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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – N –

NAIL FILE – take good care of yourself
NAILS – happiness and success
NAILS (MODERN MEANING) – If you edit your nails by filing or cutting, perhaps such a dream reflects the negative energy you feel. But nails also have a sexual connotation, so depending on how trim they are they reflect how satisfied you are with the passionate side of your life.
NAILS ~ cut nails – scam ~ long nails – longer pleasant period ~ toenails – keep healthy
NAKEDNESS – (MODERN MEANING) – Being naked in a dream usually symbolizes fear of exposure and vulnerability. It can be a reflection of what is happening in everyday life. You may not be willing to show others your true face because you are afraid that you will be embarrassed, so the dream is compensation. Think about whether you’re afraid of being too revealing and why you think someone wouldn’t like your right side.
NAKEDNESS ~ be naked – you will be ashamed ~ naked man – bad news ~ naked woman – good news
NAME – good news –

NAME DAY – some of your dreams will come true
NANNY – serious family problems await you
NARCIS – your partner is hiding something from you
NARROW – you will hardly be able to achieve the imagined
NART – profit
NECESSITY ~ to perform a great urination – relief
NECK ~ beautiful – good health and love happiness ~ swollen – business success ~ thick neck – well-being
NEDRA – gain
NEEDLE – marriage or harmonious friendship is pierced with a needle – the news of someone else’s engagement
NEGATIVE – caution is never enough
NEGOTIATION – profit ~ arranging a wedding – big problems
NEIGHBOR – some people around you are pretending
NEMAN ~ if he attacks you – problems
NEST – success ~ nest with eggs – wedding ~ destroy the nest – be less jealous
NET ~ spider web – direct your energy in the right direction ~ fishing net – problems
NETTLE – gossip and problems
NEWBORN ~ be – helplessness, others will take care of you, return home if you were on a trip, if you want to travel you will not go on a trip ~ have a male – favorable result ~ female – the end will be worse than the beginning
NEWS – business or love success
NEWS – watch your health and expenses
NEWSPAPER – seek advice
NIGHT – disagreements, problems, uncertainty ~ if the night is bright – expect a long-term positive period
NIGHT (MODERN MEANING) – Extreme darkness suggests that you are hiding something or that you do not want to see some things clearly, and that you close your eyes to them. Darkness symbolizes a lack of awareness and clarity. Take a closer look at the other symbols from the dream to figure out which area of ​​life you need to pay more attention to.
NINE – the solution to your problems is approaching
NIPPLE – expect minor discomfort
NIPPLE ~ have – gain ~ see – be braver
NIT – you have to dedicate yourself to other things besides work
NITS – inconveniences and problems
NOISE – you will argue to convince others of the correctness of your point of view
NOODLES – if you see or eat them – a problematic period, making noodles – a successful period
NOSE ~ beautiful nose – good relations with others
NOTARY – you will get something you did not expect or an inheritance
NOTE – all your wishes will come true
NOTEBOOK – business success
NOTICE – Be careful how you behave and perform your business tasks conscientiously
NOVEL ~ read – a good period for love ~ write – a bad period
NUDISTIC BEACH – new acquaintances
NUMBERS – see the individual number you dreamed of
NUN ~ be – someone will try to persuade you to do something bad ~ see – success
NURSE – inconvenience
NURSERY – family changes and good news

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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