Dream Dictionary A to Z

Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – U –

UGLY ~ be – quarrels and troubles ~ talk to an ugly person – your partner will turn against you
ULCER – great success and earnings
ULTRASOUND – minor health problems
UMBRELLA – someone is taking advantage of you / with the favor of a friend in a higher position you will beat the competition
UNBELIEF – someone is working behind your back
UNBELIEF (MODERN MEANING) -If you dream that you are unfaithful it suggests to you that you should take a better look at your relationship with your partner. What does this other person in your dream give you? Maybe you miss that in your relationship? This dream usually has more to do with your condition and feelings related to the current relationship, and almost never signifies actual cheating, whether you dream that you are cheating on your partner or that your partner is cheating on you. This dream is most often associated with some kind of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment.
UNCONSCIOUSNESS (MODERN MEANING) – The dreams we remember are those that have broken through our ego to convey to us the messages we need to know. Often, we do not have a full understanding of what is going on around us in everyday life, so the true meaning emerges through the dream. Unconsciousness in a dream signals that you are not able to consciously face the issues and problems that have been arising lately. Unconsciousness in sleep is one of the first steps in becoming aware and in the process of understanding what is happening. The subconscious will continue to send you messages through your dreams and keep reading them.
UNDERSKIRT ~ white – pleasure ~ colorful – you can achieve your goals if you remove obstacles in time ~ torn – your job could suffer losses if you do not invest all your strength
UNDERWATER – a rise in the social ladder
UNDERWEAR – you have moved away from the simple natural life, “get dressed”
UNDERWEAR ~ dirty – awkward situations ~ white – hint of youngsters in the family ~ colorful – problems with the environment ~ hang laundry – recognition ~ laundry on a leash – take care of your health ~ wash laundry – inconvenience
Undress ~ take off part or all of your clothes – you will be left without luxury items
UNIFORM – you will receive praise or recognition
UNLOCK – you will learn the embarrassing truth
UPHOLSTERY – family idyll
URINARY bed rest – disease
URINE – you will get money, but also experience discomfort ~ if it is cloudy – illness ~ drink – good health
URLING – big problems follow
URN – you will receive bad news
USER ~ be – do not expect help ~ see – gain
UTENSILS ~ problem solving ~ clean – pleasure ~ dirty – family problems ~ gold – wealth

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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