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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – T –

TABLE – well-being
TABLECLOTH – take care of your health
TAIL ~ to see – you will be embarrassed ~ have a tail – partner cheats on you ~ tail cut off – win in games of chance
TAILOR ~ to see – gossip and embarrassment
TAILOR ~ be – you will solve problems
TAKENNESS – the inability to move the body indicates a conflict between us and the expectations of the environment
TALISMAN ~ have – you are an extremely happy person ~ see – prosperity ~ find – engagement ~ wear – you will successfully finish starting a business
TALK – be more careful in dealing with people
TALK 2.- you can turn your flaws to your advantage if you face them
TANE (CANNON) – you will successfully overcome the crisis
TANGO ~ dancing – new love on the horizon ~ watching – love problems
TANK – an unpleasant event awaits you, be prepared
TANK 2.- trouble
TAPESTRY – you will successfully overcome a difficult business period and achieve success
TAPPING – your environment doesn’t appreciate you enough
TAR – negative period
TAX ~ to pay – trouble ~ to account to another – business satisfaction
TAXI ~ see or drive – business success ~ seek – business problems
TEA ~ make tea – important news from a person you haven’t seen in a long time ~ drink tea – you are satisfied
TEACH – enjoy socializing ~ if you are taught – believe in yourself more
TEACHER – disagreements
TEACHER 2.- loss, most often reputation
TEARS – happiness
TEARS (MODERN MEANING) – Crying in a dream usually means the same as in everyday life, sadness, negative emotions and frustrations. But it can also signify tears of joy or winning something you want, especially if you solved your problems through crying as a child. Then it is a very happy omen. Dream can also mean emotional relief or processing of emotions from everyday life.
TECHNICIAN – no matter how much you give to others, it is not enough for them and they are looking for more
TEETH ~ beautiful teeth – you are surrounded by good people ~ if a tooth falls out – you will be left without friends ~ loss of all teeth- everyone will leave you, you will be lonely ~ if you lose rotten teeth- you will get rid of all problems ~ leftover food in teeth – unemployment
TELE ~ see – although your colleagues are not very helpful you will achieve a lot ~ fattened calf or slaughter calf – gain
TELEGRAM – don’t decide on a shortcut
TELESCOPE – a busy period with a lot of business obligations awaits you
TEMPLE – great life changes
TEMPTATION – be careful what you say in front of other people
TEN – complete love devotion
TENANT – monetary loss
TENDERNESS ~ be gentle – listen carefully to someone ~ experience tenderness – you are lonely, hang out more with friends
TENNIS – new useful acquaintances
TENOR – you hope in vain, some wishes are simply unattainable
TENT – foretells an interesting period of life
TENT – you are not yet ready to settle down in one place
TERRACE – new acquaintances
TESATI – learn to enjoy life
THANK YOU – you will be deceived by the person you are thanking
THEATER – don’t argue
THEFT ~ to steal – they will deceive you, and if you try to deceive someone you will succeed
THEOLOGIST – you have to learn to listen, but more importantly respect other people
THERAPY – health problems
THERMOMETER – new acquaintances
THERMOPHOR – health problems
THIEF ~ be – business or love success ~ see – watch your secrets ~ catch a thief – success
THIMBLE – you need to have more understanding
THINK – be persistent, there are obstacles in everything, but they need to be overcome
THIRST ~ be – the more you save the safer you will be ~ get drunk – surrender to fate and don’t think too much
THORN – trouble
THORNS – problems and pains
THOUSANDS – what you have imagined you can achieve
THREAD – do not interfere in other people’s business ~ cracked – bad news
THREAT – think about your actions
THREE – new incentives, old plans get a new incentive
THROAT – watch out for the people around you, not all your friends are honest
THROW SOMETHING – your plan will not come true
THROWING – a bad period is ahead of you
THUMB ~ see – success in life ~ see your thumb – think about how you treat your partner
THUNDER 1. – intrigue and gossip
THUNDER 2. ~ if you are struck by lightning- wealth, glory ~ if it breaks next to you – something will prevent your progress ~ fear of lightning – take the first step
THUNDERSTANDING (MODERN MEANING) – Lightning represents energy and fantasy. They are usually a positive symbol, and thunder can signify new news, powerful unpredictable events, charge, but also fear. Lightning can also symbolize the fears we will face.
