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What does it mean when you dream about SOMEONE

Although many believe that when they dream of a person that they are on a higher level and connected to that person or that person thinks about them, the assumption is that in fact dreams about others are not dreams about other people, but dreams about us, big thoughts, fears and emotions. When you dream about other people you are actually dreaming about your traits, but which you notice more about those people and which you can relate to yourself.

On the other hand, although it has not been proven, if you have dreamed of someone, there is a possibility that there is a connection between you. You may subconsciously notice some signals that you consciously do not want to be aware of, so the dream reminds you to think a little about the person you have been dreaming about.

To dream of someone on the one hand invite you to think about yourself and on the other about that person. We’ve all once had the opportunity to need someone to help. Maybe the person you dreamed of needs your call, maybe you need to go through sadness or express anger with you. No matter what it was about, put yourself first when analyzing dreams like this. First consider yourself and your feelings, and only then possibly another person. Don’t let the dream motivate you to be a container for someone else’s negative feelings and overwhelming emotions.

To dream of a person is a signal that you need to center. Be aware of your emotions.

To dream of someone you love is a signal that you are suppressing feelings in reality and that you need to be aware of them. This kind of dream of yours says nothing about the other person, but about your own need to make room for all your emotions, without worrying about how others will perceive you. You may have become so overwhelmed by the question of whether the other side, the person you dreamed of, loves you, to forget about yourself and your well-being, the processing of your own emotions.

Every person has their own emotional or physical wounds, and some people remind us of them, so often when we suppress those wounds, we dream of the people we attach to them. Some have gone through more than others, some go over everything easily, while some can never get rid of the past. As they go through life they carry their pain with them and create an imbalance, burdening all the real relationships they have. Through life we ​​connect different experiences, some dora, some bad .. Often these experiences create so much burden that our whole life becomes difficult. Getting rid of the past and the burden is such a demanding job, and yet on the other hand it is the only way to live a lively and healthy life.

To dream of a person you know well is an opportunity to think about that person. What experiences bind you to that person? Can you identify some situations from her life with your own? What do you like and what don’t? What can you learn from that person? Maybe you find the interpretation of your dream about that person yourself, and maybe you will need to call that person, ask how he is, what is happening in his life?

Dreaming of a famous person, a media personality, is a subconscious signal that that person reminds you emotionally of some of your own feelings that you need to process? Is that person something you would want?

Dreaming of a person from the past is a subconscious signal that you need to get rid of some emotions from the past that that person reminds you of. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to enjoy the present life, we do not manage to get rid of past wounds, and they burden us everyday as a great weight. Think about which person you dreamed of, does it remind you of some loss? Does it remind you of some pain from the past? Maybe the person reminds you of beautiful and carefree moments from childhood, and such a dream is a signal of your subconscious that he wants to recreate such a more relaxed life.

Dreams about others are very important dreams, because they encourage us to approach our emotions in a more neutral way. Whatever you would say to that person you dreamed of, everything you would advise her to do, put it on a piece of paper and read it to yourself, and look for areas of life where you can implement those changes.

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