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What does it mean when you dream about BLOOD

What does it mean dreaming about BLOOD

– Dreaming about blood –

To dream about blood on your own body is to draw attention to some part of your life. To dream of flushing blood from your body symbolizes trying to justify or try to fix something that is bothering you.

To dream about blood from your mouth is a sign that you are not using your options and that you should focus. You need to work on what you want and train yourself to achieve your goals more easily.

To dream about someone’s blood on someone else is a sign that you think that person, or someone that person reminds you of by character or name, needs your help.

Dreaming about blood is sometimes a symbol of the end of some life stages. We have brought some things to an end and it is time for change for the better. Blood symbolizes life in us. Dreaming blood is therefore interpreted so that you realize that there is still strength and life in you for everything you want and the realization of your own ideas, thoughts and plans.

Sometimes we can dream about blood because we have not healed some old mental wounds, perhaps even those from childhood, which our subconscious has re-actualized. All the events of childhood are very important for our overall personality, the memory of them is completely shaped. Some shape us in a very practical way, bringing us the opportunity to develop a skill, discover talents or show our interests. In all of this, we build our character and take the first steps on our life path. However, sometimes some experiences from childhood or youth can leave a deeper mark that we do not allow to heal. Because of some childhood experiences or situations, we may have problems with trust, intimacy, or fear of abandonment. Maybe we have fears of starting new projects, fears of new situations, or maybe some life fears in general. To dream of blood, is a subconscious signal sent to us by our body, that we need to deal with some problems and life wounds that can never heal. This dream is also a reminder that we have the power to heal those wounds and move forward healed.

Now that you are wiser and smarter, an adult has the wisdom and strength to completely heal what has been an open wound for years. To dream about blood is a reminder that we are still hurt or that we are suffering in some way, and that the time has come for us to heal and move on completely. No matter what your problem, difficulty or work is, now is the time to look at it from a different perspective, process it, get over it, forgive and move on. Now you have the wisdom to look at everything as an adult and offer yourself comfort, and show understanding for your feelings that we carry with us from the past.

Life now offers us the opportunity to heal open wounds, so that we can focus on the simpler and more enjoyable things of life. If you ignore what is bothering you, it will continue to drag on like a heavy burden within you, and continue to drain your energy and prevent you from living a contented and fulfilled life.

Most people get upset when they dream about blood and such a dream causes negative assumptions and fears in them. However it is a positive dream that reminds us how we can heal what is hurt in us to continue to be happier and spiritually richer. Blood on the one hand symbolizes what is hurting us, and on the other hand dreaming of blood is a signal that we are alive, that it is still flowing in our veins and that we need to live in fullness. Blood represents life in itself. All that lived in us and all that we are still capable of.

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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