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What does it mean when you dream about TEETH

Dreaming of teeth can be associated with some repressed thoughts or fears. Just as teeth are a hidden part of us, so dreams often represent hidden emotions or aspirations.

Dreaming of beautiful teeth suggests that you are surrounded by loyal and good people.

Dreaming of teeth falling out suggests loneliness, and worse relationships with the people around you. If you dream that only one tooth has fallen out then the problems will be with only one person from the environment.

Everyone feels lonely from time to time. No matter how strong support other people usually had, loneliness is a feeling to which no one is immune. Loneliness may seem sad or uncomfortable at first glance, but it is a call to dedicate yourself, to look deeper into yourself and look for new ways to make your life as happy as possible. Loneliness should not be left in a negative sense, but everyone sometimes needs to be alone and need time for themselves, so that they can penetrate their interior as well as possible.

On the other hand, dreaming of decaying or bad teeth is a sign of solving the problems and burdens you have been carrying.

Dreaming of leftover food between your teeth suggests business ie financial problems and even possible job loss.

Dreaming of tooth extraction is often a sign that you need to get rid of something, but even though you know you need to, you are postponing it. Think about areas of life that you are not happy with or that you know you should change something about.

Dreaming of your bad teeth is a sign of certain anxiety and fears you have.

Dreaming of decayed teeth suggests certain problems, be careful and react moderately. If, as with a decayed tooth, you react in time and fix it, you can fix the situation. But if you ignore the problem, there is a possibility that the tooth will be completely destroyed and that it will hurt you more. So the dream suggests a certain situation that you can still fix but you have to react to in time.

Dreaming of dirty teeth is a sign of minor problems that you need to start taking care of. Just as dirty teeth require brushing, so sleep suggests that you can solve problems but need to act. You don’t need to let the dirty kills grow into caries and decayed teeth, but you need to brush them. So even real life situations you can’t procrastinate and avoid solutions.

Dreaming of artificial teeth can be a sign that you have not played fair and that you are now sorry and do not want to admit it. Dreaming of artificial teeth can also be a reflection of some lie or misinformation you have conveyed.
Dreaming of artificial teeth is somewhat about covering up the real condition or that you have already done it or that you want to present yourself to someone better than you are, or that you are not sure that you want to show your true face.

One of the greatest human fears is that we will lose what we have, and dreams about teeth apply to that. And while it’s very healthy to take care of ourselves and strive to maintain what we have like health, it’s very unhealthy to constantly worry and fear about something we can’t influence. Dreaming teeth is a kind of reminder that we need to think more about our perspective and the way we look at some things than about real actions. Fears are actually feelings, they are not real, and very often they are delusion and deception. When you realize this, you will notice that you have more energy and that you can focus your thoughts on the right things. Eg. the fear of losing something you own can be overcome if you realize that this particular thing is not the source of your life joy, but only an upgrade. You can overcome the fear of losing money by understanding that you have created and earned what you have, and that you can do it again.

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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