Dream Dictionary A to Z

Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – M –

MADAM – gossip, bad news and embarrassment
MADNESS ~ to be mad – listen to the voice of your heart no matter how it may seem to others
MAFIA – be careful who you hang out with and who you get into business with
MAGAZINE – someone from your environment will try to harm you with lies ~ buy – a favorable period
MAGIC – changes in the family
MAGICIAN – someone is trying to deceive you
MAGNET – changes for the better
MAGNIFIER ~ look through a magnifying glass – someone will benefit at your expense
MAGPIE – not all the people around you are honest, be careful
MAHATI – a journey ~ to watch someone wave to you – parting from a loved one
MAID – the environment is not conducive to you; MAID – you trust others too much
MAIL – (MODERN MEANING) – Email or popular mail usually indicates the receipt of some news, information or messages. Mail can signal that you will become more aware of some aspects of your life, and understand the real truth. If you receive a lot of emails, it may indicate missed opportunities.
MAIL – good news and pleasant company
MAKE MISTAKES – good news
MAKE UP – you don’t always have to be 100% honest, but be careful not to hurt others
MAKEUP ~ see – you hope in vain
MAN – business success; MAN – you made the right decision
MAN (MODERN MEANING) – Different types of people appear in our dreams. A man in dreams can be a family member, a loved one, or a complete stranger. You can dream about your father, child, wife or friend, so the dream should be interpreted in relation to other details from the dream. If a woman dreams of an unknown man, they usually represent her physical energy. It represents her vital energy, so you will interpret the dream depending on the appearance and condition of the unknown man.
MANEUVER – a successful period is ahead of you
MANUSCRIPT ~ calligraphy – business advancement ~ bad manuscript – failure at work
MAP (GEOGRAPHICAL MAP) – (MODERN MEANING) – Interpretation depends on whether you are using a map to go to a specific destination or have a confusing map in front of you. A confusing map signals that you lack clarity and meaning in everyday life, and that you need to think a little more about long-term plans. Following a good dream map represents that you are confident that you know where you are going and what you want.
MAP ~ closed – failure ~ open – success
MAP ~ to study – the journey is before you
MAPLE – a happy marriage
MAPS ~ see maps – problems at work ~ tear – you will solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time
MARATHON ~ run – you don’t always have to prove yourself ~ watch – someone close to you needs your help
MARBLE – watch out a little, this is an uncertain period
MARGARIN – someone is trying to fool you
MARKET – problems and quarrels
MARRIAGE – (MODERN MEANING) – Marriage is a symbol of commitment and depending on the details of the dream, you may be burdened in everyday life by issues of attachment to someone. These can be obligations to work, yourself or your partner. Marriage in a dream is an affirmative and encouraging symbol. And on the practical side, if you are not married, and you would like to be, then a dream marriage reflects your desires.
MARRIAGE – improving the relationship with your partner
MARRIAGE ~ to marry – love loss, business gain ~ divorce – earnings
MARRY – success
MARZIPAN – beware of those who please you too much
MASK – (MODERN MEANING) – Masks represent different aspects of your personality, so it can symbolize some of your hidden characteristics. If you are wearing a mask in your sleep, think a little better about whether you are honest with yourself and others or you are hiding something and pretending. If others wear a mask, you may doubt their sincerity and think they may be pretending.
MASK – business problems ~ take off the mask – you will reveal a secret
MASK YOURSELF ~ dance masked – we all end up with ourselves, keep that in mind
MASON ~ see – problems at work ~ be – you will fall in love but you will not admit it
MASQUERADE (MODERN MEANING) – Carnival can symbolize the need to show your true face, but also a simple desire to have fun. Maybe you are tired of everyday worries and the brain has looked for a way to relax and cheer up through a fun dream.
MASSAGE – you are too burdened with problems, and it is of no use
MAST – you will have a happy marriage
MASTER – business success
MASTER – your plans will come true, be persistent
MAT – a period of stagnation
MATCHES – gain and favorable life span
MAY – beware of a woman ~ if she is a foal – a good dowry
MAYOR ~ be mayor- you unnecessarily take responsibility for yourself
MEADOW ~ overgrown meadow – happiness ~ mowed meadow – problems ~ full of flowers – new love
MEAT – depending on how much you like to eat meat, so much profit awaits you. The nicer the prepared and tastier the meat, the higher the profit. ~ raw meat – loss, but things and not a person ~ buy meat – material success ~ fry meat – health problems ~ eat human meat – you will make a profit but in a dishonest way
MEDAL ~ get a medal – success ~ give a medal – you will give recognition to someone
