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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – K –

KEY – keys are invented to lock the door and not unlock it, so if you dream of a key, know that one period of your life is closed and locked in the past
KEYBOARD – the person you are arguing with is ready to get over it
KEYS – (MODERN MEANING) – Depending on the details of the dream, dreams about the keys suggest that in real life you are trying to conclude and clarify something. On the other hand, they can also indicate the need to hide something from others or simply reflect your fears that some secrets will be revealed.
KIDNAPPING – problems and costs
KIDNAPPING (MODERN MEANING) – The main theme of this dream is fear, and sometimes it can turn into a nightmare. If you dream of a kidnapping, it is probably a reflection of fears from everyday life that you are losing a part of yourself, the fear of leaving home, moving away from childish values. This kind of dream usually occurs through stressful life stages when the future is uncertain.
KIDNEY ~ eat – discomfort ~ if it hurts – kidney health problems
KILL 1.- danger ~ kill animals – problematic situation ~ be killed – be careful
KILL 2. – tackle problems and move forward
KILLER – a joyful event; you will have problems with the authorities or the law
KINDERGARTEN 1. – disappointment
KINDERGARTEN 2. – winnings
KING – success; KING ~ to be a king – great losses await you ~ to see an emperor or empress – success and advancement at work
KISS (MODERN MEANING) – A kiss denotes feelings that are difficult to express during the day. Usually a kiss expresses warmth, infatuation and hope, so you may dream this dream when you do not get enough tenderness and attention in everyday life. If you dream of loving your former love or the person you are in love with, a kiss in your sleep can be a “farewell kiss,” a way your subconscious tells you to say goodbye to the emotions you are cultivating.
KISS ~ kiss your partner – marriage ~ if someone else kisses you – betrayal ~ if you kiss someone – progress ~ love the country – someone will try to humiliate you
KISSING ~ making love with a loved one – a favorable period in life awaits you ~ with a friend – you will smooth out some misunderstandings
KIST-be careful not to repeat the same mistakes
KIT ~ see him – success ~ kill him – failure
KITCHEN – (MODERN MEANING) – Since the house usually represents the person dreaming, and the kitchen is the heart of every home, so the dream of the kitchen often symbolizes the emotional state. The state of the kitchen you dream reflects your emotional state and your feelings towards others.
KITCHEN – a period of care
KNEE – travel, start traveling and engage in some activity
KNEEL – all problems can be solved
KNIFE – discord and quarrel ~ bloody knife – you are in danger ~ cut with a knife – business success
KNIFE (MOERNO MEANING) – Knives, daggers and similar items can represent significant feelings towards yourself and others. If you injure or defeat a person in a dream, perhaps your subconscious is encouraging you to get rid of your fears. Observe the other symbols from the dream. The knife usually doesn’t have a positive connotation, so perhaps the dream suggests that you should think better about your actions. The subconscious sends you a signal of what you need to pay attention to and what actions to reconsider.
KNIGHT ~ be – rely on friends ~ see – news on a romantic level ~ talk to a knight – well-being
KNIT – you have a rival or rival, pay a little attention to your partner’s behavior
KNOCK – watch your actions ~ hear knocking – very bad news ~ see someone else knocking – good news
KNOT ~ see – problems ~ tie – problems ~ untie – you will solve the problem

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