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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – S –

SABER – better social position
SACRIFICE – beautiful events ~ be a victim – respect other people more
SADDLE – very happy events await you
SADNESS – joy in reality
SAFFRON – get down on the ground
SAFIR – inconveniences and gossip
SAGE 1. – better health
SAGE 2. – you will live long
SAGITTARIUS ~ to be – less danger
SAIL – by sea – a pleasant period

SAILOR ~ be – love adventure ~ see him – good news ~ talk to him – loss and bad news
SAILING BOAT – better days are coming
SAILING BOAT 2. – business or love success
SAINT – carefully dispose of property and money, losses are possible
SALAD – loss
SALAMA – you worry about your health for no reason
SALE – watch how you spend your money
SALIVA – improving the financial situation
SALMON – you will succeed in your endeavors
SALT 1. – well-being
SALT 2. ~ see – well-being ~ spill, throw away or eat salt – trouble ~ collect – a favorable period for business ventures
SANATORIUM – changes for the better
SAND – don’t bother with other people’s opinion
SANDALS – watch your behavior
SANDWICH – “next to a full table you will stay hungry”

SARMA (CABBAGE ROLLS) – good health
SATELLITE – positive change and progress
SATISFACTION ~ to be full – problems with money
SATURDAY – you will get better and better
SAUCE – you are facing a problematic period with a lot of worries
SAUNA – you will visit friends
SAUSAGES – indicates problems with sexuality
SAVE – wealth
SAVINGS BOOKLET – someone will ask you for financial help
SAW – disappointment
SAWMILL – a solution to the problem
SCAFFOLDING – if you are entering new ventures, open your eyes wide and believe only in yourself
SCAR – the unfavorable period finally ends
SCARF 1. – bad mood
SCARF 2. – journey ~ black scarf – grief
SCARLET – family problems
SCARY – beware of deception and sweet talk
SCHIZOPHRENIC ~ be – you have emotional problems ~ see – someone around you is struggling with problems
SCHOLARSHIP – you will only succeed if you are determined and persistent
SCHOOL ~ to return in dreams to school desks – you survived then, you will survive now
SCHOOL BELL – you have to work harder if you want to succeed
SCHOOL BENCH – you forgot something
SCIENTIST – disappointment
SCISSORS – discord, quarrels
SCORPIO – danger lurks
SCRAP – rely on your own strength and move forward
SCREAM – something will surprise you unpleasantly ~ hear a scream – a pleasant surprise
SCREEN – sudden gain
SCUFF – “whoever digs another pit falls into it himself”

SEA – is a picture of one’s own soul ~ calm – pleasure ~ walking on the sea – safety ~ sailing the sea – dangers on the journey ~ falling into the sea – loss of money
SEA (MODERN MEANING) – The sea usually represents our subconscious, memories and emotions. Pay attention to the details from the dream. Is the water clear or cloudy? Is the sea calm or turbulent? Are you sure or scared?
SEA BEASTS – represent your enemies ~ if the sea beast is on dry land – victory is yours
SEA DISEASE – inconvenience
SEAFARER – exciting changes and pleasant company
SEAL – think twice before making a decision
SEAL ~ see – respect ~ have – mockery
SEARCH ENGINE (GOOGLE ETC.) – (MODERN MEANING) – Dream search engines suggest that you will receive new information, and that a solution to a problem that has been bothering you in everyday life for some time is near. Also, I can suggest that you discover something exciting and new.

