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What does it mean when you dream about SNAKES

Since ancient times, snakes have been associated with various meanings, and while in ancient times the snake had the meaning of change and adaptation, because it rejects old skin and renews itself regularly, in recent times the meaning has changed and the snake represents evil and wickedness. Usually if you dream of snakes you can associate it with crawling, dirt, toxicity and venomous behavior. And regardless of personal views about snakes, if a snake appears to you in a dream, it’s a symbol you shouldn’t ignore.

Snakes can refer to other people or to “poisonous” elements of life.

If the dream of a snake in a dream has disturbed you then it is a signal that your subconscious mind understands how toxic a person is in your life, and that you have come to the point that your relationship requires attention.

If the dream did not disturb you then the snake probably represents some mild health problem or toxic relationship with the person, but which is milder in nature, and that person has not yet exceeded the measure.

If you are not afraid of the snake in your dream or you defeat it, you will have such a relationship with your enemies

If you dream of snakes that you know are not poisonous or dangerous then dreams of snakes can also bring relief. Probably the dream represents how you were very careful about a person, and now you realize that that person is not really a real danger to you.

If a snake has appeared in your house, pay attention to potentially poisonous people under your roof or in a figurative sense, maybe some person has already become such a source of stress for you that it is already transferring all its negativity into your life.

If you’ve been dreaming of snakes more often lately, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many people often dream of snakes, and it seems that in many dreams the virus is represented by a snake, and that the snake represents our view of the virus and the overall situation around us.

Many people identify everything that crawls with snakes, but it is not the same whether you dreamed of worms or snakes. Dreams of worms are also a negative symbol, but they apply more to you than to your enemies. They are often a symbol of illness and care. In real life, earthworms represent the fertility of the earth and are an important element in maintaining the overall life of the earth. If you dream of earthworms, pay attention to your health, but also to the ways in which you can become environmentally aware. At the same time, become aware of a healthier life for yourself and for nature and your environment.

Worms can also symbolize that hard times are ahead of you, but in the end they will bring progress, new life and happiness.

Some lizards in our environment may look like snakes, so it is not uncommon to look for the meaning of this symbol under the term snake. Lizards have incredibly pronounced senses. If you see it in your dreams it is a signal that you are already feeling the new things that are in front of you, regardless of the fact that their hints have not appeared. Also, the dream may indicate that regardless of the possible changes, you have accepted the (bad) situation as it is and think that there is no help, which is not true.

There are times when you feel very uncomfortable in a group of people or near a person. It can be about that person draining your energy and exhausting you. It is often a family member or colleague, so it is impossible to avoid them, and any communication with them exhausts you. Sometimes you may really feel like these people are snakes, crawling ok oats and instilling fear and discomfort in you. You need to know how each of us radiates a certain energy, but also that each of us is affected by the energy of other people, because we absorb it. To dream of a snake, is a copy of our feeling from reality, when in front of some people we feel like in front of a snake. Of course, some people know how to instinctively protect themselves from other people’s negative feelings, most of us need to work hard on it and develop techniques.

Dreaming of a snake signal is that you need to find ways to not be affected by someone else’s energy. Center and create a protective layer and shield around you. Work on your own self-confidence and techniques to help you not let others spoil your mood. if you come across a person whose energy you find intimidating and exhausting the most important thing is to distance yourself and not keep thinking about it. Take a walk in the park, take a shower, find some way to recharge your energy, to be positive, and not allow such a person to crawl around you and your thoughts.

Snakes are one of the powerful symbols in dreams. Their meaning has been interpreted since ancient times. And while dreaming of a snake in different contexts may have different meanings, the meaning of the dream in which the snake bit you is very unambiguous. A snake bite in a dream is always a warning signal. To dream of a snake bite is interpreted neither as a good nor as a bad symbol. It will all depend on your reactions. Such a dream is just a warning sent to you by your subconscious. The dream through the snake bite tells you that on a conscious level you do not notice or do not want to notice what is happening. It is a sign that a person you trust or is close to you, without paying attention to them, is working behind your back in some way, and he wants to hurt you or he wants to use you to achieve his own goals.
To make it easier to interpret the dream of a snake bite, it is very important to remember the part of the body it bit you on. In this way, you will get a rough idea of ​​what area of ​​your life it is.

Dreaming of a snake bite in the face – A snake bite in the face is an unhealthy attitude of a person towards your appearance and beauty. Someone pays more attention to how you look than what kind of person you are. If you dream that a snake has bitten a part of your face, pay attention to the unhealthy attitude that a person has towards your beauty and your body in general. To dream of a snake bite on the lips refers to romance. You probably fear that your partner is cheating on you or not respecting you enough.

Dreaming of a snake bite in the neck – A snake bite in the neck presents communication problems. The big problem is that a person does things their own way and no matter what you say or the way you express your desires, you are never able to reach that person.

Dreaming of a snake bite in the left hand – A snake bite in the left hand symbolizes wrong beliefs. Maybe it’s that a person or a society close to you is trying to persuade you to something that is not your desire, and in some way “re-educate” you in their direction, without actually benefiting you in all this, but they.

Dreaming of a snake bite in your right hand – A snake bite in your right hand refers to your pride. There is probably a person near you who constantly erodes your pride and makes you vulnerable. Don’t be ashamed of what you are and your original values, because that way you only create stress for yourself. Accept yourself and walk proudly with what you have and what you are.

Dreaming of a snake bite to the chest (around the heart) – This is such an obvious symbol, that it is difficult not to interpret it correctly. This kind of dream speaks to fears that you will be hurt. It can also speak to the fears of the person you are in a close relationship with from bonding, from deepening the relationship, and from fear of opening up to other people.

Dreaming of a snake bite in the knee – The joints in a dream represent flexibility, so it is about a person trying to take advantage of your flexibility. Because you are very lenient in a given situation, a person uses it and tests your limits, and this ultimately benefits only that person.

Dreaming of a snake bite in the leg – If you dreamed that a snake bit you in the leg is a symbol of how someone is trying to take advantage of your effort and commitment and take credit for yourself. Someone takes advantage of you to do various jobs and attributes the credit to themselves.

Dreaming of a snake bite in the foot – If you dreamed that a snake bit your foot it is a signal that you are moving away from your core values ​​for the sake of a person. Maybe someone is persuading you to do some things that you know deep down are wrong or don’t appreciate. Stop and think about your jobs and your moves. Don’t do something that could damage your reputation in the long run or something you know isn’t right just to fit in.

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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