TICK – possible minor health problems
TICKET – change
TICKLING – a monetary loss
TIDE – changes that will lead to worries and bad moods
TIE – you owe it to some people
TIGER – consider if you are acting too instinctively
TILE – success and progress
TIME ~ beautiful – happiness ~ ugly – sadness
TIMETABLE – you are ready to travel
TIP – your situation will improve significantly
TIP ~ give – treat others better, you are not the center of the world ~ receive – listen to others have something to say to you
TIRE ~ if it is broken – problems ~ if you change it – you will solve them successfully
TIRED ~ – be persistent, do not give up ~ see others tired – gain
TO BE LATE ~ to be late for a train, bus, plane – don’t regret missed opportunities, they weren’t for you
TO DECORATE – to be ashamed ~ to adorn another – trouble
TO PITY – a joyful event
TO SHOE – believe in yourself ~ to put on someone else’s shoes – someone is dishonest towards you
TOAST 1. – a ceremony
TOAST 2. – someone will share your merits with you
TOBACCO ~ in the field – problems ~ string – your expectations will be met ~ smoking – not all people around you are honest ~ tobacco bag – you have a good period ahead of you
TOILET – you need to defecate but you can’t find a toilet – feel free to show your emotions, stop hiding
TOLL ~ if you pay it – financial problems ~ if you lack money – in reality you will not lack
TOMATO – love success ~ eating is – problems ~ picking tomatoes – a minor illness
TOMB TALK – If you have problems, talk to your friends
TOMBOLA – a pleasant surprise awaits you
TOOLS – a successful business
TOOTH PAIN – you will be hurt by a lack of understanding of the environment
TOOTHBRUSH – you need spiritual renewal
TOP – you will find it difficult to make plans, there is too much against you ~ cannon fire – the improvement of the situation is still far away
TORCH – happiness, well-being in every area
TORPEDO – you will get into a precarious job
TORTURE – you have no reason to be dissatisfied
TORTURE 2. ~ someone – problems at work ~ if they bother you – fraud
TOURIST – business problems
TOURNAMENT – behave badly towards the people around you, have more understanding and patience
TOWEL – business or health problems
TOWEL 2. – you are undermining yourself
TOWER 1. – business or family problems ~ climb the tower – business success
TOWER 2. – progress ~ fall from the tower – problems at work
TOWER 3. – you will solve problems, but you will provoke the envy of other people ~ top of the tower – you will reach the top of business
TOY ~ see it – good news ~ play with it – sad news ~ buy – problems
TRACE ~ find – a friend wants to deceive you ~ leave a trace – good friends and business partners
TRACK – shows what period awaits you ~ if it is winding, narrow, dirty or with obstacles – problems ~ if it is wide, clean and flat – success
TRACTOR – the business situation will not improve for some time
TRADER ~ to be – a good job ~ to see – material security
TRAFFIC – difficult financial situation
TRAFFIC ACCIDENT – success at work
TRAILER – be careful who you hang out with
TRAIN – symbolizes your life journey, if you are late for the train, if you stop too often, at the wrong stations, if you know where to get off…
TRAITOR – success and gain
TRAM ~ wait – minor accident ~ see – new arrival
TRANSFER – business success
TRANSLATE ~ from a foreign language – you get along very well in relationships, friends respect you
TRAP – problems could occur
TRATINA – new events on the love plane
TRAVEL (MODERN MEANING) – Dreams of traveling are very common. Sleep travel represents your life paths and part of your life journey. Think about what kind of trip it was? Pleasant, uncomfortable? Dreams of travel most often reflect fears.
TRAVEL ~ to a destination where it is dark- you have not yet met the whole problem that afflicts you ~ to a known destination – something will surprise you ~ to an unknown – expect business problems
TREAD ~ if someone tramples you – success ~ if you trample someone – someone from your environment gossips and cheats you
TREASURE – trouble awaits you
TREASURER – business success
TREASURES – public disgrace
TREASURY – health problems
TREATMENT – (MODERN MEANING) – Many people dream of hospitals, treatment and surgeries. This is one of the quite common dreams because most people at some level need treatment. The treatment needed can be physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. If you pay attention to sleep you may be able to identify the source of the pain and where treatment is needed. Think about whether someone else is in the hospital, what the prognosis is, how you feel, what the cure is… Don’t let dreams of treatment and illness upset you, because it can be a minor problem that requires your attention.
TREE – good period ~ cut – loss
TREE ROW – think twice before making a decision
TRESET – family idyll
TRIAL – you are expecting money
TRIANGLE – problems in the house
TRIBUNE – someone will ask for your help
TRIP – be careful who you hang out with
TRIPOD – you are hiding something from others
TROLLEY – Trouble and financial difficulties
TROUBLE 1.- quarrels and problems
TROUBLE 2. – take care of your health
TROUT ~ to hunt – gain ~ to see in the water – happiness ~ to eat – worries
TRUCK – business success –
TRUCKS – If you can’t solve the problem yourself, ask a friend for help
TRUMPET ~ see the trumpet – unreasonable fear ~ hear the trumpet – disturbing news ~ play the trumpet or blow another instrument – announces the meeting
TRUTH – problems
TRY – debauchery, quarrel
TRY 2. ~ something – watch your behavior
TUESDAY – a peaceful period is ahead of you
TULIP – love problems ~ to plant – new acquaintance ~ to water – bad choice of partner
TUMOR – minor health problems
TUMOR (MODERN MEANING) – Tumors and cancers in dreams usually symbolize unprocessed emotions with which the dreamer is obsessed. You may feel anxiety and emotions pressing on you that you feel are unsolvable or related to unsolvable problems. Cancer is often considered the opposite dream, which means that if you dream of cancer you will have good health, but sometimes it can also be a warning signal, so pay attention to the part of the body you dreamed of.
TUNNEL – old debts must be paid once
TURNER – prosperity
TURQUOISE – too high expectations
TURTLE – do not retreat into yourself, face problems
TV – you are lonely, you hang out more
TWELVE – It’s high time you did something
TWILIGHT – your closest friend will let you down
TWO – rivalry
TYPEWRITER – reconciliation
TYPHUS – take care of your health
TYRANN ~ be – you have too high and unrealistic expectations ~ see – a better period is coming

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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