SEAT ~ mobile – business success ~ immovable – business period in which you will be tormented by disagreements with the boss and colleagues, you will not be rewarded enough for your efforts
SECRET ~ hide your secret – troubles ~ keep someone else’s secret – you will happily go through a difficult period ~ find out a secret – a good omen ~ reveal a secret – embarrassment in front of business associates
SECRETARY ~ to be – business success ~ to have a secretary – your environment accepts you very well
SEDEF – beware
SEDIMENT – a period comes to you with a lot of problems and worries
SEDUCT – choose society more carefully ~ if someone seduces you – you have to try harder to be accepted by others
SEED ~ have – progress and gain ~ sell or lose – loss
SEEDLING – good family life
SEIZURE – success
SELF-PORTRAIT – you will have to make an important decision, like it or not
SELL ~ things – success ~ animals – failure
SEMAFOR ~ green light – well-being ~ red – family and problems with a partner
SEMINAR – your friends are not sincere, they want to benefit from friendship
SEMINARY – someone tells you fairy tales to get personal benefit
SEND – someone – the realization of a wish; if they see you off – business or family problems
SENTENCE ~ to be sentenced to death ~ means the death of the previous way of life ~ sentence to prison – a dream warns that you are already living in a kind of prison
SEPARATION – watch how you behave in front of people
SEPTEMBER – quiet life
SERVANT – expect gain but beware of scams
SERVICE 1. – be careful not to be deceived
SERVICE 2. – family discord
SESTAR – you are in a vicious circle of bad mood from which you do not see a way out
SETTLEMENT – business success
SEVEN – one period is over
SEW – business success
SEWING ACCESSORIES ~ gain – love happiness ~ lose – love problems
SEX (MODERN MEANING) – This is a complex dream with many possibilities for explanation. The dream can be about power, control, manipulation, vitality and efficiency. It can also be a reflection of a desire that you cannot realize in reality. If you dream of having sex with a person you like, this dream reflects your desire and there is no prophetic suggestion.
SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP – good connections and business success ~ with a person of the same sex – revealing secrets
SHADOW – an awkward period follows, be careful who you hang out with and what decisions you make
SHADOW – take care of your health
SHAFTS ~ on legs – restraint ~ to see shackles – inconveniences
SHAKE – loss and dissatisfaction
SHAKING HANDS – new acquaintances ~ seeing handshakes – people around you are duplicitous and jealous of your success
SHARES – your effort will be rewarded
SHAVER – dangers and monetary loss
SHAVERS – problems with money
SHAVING – problems
SHEEP – your intentions bring benefits
SHEET – announces a pleasant period and an increase in income
SHELF – business recognition
SHELL – a good period ~ only egg shells – are a sign of quarrels
SHELTER ~ seek – your environment will disappoint you
~ seek and find – someone will help you solve some problems
SHEPHERD ~ to be – trouble ~ to see – earnings
SHEPHERDS – success and happiness
SHIELD – as much as your shield is worth, so is your partner
SHINGLE – you will not know how to get out of trouble
SHIP – (MODERN MEANING) – The ship as well as other vessels represent your subconscious and accumulated experience. A ship can symbolize you and your ability to manage emotions, it can symbolize a life journey and much more, so try to figure out what kind of journey it is, whether it is calm or turbulent and the like.
SHIP – watch how you treat the people around you
SHIP ~ see the ship – you will get help ~ sailing – travel or return from the trip ~ on land – the reward will arrive, but you will have to wait ~ the sunken ship – material difficulties
SHIPPED SHIP – problems
SHIPWRECK – business problems
SHIPYARD – problems, but with a lot of effort you will be able to solve them
SHIRT – inconveniences ~ clean – realization of plans ~ dirty – illness ~ torn – someone is trying to steal you ~ sew a shirt – love success
SHIT – (MODERN MEANING) – This dream represents happiness and health, and progress. Indicates that you are clearing yourself of bad emotions, harmful behavior, you may be expecting progress, a new job, or financial gain.
