Dream Dictionary A to Z

Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – J –

JACKET – success
JAGUAR – people around you enjoy hanging out with you
JAM – the situation is improving
JANUARY – new love awaits you
JASMIN – love happiness
JAW 1. – a busy week awaits you
JAW 2. – watch what you do
JEALOUSY – (MODERN MEANING) – If you feel jealous in real life, maybe that’s why you have such dreams. Since jealousy is usually the result of insecurity, the dream probably refers to some area of ​​life where you don’t have enough security.
JEALOUSY – watch what you do and how you behave
JEANS – an interesting social life awaits you
JELLYFISH – be careful who you hang out with
JESUS ​​- (MODERN MEANING) – This dream signifies that you are searching for a spiritual home. If you dream of a crucifixion, you probably have some strong but unwanted feelings.
JEWEL ~ see – not all people around you are honest ~ want it – financial problems ~ get – there are people next to you you can rely on ~ wear them – get down on the ground, you have thought too much
JEWELER 1.- temptation
JEWELER 2. – watch your money
JEWELERY – (MODERN MEANING) – The meaning of this dream depends on the period of life you are currently going through. Jewelry usually signifies material value. Think well about sleep. Was the jewelry cheap or expensive? Fake or real? Did anyone give it to you or take it? You will be able to interpret the dream according to these details.
JEWELERY- your loneliness has come to an end ~ damaged jewelry or losing it – a break
JIR – success
JOB ~ gain – try harder to succeed ~ lose – don’t be afraid of failure ~ seek – business success
JOINT ~ to injure a joint – money problems ~ to break it – poverty
JOKER – your arrogance will return to you
JOKEY – your plans will come true
JOKING – your problems will be solved, but be careful not to hurt other people
JON – possible relocation or travel ~ new sole – joy and success ~ torn – problems and failure
JOURNALIST ~ be – hard work ~ see – what you have done in the past will be revealed
JOY – sadness in reality
JUDGE – Be a judge do not judge too harshly
JUDGMENT – small change
JUDGMENT DAY – your environment will not accept you until you change and become more lenient
JUG ~ see or drink from the jug – prosperity and happiness awaits you ~ golden jug – get down to earth, you are no better than others ~ give away the jug – keep your secrets to yourself
JUGGLING – you will find yourself in situations you are not used to
JUICE – an interesting and successful period awaits you
JUKEBOX – an interesting business period ~ choose a song – take the first step towards the person you like
JUMP – prepare for an awkward period
JUMPING – business and love success
JUMPING OVER – problems and obstacles
JUNGLE – the effort will pay off
JURY – you will be ashamed
JUST ~ good luck – loss

The text has been translated form: Dream dictionary

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