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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – P –

PACK – the end of one stage in life
PACKAGE – news
PAIN 1. – work too hard, relax
PAIN 2. ~ if someone else is sick – you will suffer a similar fate as the person you dreamed of in reality ~ be sick – sadness
PAINT – the environment doesn’t appreciate you enough
PAINTER – an auspicious period for love
PAJAMAS – you want something forbidden ~ to dress – material losses ~ to undress – success requires a lot of effort ~ old and torn – someone is plotting behind your back
PALE ~ be – bigger health problems
PALE PERSON – that person will be sick
PALM 1. – success ~ dirty palm – failure
PALM 2. ~ see – progress ~ dry palm – regression ~ palm leaves – you will use your workplace for personal benefit ~ branches – promotion
PAN – Don’t let others disrespect you
PANCAKES – many people close to you are hiding your real face from you
PANIC ~ being panicked – problems ~ seeing panicked – someone in your family needs help
PANTS – problems and sudden costs; PANTS ~ if new – success ~ old or torn – inconveniences
PAPER – you will receive a well-deserved reward ~ colorful – good news ~ black – sad news ~ tear paper – others will not be fair to you ~ cut paper – worries
PAPER DRAGON ~ if it flies – success ~ if it didn’t take off – trouble
PAPERS – gain
PARACHUTE – an awkward period, but you will survive
PARADE – you have to start behaving more responsibly at work, otherwise you will get into big trouble
PARADISE (MODERN MEANING) – Paradise represents all those things that most people hope for. Some do not believe in paradise, but everyone knows what the idea of ​​paradise represents. In your dreams, the dream symbolizes happiness, peace, understanding, rest, love… Regardless of your religious affiliation, paradise is usually a positive and energizing dream.
PARADISE ~ to see – watch how you behave ~ to be in paradise – love happiness
PARALYZED ~ be – do not make decisions until you think carefully about the possible consequences
PARCHMENT – happiness in all areas of life
PARK – you will find it easier to endure difficulties if you relax a little and let others have their opinion
PARLIAMENT 1. – some things have to be discussed no matter how embarrassing
PARLIAMENT 2. ~ be in – health or family problems ~ sightseeing – a significant meeting that will benefit you
PARQUET – be careful
PARROT – an awkward period, others envy you and want to hurt you for it
PARSLEY – you will benefit from one person so do not hesitate to ask her for help
Particleboard – quarrels
PASSENGER – business success
PASSION – problems with a partner
PASSPORT ~ you will be traveling soon
PASSWORD – some of your old wishes will come true

PAST AGE ~ if you dream of living in a past century – you have probably found yourself in a situation from which you see no way out
PASTA – dream of pasta – prepare for family troubles
PASTOR ~ see – business success ~ talk to him – happiness and success
PASTURE – a good period in life
PATCH 1. – problems and inconveniences
PATCH 2. ~ see – hard times are ahead of you ~ have – someone will gossip about you
PATCH ~ your own – you are on the right track ~ patch other people’s things – you will have problems
PATE – try to save for the future
PATIENCE – you ask and expect too much, get down to earth
PAVEMENT ~ see – travel ~ places – recognition ~ fix holes in the pavement – be careful, these days you are prone to accidents
PAVILION ~ to see – you have unattainable desires ~ to be in it – you hide your love from others
PAW – don’t agree to something just for the sake of society, that’s how children behave, not adults
PAYMENT 1.- you will solve the problems
PAYMENT 2. ~ watch others pay – gain ~ pay something – poverty and debts
PEACHES – joy but temporary
Peacock ~ see – someone will try to take advantage of you ~ who flaunts – love happiness ~ peacock feather – don’t argue
PEARL NECKLACE ~ wear it – a big happy event awaits you
PEARLS ~ get them – beware of flatterers ~ sell or buy pearls – be careful not to be embarrassed ~ look for pearls – you know the truth but you don’t want to admit it to yourself
PEARS – a good period is ahead of you
PEAS – you are authoritative and the people around you listen to you
PEASANT – a peasant is a happy omen in a dream, usually predicting profit and well-being unless you have quarreled with him or if something has deceived you
PEDESTRIAN – try a little harder or your plans will not come true
PEEL the fruit – someone close to you will leave your life
PENALTY – a bad omen for new jobs
PENALTY ~ to be punished – success ~ to watch punishment – failure ~ penitentiary – caution in business ~ to pay a fine – business success ~ to watch someone else pay – infidelity
PENANCE – do not blame yourself for other people’s mistakes
PENCIL – someone often thinks of you ~ red – costs ~ write – improving your love life
PENDANT – love happiness ~ lose – problems
PEOPLE ~ famous people – success and satisfaction ~ many – inconveniences
PEPPER – quarrels, especially refers to quarrels with rivals