MEDALLION – all secrets are eventually revealed
MEDICINE – (MODERN MEANING) – Dreams about drugs are interpreted depending on the relationship you have with drugs, whether you take drugs in everyday life, and whether you take them on your own or prescribed by a doctor. If you never take medication or take it very rarely then sleep signifies the need for healing, an escape from everyday stress. Medicine signifies the need for balance. Usually, the purpose of dreams about medicine is the need to live healthier and more consciously, and it almost never signifies a real need for medicine.
MEDICINE ~ drink – inconvenience and loss ~ give someone medicine or make it – success ~ throw away medicine – failure ~ seek medicine and can’t find it – business problems
MEDITATION – take a break, you don’t have to solve everything right away
MEET SOMEONE – be careful who you talk to
MEETING – inconveniences with the environment
MEETING ~ to go to a meeting – great love ~ to arrange – a favorable period
MELON – problems and inconveniences
MEMORIAL – nostalgic mood
MEMORY – pleasure
MENSTRUATION (MODERN MEANING) – The interpretation of this dream is usually positive, and represents the release of worries and tensions. Menstruation in your sleep can signal that hard times are behind you, and that you will finally be able to relax and restore emotional balance.
MENTAL PAIN – you will successfully resolve disagreements with an important person
MENU – travel
MERMAID – you will successfully overcome the crisis period
MESSAGE – a good sign
MESSENGER ~ to see a messenger – bad news ~ to get a message from a messenger – business success
METAR – beware of risky jobs
METEOR – gain and happiness
MICROSCOPE – watch what you do, everything comes back everything pays off
MIDWIFE (GRANDMOTHER) – your secrets will be revealed
MIDWIFE ~ be a midwife – you will discover a valid secret
MIGRAINE – minor health problems or quarrels
MIGRATE – problems, troubles and poverty
MILITARY LEADER – social recognition
MILK – you are immature towards problems ~ drink milk – happiness; shed – loss
MILK (MODERN MEANING) – Milk can symbolize the need for nurturing and attention, so depending on whether you give or receive milk, explain whether you need to give or receive more attention and show understanding towards your environment.
MILL – you don’t have to do everything yourself, trust other people as well
MINE – business problems
MINE ~ see – business success ~ work in a mine – you will see someone else’s success
MINER – bad news
MINERAL WATER – business loss
MINUTES – no need to worry about other people’s worries, rest a little
MIRACLE TO SEE – problems
MIRAZ ~ to see – a wedding in the family ~ to give – quarrels in the family
MIRROR – problems due to omissions in the past
MIRROR (MOERNO MEANING) – You may be interested in what impression you leave in front of other people and the way you present yourself to the world. If the image is clear and the mirror is beautiful it is a positive signal, and broken mirrors in a dream symbolize bad luck.
MIRROR ~ to see your reflection – marriage and a good relationship ~ to be different in the mirror – you will be like that in reality
MISCONCEPTION ~ be mistaken – you have good friends, feel free to rely on them and seek advice
MISSION – reconciliation
MIST – wedding on the pier
MISTAKE – you need to have more faith in yourself
MIŠOLOVKA – someone is trying to deceive you
MOANING – you are surrounded by insincere people
MOBILE PHONE – bad news, you are dissatisfied with the people around you
MOCK – be better to your friends
MOLD – someone is dishonest with you
MOLE – a problematic period, watch your behavior and your activities or inactivity
MONASTERY ~ see – you have insincere friends ~ be in – look at difficulties from another perspective, you will solve them easier
MONASTERY ~ to be in a convent – trouble ~ to see – your partner is not honest
MONEY (MODERN MEANING) – Usually those who really think about money dream about money. Money is a symbol of power and wealth. To interpret this dream, first think about your current financial situation, because the dream of money most often either reflects fears or desires to have a lot of money.
MONEY ~ to give – benefit, but only if you are engaged in public activity, eg singers, to others it is a sign of gossip ~ receive – unforeseen expense ~ change or a lot of money – gain ~ fake money – loss ~ borrow or count – business success ~ lose – loss ~ find – success
MONKEY – there is a cheater near you ~ monkey bite – love success
MONSTER – (MODERN MEANING) – Monsters in a dream are a very common symbol, and can represent the negative forces that exist in your life or within you. Most often, monsters represent your own negative traits, bad temperament, bad habits and similar things. The way you deal with a monster is a symbolic reflection of the way you deal with your negativities. Usually the mind creates images of monsters in dreams to teach you something for yourself.
MONSTER – gain
MONSTER ~ to be – gain ~ to see – loss;
MONSTERS – you have too many desires and unrealistic expectations
MONUMENT (TOMBSTONE) – wedding ~ damaged or broken monument – quarrels with partner

