Dream Dictionary A to Z

Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – R –

RABBIT ~ see – guests come to you ~ a lot of rabbits – you are stronger than your enemies ~ kill a rabbit – be careful not to hurt a close person ~ eat a rabbit – health ~ if a rabbit gets in your way – slow down a bit
RACE – a difficult and uncertain period is ahead of you; RACE – poverty
RACKET – quarrel
RADAR – unexpected situations, be careful how you deal with them
RADIATION – you are afraid for no reason
RADIO – good news and cash winnings
RADIOACTIVITY – health problems
RADISH – watch who you talk to ~ eat – happiness
RAFT ~ see – loss ~ build – gain
RAGE ~ angry dog ​​- not all people wish you well ~ if you are bitten – health problems, if you need support you will not find it with a friend ~ become angry – problems with the law
RAILWAY – changes in life; RAILWAY – travel
RAIN – someone secretly loves you ~ if it’s a downpour – you’ll lose money ~ if you’re completely wet in the rain – sadness
RAIN WORM – you will meet interesting people
RAINBOW – you will solve problems successfully
RAINFOREST – expect great success ~ get lost in the rainforest – trouble
RAKE- expect a loss
RAPE – beware, maybe a person from a dream will hurt you
RAPID ~ receive – if positive content – bad news in reality ~ send – change, but think before making a decision
RASPBERRIES – better days are coming in both love and work
RAT – loss ~ as many rats as possible – greater poverty ~ kill rats – repair of material condition; RAT – you will not have any problems with children
RATTLE ~ hear – not all people around you are honest
RAW – take good care of what you have ~ to see a raven – happiness ~ a flock of ravens – bad news ~ to be a raven – material gain
RAZOR – poverty
READ – success
READING – you have to solve the problems you have either by talking or by better understanding the problem
REBELLION – business success; REBELLION – troubles and disagreements with the environment. Try to avoid quarrels.
RECIPE – quarrels and inconveniences in relationships with people
RECONCILIATION ~ to reconcile with someone – an unexpected encounter with a loved one from the past
RED ~ shows us feelings, where you have seen it in that area you are completely emotionally committed
REED – disagreements with the environment
REFERENCE – minor health problems are possible
REFRIGERATOR – you will have to make some decisions
REFUGE – if you make an effort everything will be fine, if you need help seek it and you will get it
REGIMENT – talk to someone you trust
REGISTER – love progress and success
REGISTRATION – money problems and additional costs
REHABILITATION – health problems
REINCARNATION – you have a guilty conscience try to correct what has been done
REJOICE – quarrel
RELATIVES – (MODERN MEANING) – We usually dream of distant relatives and friends because we miss them. It’s perfectly normal for you to miss people you haven’t seen in a long time so they show up in your sleep from time to time.
RELATIVES – you will have guests
RENT – business troubles; RENT ~ to pay – an unfavorable period
RENTING – problems with authority or law
REPAIR – financial expenses
REPENTANCE – success
REPLACE ~ something with someone – business success, love failure
REPRESENT ~ someone – show more understanding for the people around you ~ if they reprimand you – embarrassment because of some of your previous actions
REPTILES – you are surrounded by insincere people
RESIGNATION ~ give – hard work ~ receive – do not react hastily or quarrel
RESIN – worries, awkward period ~ melt or smear resin – gain
REST – everything comes back everything pays off, so be careful what you do; REST – take care of your health
RESTAURANT – progress
RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD – great tribulations or losses
RETURN – good news
REVIEW – more difficult to solve difficulties
REVIVAL – success
REVOLUTION – second-hand progress
RHINO – fraud
RIB – a calmer period and everything falls into place ~ to break someone else’s rib – loss
RIBBON – the situation is expected to improve
RICE ~ see – problems ~ follow – better health ~ eat and cook rice – you are on the right track, so keep going
RICH ~ see him – business success ~ do business with him – problems
RIDGE – success and realization of plans
RIDING – love success and joy
RIFLE, PISTOL – emotional or sexual tension
RING – if you are unsure of your actions, ask for advice; RING – wealth ~ if a stone falls out of the ring – loss
RIP ~ something – your business venture and no great chance of success
RIS – not all people are honest around you
RIVAL ~ to see – disagreement with the environment ~ to be – a love adventure

RIVER~ talks about changing, the need to change one’s attitude ~ a calm, clean river – a pleasant journey
ROAD ~ wide road – happy period ~ narrow road – lack of money ~ long, straight road – before you is a period of happiness and contentment
ROAST ~ eat – celebration ~ see – happiness ~ smell and not see – your effort will not pay off
ROB ~ to be – hard life ~ to see it – a peaceful period is before you
ROBBER – negative period to catch a robber – success
ROBBERY ~ to be robbed – every evil for some good
ROBOT – more and more business obligations await you
ROCK – you worry too much
ROCK (MODERN) – (MODERN MEANING) – Standing on the edge of a cliff in a dream can be a frightening, but also a very exciting experience. This usually indicates that you have reached a point or will soon reach a point of understanding the situation.
ROCKET – on a good business trip, you will only manage to make an effort
ROCKS – business success
ROD – nothing can disrupt your plans, success is guaranteed
RODENT – you are bothered by some of your actions, think about what you can fix
ROLLER – a calmer period is ahead of you
ROMANCE – new hopes and improving the relationship with a partner
ROMANTIC MOVIE ~ watch – you need a little more stability and attachment
ROME – money problems
ROOF ~ see it – watch your actions ~ burning – business success ~ make a roof – pleasure ~ tear down or make a roof – success ~ fall off the roof – bad news
ROOM – guests are coming to you ~ empty room – inconveniences ~ poor room – your reputation has been damaged ~ elegantly decorated room – recognition ~ someone else’s room – you will lose friends; If you suddenly discover new rooms it is a sign that you need to make better use of your potential and open up to new possibilities
ROOSTER – small problems in the family; ~ see – face problems ~ cockfighting – quarrel ~ crowing – success
ROOT – a problematic period follows
ROPE 1. – an uncertain period is ahead of you, but be persistent ~ be tied with a rope – problems ~ if you manage to untie – you will solve them
ROPE 2. – you will get rid of the worries that bother you
ROSE – you have a good period ahead of you, new love hopes and improved relationship with your partner
ROSEMARY – bad news and changes
ROT – poverty
ROWING – you try in vain
RT – an awkward journey
RUB ~ stand on the edge – don’t worry so much
RUBIN – happiness
RUINS – health problems and loneliness
RULER – you will experience less discomfort
RUM – guests arrive
RUN – you will achieve the set goal ~ run long – reverse ~ watch others – good earnings
RURAL PROPERTY – a good period is ahead of you
RUST – problems
RYE – better days are coming

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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