SHIT ~ see – monetary progress (read more here Dreaming SHIT – detailed interpretation -)
SHOCK ~ experience – someone close to you wishes you harm
SHOES ~ see – expense and inconvenience ~ put on – an unimportant event will bring you joy
SHOOTING SHOP – you will have to take on more and more responsibilities
SHOP ~ see – not all people around you are honest, be careful who you trust ~ full of people – business success ~ enter the store – financial expenses ~ look around or buy – family problems
SHOPPING – it is a good sign to buy everything except valuables because it brings fear ~ if they serve you well – you will get what you want
SHORTNESS – sudden gain
SHOT – success
SHOT ~ at someone – expect nice moments ~ if they shoot at you – trouble
SHOT SOMETHING – problems at work
SHOULDERS – serenity
SHOUTING – your friends are not sincere ~ hear shouting – well-being
SHOVEL – you will get help or money
SHOWER 1. – reward ~ watch others – you need to increase self-confidence and determination
SHOWER 2. ~ be in the shower – pity ~ watch the shower from a distance – you avoided some inconvenience
SHRIMPS – a journey
SHRUB – danger and possible health problems, be careful
SHRUBS – bad news
SHRUBS 2. – changes
SHUBARA – shame
SHYNESS – no matter what situation you find yourself in, follow moral principles
SICKNESS – treat yourself to a little rest
SIEVE – foretells failure and monetary loss ~ unless you sow flour – profit
SIGNATURE – your business environment is getting better and more comfortable every day
SILENCE – problems in relations with the environment; quarrels and problems
SILK – you are not honest with your partner
SILVER – well-being and love and material ~ silverware – you will get everything you want
SING – joy and happiness ~ sing ugly – unemployment and poverty
SINGER ~ see – joy
SINK – loss and failure in started business
SIPHON – pleasant company
SISTER – seek help from friends during difficult times
SIT – small pleasant changes
SIX – all the doors are open to you
SKATES – a favorable period for new jobs
SKATING – society has a bad effect on you
SKELETON ~ to see it – long life ~ to be a skeleton – something will really scare you
SKI ~ big profit and favorable business period
SKIN – quarrels and problems
SKIRT – poverty ~ torn skirt – improvement
SKULL – problems and bad news
SKY ~ clear – success ~ cloudy – problems ~ red – problems ~ starry – business and love success
SLAP ~ to receive – embarrassment and shame; guilt; financial problems ~ give – repressed aggression; suspicious financial ventures.
SLAUGHTER ~ slaughter an animal – a good period
SLAUGHTERHOUSES – you will not be spared and you will feel the cruelty of life
SLEEP ~ take care of your things; dream of sleeping – failure
SLEEPER – health problems
SLEEVE – a close person will let you down
SLEEVES ~ short – inconveniences ~ long – good period
SLIDE ~ on ice – your effort will not be rewarded
SLIDING – (MODERN MEANING) – Ice skating is associated with ice, so read the interpretation of the dream about ice. This dream suggests that you may not know something well or that you are ignoring some major issues. This is a good dream because it invites you to peek deeper into yourself in order to improve your quality of life.
SLIPPERS ~ wear – fulfillment of desires ~ see – someone cares about you more than shows ~ get – help others
SLUDGE – health or business problems
SMELL – do not interfere in other people’s business
SMELLS ~ to be smelled – this period is favorable for you
SMOKE ~ white smoke – recognition ~ black smoke- trouble ~ house full of smoke – watch out, not all people are honest
SMOKER – success and problem solving
SMOKING – your friends will finally show their true face ~ seeing another smoke – pleasure
SMUGGLING – be careful who you engage in business relationships with
SNAIL – success will bring great happiness, but only if you work hard enough to achieve it
SNAKE – the enemy ~ if in a dream you are not afraid of the snake or you defeat it – you will have such a relationship with your enemies
SNAKE NEST – someone is trying to deceive you
SNEE – someone will try to fool you
Sneeze – beware of evil people
SNIPER – quarrels and disagreements
SNOW – earnings, but love problems if it falls – good news to eat – futile effort
SNOWMAN – your partner is not honest and it is possible that he is cheating on you
SOAP – you need spiritual renewal
SOCKS 1.- success in marriage
SOCKS 2. ~ if they are new – problems ~ if they are old – the end of problems
SOLDIER – a turbulent period, you will argue
SOLENKA – you can’t fix the past with remorse, but you can be careful not to repeat mistakes
SOM – “whoever digs another’s pit, falls into it himself”
SON ~ hold your son in your arms – try to share your worries with others
SONG – remember the words in which the meaning is hidden
SONG (MODERN MEANING) – Pleasant sounds in a dream are usually positive symbols. Familiar songs signal familiar situations, and unfamiliar songs signal new things. However, the songs do not have to have a special meaning, it can also be a song that you heard during the day and that you repeat it in your sleep. If the words of a dream song have been etched in your memory, these words may have a hidden meaning and a solution to your problems.
