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What does it mean when you dream about BABY

What does it mean dreaming about BABY

– Dreaming about BABY-

Dreaming about a baby often refers to a part of the personality that we have neglected.

It’s not the same meaning if a baby is dreamed of by a pregnant person, if you’re thinking about having children, if you’re having small children. In these cases, dreaming about a baby may relate to your concern for the baby or children, and has no other meaning.

Also, women who do not want to get pregnant dream about babies without any special meaning.

Generally dreaming about a baby presents your innocent or neglected side.

To dream about a baby girl, especially if the dream of a woman refers to a part of the personality that does not want to grow up. That dream brings you back to your perhaps forgotten or repressed side.

Dreaming about a male baby suggests that you need to pay a little more attention to your strengths and become firmer.
To dream that you are a baby is a sign that you need more attention, support and even someone to protect you.

Dreaming of having a baby, especially your own, has a positive meaning and often refers to the arrival of new things in your life and even the beginning of a new phase.

Dreaming of a crying baby is often a sign that you have neglected some things that were important to you in life.

To dream of holding a baby in your arms suggests that someone depends on you, and that you care for them.

Dreaming about feeding a baby is the beginning of accepting some of your personalities and even making better use of your talents.

Dreaming that you are changing your baby’s diapers suggests that some things in life need to be changed.

To dream that you have forgotten your baby somewhere is a sign that you feel guilty about something. This kind of dream says nothing about your relationship with children, but that you are doing some things in life in general that do not match your character. You should either redefine what is expected of you or stop doing it as it eats you from the inside out.

There are some periods in life when we push our dreams and are completely committed to making them come true. Every thought of ours is focused on what we want to accomplish, we dedicate every free moment of ours to it, and we use every atom of strength to deal with what we are hurting. In such moments we are filled with childlike joy and joy of life. On the other hand, there are periods in life when due to obligations we put our dreams aside in order to do what needs to be done and to fulfill what is expected of us. Dreaming about a baby is a reminder that we are currently in such a phase, when we have almost forgotten what we love and what we want most. Dreams about babies are a reminder to think once again about the things that made us happy, to try to revive all those childhood joys that we hide in ourselves.

Dreams about babies sometimes occur because the brain realizes that you are unintentionally doing sabotage to yourself, because if you have forgotten all your dreams, then there is no risk that you will not fulfill them. However, such a life is not complete and does not make us happy enough, and the fact that we dreamed of a baby is a reminder of that. If you have given up any hobby or activity, this kind of dream is a signal that you should reawaken such passion. Of course, no adult should ignore commitments in order to pursue a hobby, but dreaming about a baby is a signal that you need to find ways and time to re-incorporate what you like into your life.

Make an effort to consciously bring back the childish feeling into your life, and the youthful infatuation into the relationship. Dreams about babies are a clear sign that just like many other adults, your life is taking on too serious a tone, and how the time has come to learn to put aside all worries and responsibilities from time to time, and you open up to children’s joy and playfulness. Moments like this will fill you with energy, and teach you to be present in the present, and learn to appreciate more what is part of your daily life.

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