign and often suggests problems at home.

To dream that you have found money suggests positive changes in life. To dream that you have found hidden money somewhere in your house suggests some problems in the coming days.

Also, dreaming that you have found money in old clothes is not a good sign, and you could face a financial problem.

Dreaming that you have found a wallet with money is a good sign on the business plan.

To dream that you have stolen money warns you to be careful.

To dream of saving money is a good sign, and suggests positive change.

To dream that you are lending money to someone is a sign that you will have to invest more money in something than you currently expect, while dreaming that you are borrowing money from someone suggests that someone around you expects more from you than you think you can provide.

To dream that you have received money is a sign of generosity and you are probably willing to help others when they need it.

To dream of investing money suggests good news in the family.

To dream that you are paying someone with money represents the current challenges that lie ahead.

People often dream of money because they often think about money. You need to understand that money problems are actually thought problems. No matter how much money you have or don’t have you can always be unhappy because you want more or be happy with less. Therefore, before moving on to practical things related to finances and money, it is important to do mental preparation.

The brain, just like the body, can be trained to think about money in a certain way. When you shape your own mind to think the way you want, then you can start creating the life you want, either in terms of money or any other sense. You can focus on actions and work, and spend less mental energy on comparing yourself to others and their sense of a rich life.

When it comes to money, it’s important to accept your condition and focus on what you can control. For start, it’s your mind. You can be happy with what you have if you choose to be happy. Of course, bills cause real stress, can’t you be happy when you pay the bills ?! Or you can. One option is to get upset about them every month, and the other option is to accept them, pay them regularly, and not think about them in terms of stress. It’s not that most people can’t afford a home and pay utilities, it’s that they create misery on their own by comparing themselves to what others have, but not even in general what other people have on average, but by comparing with a few selected people. In this way we create our own “monetary” reality, but this is the wrong reality, because we have not placed ourselves in the right context but in a distorted picture of reality that we have created ourselves as individuals or as a family.

To dream of money, is a signal of a burden of money and finances, when there is no place for it. Dreams of money remind us that we need to accept money as a means of payment, not a goal in life. There is so much around us that we can enjoy. Slow down and enjoy the little things. In such a rush and rush to have as much money as possible, people forget to enjoy what is free. You have enough. And instead of comparing yourself, look at how to help someone and share with someone what you have. Make yourself a socially useful person. Share your time, talents, and what you have with others, to help someone. Don’t even play the martyr. Find something you love to do that makes others happy or helpful along the way. It is best to be able to do good things for yourself while doing good things for others along the way. Don’t think you have to sacrifice yourself. No extreme is good. Neither greed for money nor playing the sacrificial lamb.

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