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What does it mean when you dream about DOG

What does it mean when you dream about DOG

– Dreaming about a dog –

Dreams about dogs are often associated with the emotional side. While on the one hand dreaming about dog means that you are questioning your feelings, emotions, you may be setting certain barriers, on the other hand dreaming about a dog means your protective attitude towards family and friends.

To dream about a dog is a sign of loyalty, friendship, fidelity and intuition.

Dreams about dogs are often interpreted in the context of friends, and it could be simplified to interpret what kind of dogs you see in a dream to have such friends. However, this is a simplified interpretation, and dreams of dogs certainly have much deeper symbolism than that. Therefore, such dreams should be interpreted in the context of the rest of the dream and other symbols that appear in the dream.

Below you will find a more detailed interpretation of what it means to dream about a dog.

To dream about dog barking and acting viciously in a dream represents some internal conflict, but also to distance yourself from a friend.

To dream about sick dog is a sign that you are neglecting a friend.

To dream that someone has been bitten by a dog is often a sign of some betrayal. You probably feel like you’ve made something that person won’t like.

Dreaming about an angry dog ​​is often a sign of your feelings of anger towards someone or the person the dog was angry at in the dream.

To dream about a colorful dog is a sign of disapproval, and to dream about black dog is a sign of concern for the actions and reactions of a friend.

Dreaming about dog walking towards you is not a good sign and suggests that you are facing some problems and troubles.

To dream of playing with your own or someone else’s dog is a sign that you will make new friends.

Dreaming about dog attacking you often means that in real life you have the feeling that someone is attacking you.

To dream that you have lost a dog is a sign of a lack of self-confidence.

To dream of a small or young dog is happiness and pleasure.

Dreaming of a dog indicates that your feelings are present in a very challenging form in your life. People go through intense emotional periods without fully understanding their emotions and their consequences, and it is often very difficult for them to identify a solution that would calm their mind, troubled heart and thoughts. Sometimes it happens to people that they just can’t find the right solution and their thoughts get complicated. If you dream about dog often, this is probably the way your subconscious encourages you to face your emotions and lets you know that you need to reconsider the impact of emotions on your own life. Do you know how to interpret emotions and use them or do they restrain you and cause you repressed pain? Dreams about a dog are a reminder of how you need to name individual feelings and separate them from the totality of your being.

To dream about a dog symbolizes the need, that just as dogs sometimes bark loudly, even though they are not temperamental, you need to say out loud what you feel. That you need to be gentle with yourself, but that it is also very important to be aware of your emotions so that they do not represent a burden. If you are scared of a situation, try to describe your feelings so that your voice is heard and so that you avoid anxiety. The precision with which you express yourself can bring about real emotional recovery. Dreams of a dog are a symbol of your friendship with yourself and others, but also a reminder of how you need to become emotionally more mature. Recognizing emotions is the first step toward that.

Once you become aware and say out loud your emotions and feelings that are bothering you, you will be surprised at how much freer and lighter you will feel. The dog in dreams reminds you of the need to strengthen the connection between what is happening in your life and the processing of emotions related to it. You need to give voice to your feelings. In the process, strive for calm and relaxation, and avoid conflicts and quarrels.

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