SORRY – if you try a little harder you will succeed

SOUTH – a favorable omen ~ to break – trouble
SOUL – inconvenience
SOUP – business or health problems
SOURCE – wealth ~ clear – happiness ~ murky – misfortune ~ cold – new acquaintances ~ warm – problems
SOW – you will receive a well-deserved reward, be persistent
SOWING ~ if the yield is high – a big business gain awaits you ~ if the yield is low – expect business difficulties
SOYBEAN – the benefit of the venture will not be proportional to the investment effort
SPA – a journey
SPACE – great success is ahead of you
SPARROW ~ in hand – unexpected gain ~ in flight or on a branch – trouble, you will have to wait for success
SPEAK ~ say in a dream something that has nothing to do with you – your dream will come true
SPEAKER ~ be – business success ~ listen to him – success ~ see him – seek advice
SPEAR – watch out for the people around you ~ broken – a little trouble, then a little success ~ throw a spear – even if you have problems everything will end well in the end
SPHINX – you will not be able to keep your secrets a secret
SPICES – something will “spice up” your life
SPIDER – you business success; are surrounded by hardworking people
SPILL – a problematic period
SPINACH – good health and long life
SPINDLE – the reward depends on the effort
SPIT – happiness ~ if they spit on you – you will be ashamed and therefore unhappy ~ see someone spit – new acquaintances
SPONGE – someone from your environment will try to benefit at your expense ~ sea sponge – gain
SPOON – feed your heart and soul
SPORT ~ do sports – all your wishes will come true
SPORTS – to watch – success
SPOTS – business associates work behind your back
SPRAYING – significant changes
SPRING – news, rebirth
SPRUCE – the collapse of business ventures
SPY – success can only be achieved with a lot of effort and work
SQUEEZE – be careful what you say in public

SQUARE – describes your business situation ~ small square – problems ~ big square – success
SQUIDS – business uncertainty
SQUIRREL – problems are behind you, a period of happiness and pleasure is finally waiting for you ~ to hunt a squirrel – troubles
SRDELE ~ eat – disagreement ~ see – improvement of business situation
STAB – your competitors are quite wise and know how to turn the situation in their favor ~ be stabbed – health problems
STABLE – material success
STADIUM – good fun and social life
STAGE – you are surrounded by flatterers
STAIRS – connect personality and situation ~ if they are whole – a good sign ~ if the handrail is shaky, one step is missing or they are falling apart – an uncertain period awaits you
STAMP ~ hit – believe in yourself and stand behind your decisions ~ see – by your actions you provoke hostility from the environment ~ stamp on the letter – news
STAR ~ many stars in the sky – favorable period ~ extinction of stars in the sky – scarcity ~ shooting stars – loss
STATEMENT 1. – inconveniences and quarrels
STATEMENT 2. – you will successfully overcome the problematic period
STATION – news
STAY – a more favorable period is finally coming, you only have to improve relationships with others, don’t always try to be in the center of attention
STEAM – trouble, you are facing a period of ups and downs
STEAMBOARD ~ see – possible trip ~ ride it – watch how you drive and who you sit in the car with
STEEL – a problematic period
STEERING WHEEL ~ to steer the helm – a carefree journey
STEPMOTHER ~ be – you will take on more and more problems on yourself ~ have – an unfavorable period
STEPMOTHERS – insecurities
STEPPE – a period of poverty awaits you, it may be caused by your loved ones
STEPS – new news
STICK – a period in which you will be in great demand and somehow you will not be satisfied
STICKER – you will find out something unexpected
STIFF – calm down a bit and the door will open on its own, don’t rush your head no matter what
STINK – your friends are not honest, look for new ones
STOMACH ~ see – loss ~ sick – you will become insatiable
STONE ~ throwing stones at someone – don’t slander people ~ if they shoot you – you will be slandered ~ stones in a pile – marriage
STORM ~ to see – a good period ~ to hide – problems with the environment ~ to hear – announces some danger
STORMERS ~ to lie on a stretcher – changes for the better ~ to see – gain ~ to carry someone – you try in vain
STRAINER – don’t worry so much about unnecessary things
STRAW – see – business stagnation; carry in a brace or gather – gain; sleep on straw – poverty
STRAWBERRIES ~ see – love success and happiness ~ pick them – problems ~ immature – rejoice too much ~ sour or black – problems and disappointment ~ eat them – health problems ~ look for them – problems ~ find them – success
STREAM ~ tread a fast stream – progress ~ drained – money problems ~ rich in fish – success at work ~ murky – business problems ~ clear – a good period in life follows ~ swimming in a stream – good health ~ seeing yourself in a stream – winning prize games
STRETCH – something will really scare you and throw you off balance
STRICT ~ to be – quarrels
STRINGS – grief
STROLLER – you have sincere friends you can rely on
STRONG ~ be – you are on the right path
STRUGGLE – (MODERN MEANING) – Usually symbolizes anger or confusion, which comes at a time of change. If nothing is changing in your life, then it is a signal that something needs to change. Fighting with strangers is an internal struggle, so it may be a reflection of the internal struggle and dilemmas you go through in everyday life.