MOON – a symbol of femininity ~ bright – gain ~ dark – love problems ~ red – you are in danger ~ young – trust your partner ~ full – problems
THE MOON (MODERN MEANING) – The moon is usually associated with femininity, irrational and intuitive. The moon can also represent your passion, so it’s hard to interpret it as an isolated symbol. Pay more attention to the other symbols in your dreams.

MOONLIGHT – short but great love
MORNING ~ if it is clear – fulfillment of wishes ~ if it is gloomy – problems
MORTUARY ~ see – changes and loss ~ being in the morgue – good health
MOSAIC ~ to see – inconveniences ~ to walk on it – a good period
MOSQUE – a journey
MOSQUITOES- many will want to take advantage of you
MOSS – love problems, business success
MOTH – changes
MOTH (MODERN MEANING) – Moths are usually not beautiful and pleasing to the eye, so a moth in a dream can reflect your weaknesses and discomfort. It can warn you that someone or something is deceiving you, and that you do not recognize the danger or that you are deceiving yourself by consciously ignoring the warning signals. Danger can be emotional or psychological, not necessarily physical.
MOTHER – (MODERN MEANING) – They say that the relationship you have with your mother is the most important of all relationships. Whether our mother’s relationship is good or bad, there are powerful emotions in us. However, such dreams do not have to have any essential meaning, and they can be only slightly distorted images of one’s own emotions. Usually the mother in the dream represents the emotions you usually associate with your own mother or the notion of motherhood and mother in general.
MOTHER – insufficient independence ~ to see the mother dying – every problem has a solution ~ to kiss her – parting with someone ~ to be a mother – you are burdened by other people’s problems
MOTHER’S THYME – business success
MOUNTAIN STICK – only with your own efforts can you achieve success
MOUNTAINEERING GUIDE – a friend is trying to take advantage of you
MOUNTAINEERS – your hard work will pay off in the end
MOUNTAINS – success and progress ~ covered with snow – disappointment ~ climbing – problems
MOUNTAINS (MODERN MEANING) – Foaming is usually a positive symbol reflecting progress. The mountain represents the spiritual side and mental development, so climbing the mountain usually means satisfaction and fulfillment of desires.
MOURNING – someone will hurt you
MOURNING ~ to be – great happiness ~ to see another sad – an unpleasant event that you will not be able to avoid
MOURNING WILLOW – loss, long-lasting grief
MOUSE – your spirituality is slowly eroding ~ bat – beware of theft ~ white mouse – love success ~ mouse in a trap – trust yourself more than others ~ chase mice – you will not make plans ~ catch a mouse – success and happiness
MOW – you will overcome problems
MRENA – inconvenience
MUD – disease ~ see it – gossip about you ~ get dirty with mud – disease in the family ~ fall into living mud – long period of difficulty
MUMMY – leave the past in the past
MURDER (MODERN MEANING) – If you dream of killing someone in a dream, it is probably a reflection of some negative feelings and intolerance from everyday life. Consider whether there are any opportunities to process negative feelings, to eat you less from within. If you see a murder in a dream, changes await you that you will not like, but that you will have to deal with.
MURDER ~ see – things will finally get better
MUSE – you are about to have unusual events
MUSEUM – happiness
MUSHROOMS – do not heal with marriage
MUSHROOMS – only by honesty and work can you achieve success
MUSHROOMS ~ eat – a gift
MUSHROOMS ~ see – someone is trying to deceive you ~ pick and eat – a favorable period in life awaits you
MUSIC 1. – Music in dreams has positive connotations. They say that music is a balm for the soul, so if you listen to it in dreams it reflects harmony and satisfaction with emotions.
MUSIC 2. – what kind of music do you hear, you will hear the news (good music-good news)
MUSIC SCALE – business advancement
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS – you are in danger
MUSICIAN – unexpected expenses
MUSSELS – pleasure
MUST ~ make – your plans are uncertain ~ drink – do not overdo it with your desires
MUSTACHES – happiness ~ mustache woman – problems
MUTILITY ~ to be crippled – a poor period awaits you
MUZZLE – intrigues
MYSTERY – watch what you do, there could be problems

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