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What does it mean when you dream about CAT

What does it mean dreaming about CAT

– Dreaming about CAT-

Dreaming about a cat represents creativity, independence and intuition, but also negative things, and your feeling in the dream has the greatest impact on the interpretation of the dream, as well as the impression when you woke up.

Dreaming about seeing a cat is a bad sign that suggests a negative period is ahead of you.

Dreaming about a black cat represents your fear but also the unpleasant things that are in front of you. Black cats do not symbolize positive things, so the dream of black cats is also interpreted in that direction.

Dreaming about a white cat is also not a good sign and suggests bad news in the near future.

To dream about a black and white cat is a sign of regret.

Dreaming about kittens symbolizes tenderness, but also the need for independence.

Dreaming about angry cats or a cat suggests problems with a female person from your environment.

To dream that you are afraid of a cat in a dream suggests that you have unnecessary fears in life.

To dream that a cat has attacked you is a sign of some bad people around you, be careful who you talk.

To dream that you have been scratched by a cat suggests problems with a female person around you.

To dream about rescuing cats suggests that you are trying to become more independent. The dream of swinging a cat can also represent your desire to help someone find their way.

Dreaming about a large group of cats represents your loss of focus and concentration.

Dreaming about cats playing suggests that you need more relaxation and even fun in life.

To dream about looking for a cat is a sign of your free spirit and independence.

To dream about feeding a cat is a sign that you are ready to forgive.

In any relationship, be it love, friendship or business, trust is everything. Where there is no trust there is no connection, no relationship. To dream about a cat, is a dream that speaks primarily of trust and deception. Where there is deception, you need to know that there is no connection. Trust and honesty is what forms the foundation of any relationship, and the only way to maintain a close relationship with another person. Lying should have no place in any relationship, lying and deceiving is not something that should be tolerated. Yet it happens so often.

Although dreaming about a cat can have different meanings depending on the context in which you are dreaming of a cat, the basic meaning is to beware of scams. Can scams be kept at all? In a way it can. Open your eyes well and follow the consistency of someone’s behavior. In any case, even if a scam happens, it is very important to resist the urge to feel like an idiot, like someone cheated on.

Look at the situation objectively and observe why someone lied to you or tried to deceive you ?! Maybe the problem is how would you react to the truth? What if you found out the real truth before you cheated ?! No matter how hard it was to find out that someone lied to us, you need to remember that we all know how to tell a lie sometimes, the only difference is that we find excuses for our lies. Is there a justification for someone else’s lie. Cats are our friends in real life. To dream of a cat is a symbol that perhaps the intentions of the liar were not so bad, perhaps that person was just trying to protect himself. No matter that a lie conflicts with every ethical principle, in a way you have to know and tolerate it, because we are all just people. It is not the most beautiful human behavior, but it is human.
To dream about a cat is a reminder that we need to have more understanding for human weaknesses. Try to understand.

You may for others forget to find as many excuses as you have for yourself. You are not a liar if you have ever told a few lies. Chances are it’s not the other person either. While every scam, every deception, and every lie draws a lot of energy, dreaming of a cat is a reminder that while we can’t become immune to a lie, we can make an effort to understand.

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