STUDENT – do not confide in or expose yourself to the public; happiness and satisfaction
STUMP ~ see – you don’t have to worry about money ~ cut – you unconsciously provoke the envy of others
STUPID ~ to be – failure
STUPIDITY ~ make -business problems
STUTTER – you have to ask to get
SUBMARINE – love problems, the end of one stage in life, new beginnings
SUBSTANT ~ to be – a difficult decision awaits you
SUCCESS – you will be ashamed
SUE ~ someone – you see and create problems where there are none
SUFFER – a happy period awaits you
Suffocation ~ in water – good health ~ in muddy water – disease and problems ~ in mud – problems
SUGAR – even though they are very good to you, your friends gossip behind your back ~ buy – prosperity ~ get – someone is too shy to confess their love
SUICIDE – an awkward period in which you will find it difficult to solve problems
SUIT ~ new – quarrels ~ old – take care of your health ~ dirty – someone is plotting behind your back ~ sewing – you will do jobs exposed to the public ~ work suit – you will get a good business offer; SUIT ~ white – grief ~ black – business success ~ buy – ceremony
SUITCASE – guests ~ full – worries ~ empty – happiness ~ carrying a suitcase – problems ~ opening – travel ~ losing – problems
SULFUR – you shape your own destiny
SULTAN – progress on the social ladder
SUMMER – it’s time to pick the fruit
SUN – optimism and well-being ~ sunset – you are nearing the end of a period of life
SUNBATHING – problems, inconveniences, quarrels and money problems
SUNDAY – long-lasting pleasure
SUNFLOWER – unrequited love
SUNSET – success
SUPERVISOR ~ be – your closest you plot behind your back ~ see – a joyous event
SURGEON ~ be – business success ~ see it – health problems
SURPRISE ~ someone – success ~ if you are surprised – failure
SURRENDER – watch out for the people around you
SUV – you are a favorite in society and you know how to have fun
SWALLOW – swallows fly towards you or are near you and are not afraid of you – luck ~ if they come from you – loss
SWAMP – warns you of a poor period
SWAN – be careful not to reveal secrets to you, success in business and love – if he sings or if he is black – problems, quarrels and loss
SWEAR – others will annoy you terribly
SWEAT – a disease
SWEET – you will be satisfied
SWEETS – new love adventures that will be short but sweet
SWELLING – be careful who you confide in
SWIM – the interpretation of this dream depends on the water in which you swim and the effort with which you swim
SWIMMING (MODERN MEANING) – Swimming is a positive symbol that signifies the harmony of the spiritual and the physical. It usually symbolizes calmness and general freedom.
SWIMMING SUIT – a minor illness
SWING 1. – inconvenience
SWING 2. – quarrels, inconveniences and failures
SWITCH – a difficult period
SWORD – you are brave and courageous, it will be difficult for anyone to harm you
SYRUP – your friends are not honest

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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