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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – L –

LABORATORY ~ to see – illness ~ to be in a laboratory – a good period of life
LABYRINTH – you have to get rid of the ideals imposed on you by your parents
LACE – success
LADDER – (MODERN MEANING) – A ladder in a dream can reflect your progress toward goals. Climbing is usually a more positive symbol than descending. If obstacles are missing it can symbolize obstacles. Pay attention to whether you are descending, climbing, at what speed, and other symbols from the dream.
LADDER – progress
LADY – a significant event ~ play checkers – do not gamble
LAKE – (MODERN MEANING) – Water usually represents our emotions in a dream, so dreams of a lake will probably represent your love life and romantic feelings. If the water is calm, your love life is probably stable and you are content, and the restless water signals agitated emotions. A monster in the water, signals that you have competition or some other obstacles in your love life.
LAKE ~ calm – love happiness ~ turbulent – success ~ clear – happiness ~ murky – misfortune ~ swim in the lake – happy event
LAMB – trust people more ~ ​​if they graze or kill it – problems
LAMP 1. – problems, quarrels and disagreements
LAMP – you will ensure a carefree old age; flaming lamp – marriage
LAMPION – quarrels or health problems of someone close to you
LAN – happiness in every area
LAND ~ cultivate the land – fertility and a good love life, marriage ~ eat the land – go back to traditional life, you are too far away ~ drained land – “as you sow, so shall you reap” ~ dig the land – changes await you
LAND OWNER – some wishes will not come true
LAND OWNERSHIP – a carefree period is ahead of you
LANDSCAPE ~ flat – pleasant period ~ hilly – trouble

LANTERN ~ see a lantern-beware, not all people are honest ~ light a lantern – success and happiness.
LANGUAGE- favorable voice ~ thick swollen tongue – pity
LANTERNA ~ off – gain ~ on – trouble

