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What does it mean when you dream about EARTHQUAKE

– What does it mean dreaming about an EARTHQUAKE –

EARTHQUAKE means an stressful period in life.

Dreams about an earthquake speak of expressed or strong emotions.

The dream about an earthquake has no special meaning if you are actually afraid of an earthquake or a sensitive person who is able to feel minor earthquakes, and feel every minor earthquake. Then dreams about an earthquake are just a reflection of your fears from reality.

An earthquake is an unexpected but powerful event, it has such a meaning in a dream as well.

If you have been worried about destroyed material things in your dreams, this suggests that you are afraid of some unpredictable material problems. You are afraid that something might happen that could disturb your material condition.

To dream about houses and buildings destroyed by an earthquake is a sign of concern for your material existence but also for the health of your family. .

To dream that you have felt an earthquake suggests the arrival of some negative or unpleasant news.

An earthquake occurs in nature as a result of the friction of tectonic plates. It happens underground, makes the ground underfoot unstable.

To dream about an earthquake signifies a loss of stability, to go through a period in life when it seems to you as if you are losing ground under your feet. It is a period of confusion, when it seems to you that some rules that have always been there no longer apply, concerns for the material, for existence but also for life.

Often dreams dictionaries say that dreaming about an earthquake is a symbol of business problems. This may not be the case depending on the context of the dream, but if you are going through a troubled period it is very important to learn how to deal with business problems. Most people like to ignore business problems to the maximum and no one really wants to face them. Mostly because they can have little impact on the job, there is almost always someone who is a superior and who actually controls the conditions in which we work. However, you may not be able to influence the job itself, you can face these problems in the way you pose.

One philosophy of solving business problems says that if you can’t deal with them directly, go around, and if you can’t solve them by moving around, try below, and if you can’t go below to try above… Dreaming of an earthquake is a reminder of this philosophy. The earthquake shook us from the roots, directly, around, below and above. It shakes every aspect of our existence, both material and physical and emotional.

Natural disasters such as floods, fires and earthquakes create great damage. Such disasters are beyond human control and can only cause later regret. They cannot be prevented or predicted. People lose what is most valuable to them, and it takes years for people to recover after them. However, dreaming of such catastrophes, earthquakes do not precisely mean damage. They symbolize the unstable ground under your feet, the time of turmoil and various problems, and you can come out of all this as a winner. Instability causes various problems in human life and the biggest problem is loss of clarity and instinctive response. Dreams about an earthquake reminds us of the day that no matter what happens we need to stay calm. In an metaphorical sense, an earthquake also symbolizes a lack of a plan and hasty action without any goal or intention.

After dreams about an earthquake, you should reconsider the current situation and find ways to deal with it with your head held high. Earthquakes happen suddenly, but preparedness is what saves lives. Well-built foundations are what prevent collapse. After dreaming of an earthquake, strengthen your foundations where needed and strengthen the structure.

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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