PEPPERS ~ angry – a close person will let you down ~ sweet – pleasant company
PERCENTAGE ~ calculate – business problems and losses
PERFUME – you have no reason to doubt, you are surrounded by real people
PERMIT – success at work
PERSECUTED ~ to be – there is something in your life, a person, a situation or a feeling that scares and hinders you ~ if you are persecuting someone – you will have to make decisions
PET – optimism
PHARAOH – rely on a friend
PHARMACY – success and joy
PHEASANT – good news and joy
PHILOSOPHER – quarrels and discussions await you
PHONE ~ ringing – news
PHOTO ALBUM – go back in time, you didn’t do your best ~ browse it – meeting a person you haven’t seen in a long time
PHOTOGRAPHER – marriage on the horizon
PHOTOGRAPHY – see Dream PHOTOS – detailed interpretation –
PIANO – joy and happiness ~ play – gain ~ listen to others play – sudden obstacles
PIANO – joy and happiness ~ to play – gain ~ to listen to others to play – sudden obstacles ~ if a piano key fails in a dream – an area in life will fail
PICK – a pity
PICTURE 1. ~ own – review your actions and align them with the goals
PICTURE 2. ~ someone’s new love ~ someone will confide in you
PIG – a happy sign, a symbol of prosperity; wild boar- unfavorable period, quarrelsome and unpleasant partner; PIG – business difficulties
PIGEON – don’t be seduced ~ pigeon on the roof-good news ~ catch a pigeon – bad news ~ pigeon in flight – happiness in the family
PIKE – pleasant company
PILGRIM – good news
PILLAR – pleasure ~ if the pillar falls – health problems
PILLOW 1. – problems and disease
PILLOW 2. – refers to your feelings, they are the kind of pillow you dreamed of
PILLS – no matter what problems occur, it is important to keep a healthy mind
PILOT – inconveniences
PINEAPPLE ~ to see it – joy ~ to eat it – disease
PINK COLOR – indicates love for the object of your dream
PIPE – you will receive a gift ~ smoke a pipe – peace and a successful life
PIPES – success
PIRATE – money problems and sudden expenses
PISK – long and good life
PISTOL – (MODERN MEANING) – Pistols in dreams can have different meanings, so it is important to interpret this dream in the context of other symbols. The gun can symbolize the male sexual organ and have a sexual connotation. On the positive side, a gun may represent a need to protect yourself emotionally or physically. If you use a gun to hurt someone, think about your emotions and the quarrels you have in everyday life because you may be hurting the other side more than you think.
PISTOL – not all people are well-meaning, watch out
PIT – problems and troubles
PITA ~ make – pleasant family life ~ on the table – unpleasant news
PLAGUE – a journey
PLAIN – gain ~ desolate and dry – money problems
PLANE ~ to make it – symbolizes new ideas to be realized ~ if it falls – rejection of old habits ~ to fly in a plane – unexpected success
PLANET – problems with the environment
PLANT – a good period in private and business
PLANTS – problems and sudden costs
PLASTER – you try in vain
PLATE ~ break – quarrels with partner ~ new – the real truth will come out ~ see – new love
PLAY – new acquaintances; PLAY ~ with children – luck ~ with the ball – bad news ~ play cards and lose – bad news ~ play cards and win – good news
PLAYERS – loss
PLEASURE – satisfaction and success
PLEDGE ~ to give – business success
PLIERS – your friends can both use and relax you, depending on how you approach them
PLOT 1. – the environment doesn’t trust you for some reason
PLOT 2. ~ see – family disagreements ~ tear down – you will get back in touch with the person who disappointed you a long time ago
PLUG 1. – be careful, you could have a minor accident; late marriage and elderly children
PLUG 2. – your success depends on the effort
PLUM 1. – sexuality
PLUM 2. – you are lucky, you have a family that understands you and fully supports you
POCKET 1. – plans are being realized successfully
POCKET 2. ~ see it or if it is empty – gain ~ if it is full or if you empty it – money problems
POCKET ~ to be – recognition ~ to catch a pickpocket – victory
POCKET KNIFE – minor problems
POET ~ be – get down to earth ~ see – news
POINT – after a lot of torment comes relief
POISON – beware of scams
POLAR BEAR – someone sincerely loves you and is afraid to show feelings
POLICEMAN – warns us of our small mistakes, rarely warns of a crime
POLITICS – talk politics – don’t philosophize too much, especially not others
POLL – you are not sure about the sincerity of your environment, you better think; be interviewed – lost trust can be regained
POOL ~ swim in the pool – misunderstandings in the family
POPE (PRIEST) – recognition and success
POPE (MODERN MEANING) – A pope is usually dreamed of when we feel lost in the world around us. If you are a believer, the dream of the Pope may represent a subconscious desire to communicate directly with God, to devote more time to prayer and spiritual values. In some situations, it occurs when we disagree with some church representatives, so we question whether their position is consistent with what religion represents.