LARD – you are stronger than the competition
LATTICES ~ see – accept business ~ carry – gain
LAUGH – business gain, love loss
LAUNDRY – unpleasant news
LAUREL – marrying a beautiful woman, escape from problems
LAUREL WREATH ~ to see it – material success ~ to have it on your head – love success
LAVENDER – problems
LAVOR ~ full – joy ~ empty – worries
LAW ~ write – expect injustice
LAWYER – you have unforeseen expenses
LAYER OF HAY – a favorable period without worries
LAZINESS ~ be lazy – watch your health
LEAD – your health is not in the best condition
LEADER – (MODERN MEANING) – Pay attention to what the leader is saying and what it means to you personally. Also, consider what tone that leader has for you, and whether you usually laugh at his words, take them with skepticism, or trust that leader.
LEAF – your expectations are too big ~ many leaves – favorable period ~ falling leaves – loss ~
LEAK (MODERN MEANING) – No matter what kind of crack it was, and whether it was a leak from a bottle or a faucet, this dream signifies a waste of energy and talent. If you dream of cracks through which water leaks or something similar, consider where and what you are wasting energy and time on unnecessarily.
LEARN – good news
LEAVE SOMEONE – business change
LEAVING – (MODERN MEANING) – In order to interpret this dream you have to think about all aspects. It is possible that your subconscious is giving you a message about something you need to forget and stop thinking about it. You need to know that this dream probably signals an attempt by the subconscious to tell you that you are exaggerating in something, that you are too attached to something or someone in your daily life. The dream of leaving is a subconscious attempt to point out to you the existence of that addiction. A traditional dreamer says that if you dream of leaving, that the reality is the opposite and that you will recover from a problem or illness.
LEAVING – changes
LECTURE ~ listen – think about your actions ~ if you teach – success
LEEK – beware of flatterers
LEEK – you will experience the revelation of secrets and hatred of those closest to you
LEG – symbolizes the flow of life, all dreams related to the legs bring discomfort and trouble, unless you dream of thickened legs that are a sign of less gain
LEMON – a good period
LENS (vegetables) – family problems
LEOPARD – gain and success, unless it is surrounded by newlyweds
LETTER – what is written in the letter, it will happen to you, if you do not know the content – a favorable voice
LETTER (MODERN MEANING) – Dreams of letters usually represent news, information, or cognition. In most cases, the letter has a positive meaning, unless you are overwhelmed by bills and in real life you are exhausted by envelopes with bills, then the dream is a reflection of your fears and worries.
LETTER ~ see – favorable news ~ write – unfavorable business period
LEVER – rely on a friend ~ broken – failure
LIBERATION – expect something nice
LIBRA ~ see – problems with the law
LIBRARY – (MODERN MEANING) – You are probably trying to assimilate some new idea or information. Usually libraries are a positive symbol and suggest that you are close to solving or discovering something new and exciting.
LIBRARY – do some work, it will pay off
LICE – minor damage or minor problems ~ if the lices are very large or if you catch and kill them – gain
LICHIA – take care of your health
LICITAR – a happy period
LIE – problem and inconvenience ~ see someone lying – success at work
LIGHT – happiness
LIGHT (MODERN MEANING) – Dreams of lights are usually a positive symbol. They present enlightenment, getting out of trouble, understanding, new insights, and knowledge acquisition.
LIGHTER – watch your behavior, be calmer and more tolerant
LIGHTHOUSE – confide in someone and ask for advice
LIGHTING – family joy and happiness
LIGHTNING (MODERN MEANING) – Lightning represents energy and fantasy. They are usually a positive symbol, and lightning can signify new news, powerful unpredictable events, charge, but also fear. Lightning can also symbolize the fears we will face.
LIGHTNING ~ see – business progress ~ big flashes and lightning – disease
Lilac – happiness in love
LILIES ~ see them or wear them – you are surrounded by honest people
LIME – an uncertain period, but be persistent and you will succeed
LINK – you have good friends ~ torn link – breaking a friendship
LION – a lion generally represents gain and progress, except when it is surrounded by cubs or when it chases you, then it represents danger and trouble
LIPS – happiness and success ~ pale lips – failure
LIPS (MODERN MEANING) – In popular culture, lips are a symbol of progress and sex appeal, but also of communication. Depending on the beauty of your lips you will interpret the dream. If they are beautiful, expect positive events and good harmony with others.
LIPSTICK – it will turn out that a good friend of yours is not so good
LIQUEUR ~ drink – good news ~ see – open your eyes
LIRA – good news
LIST – you will find it difficult to achieve your idea
LIST ~ something – be determined and persistent
LISTENING ~ someone – you will be surprised when you discover a cheater ~ if they are listening to you – keep a little better secrets
LITIGATION – a favorable period for family life
LITTER – newborn
Little Red Riding Hood 1 see -you need a rest ~ be-don’t trust people around you so much or rely on their help
LIVE – problems
LIVER – sudden gain
LIVER – sudden gain
LIVESTOCK – an unfavorable period, business problems and disagreements await you
LIVESTOCK FLOUR – operating profit
LIZARD – relocation
LOAD ~ carry – you can handle all situations ~ not be able to lift a load – unsolvable problems
LOAN – how much loan and how you repay it, such problems await you
LOAN – money problems
LOBSTER – going abroad
LOCK – not all people around you are honest; LOCK – you will reconcile with someone
LOCKSMITH 1. – new jobs
LOCKSMITH 2. – you will find out someone’s secret
LOCOMOTIVE – travel or news from a distance ~ if it whistles – be careful
LOCUST – small health problems are possible, but you should be more concerned about your friend’s relationship with you
LOFT – your work colleagues are persistently working against you, not with you
LOG – beware of rivals, they are stronger; your friends are not honest
LOGGER – success
LONELINESS – a business success that everyone will envy you
LONGING – try to look at the situation with your partner more realistically
LONGING ~ unsatisfied desire – unfavorable period ~ satisfied desire – take more time for yourself
LOOP – only with a lot of effort can you solve your problems and help others solve them
LORD – someone is working behind your back
LOSE WEIGHT – business failure
LOSS – illness and discomfort
LOSS – love success
LOSS – winnings in games of chance
LOTTERY – a problematic and uncertain period is ahead of you.
LOTTO – not all people are always honest, be careful
LOUDNESS ~ to be – gain
LOVE – you are followed by a short but intense love affair ; LOVE – you feel that the environment does not support you in what you do and it makes you insecure ~ if you are alone – a new love at the door
LOVE ADVENTURE – it could happen to you in reality
LOVE LETTER – problems due to insincere people
LOVER ~ see him – pay attention to how you behave in society ~ be a lover – your love life improves ~ have a lover – happiness
LOYALTY – pleasure
LUCKY – lucky luck predicts losses and a period of dissatisfaction, but sometimes it can predict winnings in games of chance, so just in case pay a ticket
LUGAR – unsuccessful trip
LUGGAGE – think about the trip you are going on
LUK – inconveniences ~ use it and hit the target – business success ~ not hit the target – failure
LUNAPARK – (MODERN MEANING) – This dream is most often compensation for the everyday fatigue you feel. Maybe it’s time to take a break and take a little break from all the worries and problems you’re facing. The dream should encourage you to take more time for fun and relaxation, and remind you that life is full of ups and downs, and that you do not take too much to heart the changes you are experiencing.
LUNCH – problems are in front of you
LUNGS – take care of your health, health problems are possible
LURE – not everyone is honest, be careful
LUST – success in love
LUST – trouble
LUSTER – uncertainty ~ if it is on – favorable period ~ if it is off – problems ~ break it – think before you do something ~ buy – success
LYING IN BED – Failure

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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