Dream Dictionary A to Z

Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – W –

WAGON – uncertainty ~ falling out of the wagon – you will solve the problem that is bothering you
WAITER – party
WAITERS – problems and insecurities
WAITING – good news
WAITING FOR SOMEONE – good news is coming ~ if you are waiting in vain – bad news
WAITING ROOM – failures and problems in achieving goals
WAKE UP ~ dream that you woke up – success, you have no reason to be insecure
WAKING UP – danger
WALK – positive changes
WALKING ~ walk slowly – problems ~ fast – success ~ uphill – gain ~ downhill – loss
WALL ~ fall off the wall – friends will make fun of you ~ skip – you skipped worries ~ build – wedding ~ tear down – new friendship on the horizon ~ wall as an obstacle – problems
WALLET ~ full – business problems ~ empty – business progress ~ lose – money problems ~ find lost wallet – don’t borrow money –
WALLPAPERS – the truth you have been hiding for a long time will be found out
WALNUT – someone will pleasantly surprise you with a gift ~ eat – you do not agree with someone in opinion
WALNUTS – grief and a period of uncertainty
WANDER ~ in the woods – believe in yourself ~ in an unknown city – you are surrounded by insincere people
WANDER ~ to be – if you want to succeed you have to work harder ~ to see a tramp – happiness
WAR – indicates internal conflict and inability to make a decision
WARDROBE – pleasant company and joy ~ if you lost something in the wardrobe ~ someone is not honest with you
WARDROBE – success ~ empty – watch your money ~ open – someone will confide in you
WARDROBE (MODERN MEANING) – The wardrobe represents your emotions. Cabinets are places where you store good things, but also useless ones. Cabinets hide memories, secrets of precious emotions and valuables. The condition of the closet and its contents hide the meaning of your dream. If the closet is crowded it signals that the time has come for general cleansing in an emotional and psychological sense in your life, and if it is empty, that you should engage a little more and make your life more meaningful.
WAREHOUSE – worries
WARM UP – disease
WARNING – you may have made a mistake, remember to avoid problems
WASHING YOURSELF – think about your actions to avoid mistakes
WASHBASIN – disease
WASHING MACHINE – the search for spiritual cleansing
WASTE LANDFILL – business improvement but minor family problems
WATCHING ~ through the window – business changes ~ up – problems in realizing plans ~ down – success
WATER ~ drink cold water – a good sign ~ drink hot water – unemployment ~ muddy water – health problems ~ clear water – happiness
WATERFALL – you have learned your lesson, now follows the enjoyment
WATERMELON – reconciliation
WATERPROOF – you are stronger than all rivals
WAVES – there are insincere people around you
WAX – loss
WAX FIGURES – try to live life and enjoy it a little more

WAY – the way you walk, such a period awaits you
WEAK – think hard before you take action ~ slim – business success
WEAKNESS – watch your money
WEALTH ~ big – big difficulties ~ small – small difficulties
WEAPONS ~ use of weapons – readiness to make decisions
WEAVE – you can successfully complete a business venture but you have to make extreme efforts
WEDDING – love happiness ~ unless you are already married and in a dream you are marrying someone else – marital discord
WEDDING ~ see – love ~ attend – wedding in sight
WEDDING DRESS ~ to wear it – refuse help ~ dirty – manageable problems ~ torn – problems
WEDDING RING – you have no need to doubt in your partner
WEDGE – problems with a partner
WEED ~ see – loss, inconvenience and quarrel ~ pick weed – grief
WEIGH – take the risk
WEIGHTS ~ lift weights – your effort will be rewarded in the end
WEIRD – jealousy
WELCOME – quarrels and disagreements
WELL – you will discover the real truth
WEST – progress
WHEAT – a pleasant period is ahead of you
WHIP ~ to see – a negative sign ~ to whip someone – a love adventure ~ if you are whipped – you get along well in every situation
WHISPER – improving the situation, you have set too big goals
WHISPERING ~ hear – your loved ones are making plans behind your back
WHISTLE ~ whistle – you will have problems with housemates ~ hear someone – you will not be satisfied
WHITE – is associated with the innocent side of your life
WICKERS – take more care of your appearance
WIDOW ~ become – you have a good love affair ~ be – a new acquaintance or business success
WIG ~ wear – why are you pretending to be something you are not ?! ~ see a wig on a famous person – someone is working behind your back ~ see a wig on a stranger – the environment appreciates you ~ make – good connection
WILD – a close person will let you down, love problems
WILL ~ write – problematic period ~ someone else’s will – business success
WILLOW – favorable period ~ cut willow sticks – grief ~ beating someone with a willow stick – try to understand your neighbors and not condemn them ~ cut – accident
WIN – you will achieve your goals but you will not achieve long-term satisfaction
WIND – the stronger the wind, the bigger problems await you
WINDMILL – open your eyes wide, someone is plotting against you
WINDOW – gossip, problems and inconveniences
WINDOW – think about family and work and what is more important in your life
WINE ~ drink in moderation – indicates a favorable period ~ what the wine tastes like – such period expect you
WINE CELLAR – misunderstandings with work colleagues
WINE VINEGAR – disagreements with loved ones
WINGS – you will get some good news
WINTER – start saving
WIRE – problems
WITCH ~ see – positive changes ~ if she hasn’t seen you – even greater success ~ be a witch – failure
WITNESS ~ be – problems ~ see – business colleagues plot against you
WIZARD ~ to see – you have real friends ~ to be a wizard – will gossip about you

WOLF – represents the year that awaits you, hungry, full, aggressive…
WOMAN ~ see – not everything will be as you want ~ old – you will be angry ~ young or chatty – watch your reputation ~ posh – you will gain the reputation you are fighting for ~ naked – you will take care of other people’s problems ~ many women – dedicate more time families ~ unknown – represent our future. What kind of woman she was, such events await us.
WOMEN – something from the past that you wanted to hide will come to light
WOOD – reconsider your goals to see if you may have strayed from the path
WOOD ~ if you chop them – you will solve the problem ~ if you collect them – quarrels ~ cut wood – recognition ~ burn wood – problems
WOOL – the people around you are not honest and are trying to deceive you
WORD ~ if you understood them – a good period ~ if you did not – a bad business period
WORK – business success ~ see others work – business failure ~ at night – your efforts will not be rewarded enough
WORKER ~ farmer – prosperity after effort
WORKSHOP – a good business period follows
WORM – look inside and see what bites you
WORMS – inconveniences, problems and bad news
WORMWORK – business success
WORSHIP ~ God – seek help from a friend
WOUND – will hurt you where your wound is
WRAP ~ something – a well-deserved improvement in business
WREATH – well-being, marriage or a stable relationship
WRITE – gain ~ learn to write again – trouble and hard work
WRITER ~ be – for now it’s best for you to stay where you are and not plan big changes ~ see – news that will make you happy
WRITING PEN – conflicts with the environment

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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