POPLAR – you are on the right path
POPPY – someone or something will disappoint for a while
PORCELAIN ~ to see – a good period in life follows ~ to break – illness ~ to buy – marriage or child
PORT – you are surrounded by good people, trust them
PORTRAIT – fertility, a child in a close family
POSTAGE – a person you have not been in contact with for a long time will return to your life and thoughts
POSTAL BOX – take the first step and contact someone
POSTCARD ~ send it – you have a trip ahead of you ~ receive a postcard – someone is thinking of you
POSTER – news that will make you very happy
POSTERS – an extremely happy period
POSTMAN – news
POT ~ small – progress ~ big – conflicts ~ full – play games of chance
POTATOES – you will succeed in your plans, gain ~ but if you eat or peel it – problems in relationships with people, but also materially
POUR – disease
POVERTY – someone will embarrass you in front of people
POVERTY ~ to be poor – trouble
POWDER – you have to learn to handle money more carefully
POWER OF ATTORNEY – money problems, be careful who you lend money to
POWERLESSNESS ~ if you feel powerless – business success ~ if someone else is powerless – inconveniences
PRAGUE – marriage
PRAISE ~ receive – beware of flatterers ~ praise someone – you have good friends
PRAISE SOMEONE – success ~ brag – failure ~ if someone praises you – failure
PRAY TO GOD – well-being
PRAYER – if you need help, ask a friend
PREGNANT WOMAN ~ to be – you can achieve everything you want if you make an effort ~ to see – take care of your health ~ if a man dreams – a happy marriage
PRE-MARRIAGE AGREEMENT – success in what you have planned
PRESSURE GAUGE – problems with the bloodstream and heart of the person whose blood pressure is being measured
PRESTIGATE ~ someone or something – long-lasting pleasure
PRETEND – think about why your competition is afraid of you
PRICE – problems with finances
PRICE LIST – bad news
PRIDE – success
PRIEST ~ be – success and glory ~ talk to him – you will solve some problem ~ see – grief
PRINCE ~ to be – success ~ to see – love failure
PRINCESS ~ to be – love success ~ to see – love failure
PRINTER – you earn well, but you are not satisfied with your job
PRISON – debts from the past come due
PRISON (MODERN MEANING) – If you dream of imprisonment you may think that you have done something immoral, illegal or something for which you deserve punishment. The dream of constipation can also occur if you feel trapped in an emotional sense. In any case, the dream suggests that you have some obstacles in life that you will have to work hard to overcome.
PRISON ~ be closed – obstacles and problems will arise
PRISONER ~ to be – a loss
PRIZE – business problems
PROBLEM – a little, you will solve it already
PROCESSION – see it – gain ~ participate – you will meet new people
PROFESSOR – relax and enjoy life
PROFIT – jobs success; PROFIT – success in private and business
PROGRAM ~ read – learn to put your tongue in your teeth sometimes
PROHIBITION – family problems
PROMISE ~ give – someone will deceive you
PROMOTION – success
PROPAGANDA – problems, seek advice
PROPERTY – keep an eye on your property, beware of theft; to inherit a ga- happy marriage
PROPHECY ~ hear – your dreams will come true
PROPHET – not all people are sincere and do not have good intentions
PROPOSAL – pleasure and happiness
PROSTITUTES – a small expense
PROTECTOR ~ to be – you will show others your intentions ~ to have – someone will persuade you to do something bad
PROTEST – although you are dissatisfied with the situation it will not change soon
PROVE – quarrel
PSYCHOLOGIST ~ be – help a friend because he has problems ~ be with a psychologist – talk to friends about your problems
PUBLIC HOUSE ~ to see it – you will be ashamed ~ to be in it – business success
PUDDING – you are a pleasant and honest friend
PULL UP – success and material gain
PULLOVER ~ see – surprise ~ buy – good period
PUMPKIN – you hope for impossible things; your dreams are hard to come true
PUNCH 1. – marital and love happiness
PUNCH 2. ~ drink – prosperity ~ make – your friends are not sincere
PUNCH ~ someone – problems ~ being pierced – quarrels and misunderstandings
PUPIL – gain
PURIFICATION – changes, take care of your health
PURPLE COLOR – refers to the object of the dream and is usually a positive sign
PUS – illness, discomfort or bad news
PUSHING – problem period be persistent
PUZZLE ~ solve – you will solve problems that have been bothering you for some time ~ fail to solve – problems are in front of you
PYRAMID – a journey

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