Dream Dictionary A to Z

Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – V –

VACCINE – related to you – you care too much about your health, you better watch who you hang out with ~ related to children – children are fine, don’t worry
VACUUM CLEANER – you are tired, rest a little
VALCER ~ to dance – love success ~ to watch others dance – love failure
VALLEY ~ green- joy ~ desolate – worries ~ being in the valley – misfortune
VALUES – success and happiness
VALVE – you will overcome problems
VAMPIRE – you are in danger, be careful
VANILLA – you will get a better social status
VARIETY – problems and quarrels, if you start something better wait a bit
VASE – good news ~ broken – bad
VATA – believe in yourself
VEGETABLES – pick – fulfillment of desire ~ to cook or eat – trouble
VEGETARIAN – pay attention to diet and health

VEIL ~ wear – very bad news ~ see – on which that person will have problems ~ torn – some of your secrets will be revealed
VEIN – minor health problems
VEINS ~ blood – dissatisfaction ~ on the body – you do not have the same opinion as people near you, therefore conflicts are possible ~ dig out of the ground – joy in the family
VELVET – although you have enough, think about the future
VENGEANCE – relief
VERMUT – a period with a lot of trouble awaits you
VERSES ~ write – love pain ~ read – warns you that you have become too narcissistic
VERTIGO – everything is getting better
VEST – you will have interesting company
VETERINARY – you will not succeed in business plans
VIADUCT – minor business problems
VIDEO CAMERA – Our identity depends a lot on how we look and how others perceive us, so a video camera is usually associated with fears about our own image. You may be afraid that others may not see you the way you would like them to, or that they may not present themselves to you as they truly are.
VIDEO LIBRARY – try to find a new occupation or hobby in order to spend your time as pleasantly as possible
VIDRA – worries
VIEW ~ if you see – big family problems ~ if someone else sees ~ some negative things will be learned about you
VIGIL – problems but solvable
VILLAGE – pleasant moments in a homely atmosphere await you
VIME – profit
VINE – complete satisfaction and well-being
VINEYARD – everything you start in this period will turn out good, good health
VIOLENCE ~ see – you are dissatisfied ~ with you – business success
VIOLETS – a good omen, they predict love and family happiness, possible falling in love
VIOLIN – foretells a pleasant and peaceful period
VIRGO – great happiness
VIRMAN – large business commitments
VISA – travel
VISIBABA – family problems
VISION – you are worried but it will be difficult to change the situation, seek advice
VISIT ~ receive – problems at work ~ unexpected – unpleasant surprise ~ visit – socialize more
VOICE ~ hear a familiar voice – you did well ~ unknown – listen to the advice of your loved one
VOLCANO ~ eruption – good news and a pleasant surprise
VOMIT ~ food- damage ~ blood – wealth and prosperity
VOMITING – health problems, see a doctor
VOTING – you are not sure you know what to do
VOW ~ to give – be careful, have you fulfilled everything you promised ~ to receive – hard work is before you

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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