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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – I –

ICE – you are on slippery ground, think again

ICE – (MODERN MEANING) – Water is always associated with emotions and the subconscious, and ice is water in a solid state. A dream about ice can suggest that you are hiding something or denying yourself some emotions. Things that have frozen are usually not helpful, so this dream may suggest that part of your emotions are inaccessible to others.
ICE – not everything is as it seems ~ walking on ice – unfavorable business period will last for some time but not forever ~ fall into ice – someone will deceive you

ICEBERG- watch out
ICE CREAM – your efforts will pay off more for others than for yourself
ICE CREAM (MODERN MEANING) – Ice cream is a pleasure in life whether you eat, serve or prepare it. Things are going well and will probably go even better.
ICE SANTA – problems at work but you will solve them successfully
ICON – problems
IDEA – problems will not be solved by themselves, you have to make an effort
IDEAL – not everything is as it seems
IDIOT – unusual experiences await you
IDOL – think hard before you act
IDYLLA – a problematic period, it is best to stand on the ball for a while and rest
IGNORANT ~ to teach someone – material problems
ILLITERATE ~ be – you burden yourself too much, you have to reduce stress
IMAGINATION 1. – finally a solution to doubts
IMAGINATION 2. – think twice before making a decision
IMITATE – trust yourself more and you will succeed
IMMEDIATE ~ be – you will stay where you are
IMMORTALITY – before you is a beautiful period of life
IN LOVE 1. – love problems but success at work
IN LOVE 2. ~ see in love – refresh your relationship
INCENSE – unpleasant events will spoil your happiness
INCEST – (MODERN MEANING) – This is an extremely disturbing dream, but it has nothing to do with sex. It’s most likely that you’re worried about some aspects of your family life. If you are going through a phase where you need to make some important decision, do nothing and make it happen, because morally questionable dreams are often associated with subconscious signals that something will bring guilt and shame.
INCOME – receive – gain
INCOMPATIBILITY – take care of your health
Indecent ~ to be – business progress
INDIAN ~ to see him – bad news ~ to be an Indian – success
INDIGO – material gain
INFECTION – possible illness or quarrels in the family
INFERTILITY ~ be – you are burdened with too many problems, you need to rest
INFLUENZA – failure
INFUSION – health problems are possible, be careful
INGESTION – worries and problems
INK ~ see – watch what you do and whether it is in line with social morality ~ spill – news ~ buy – new acquaintance
INN – obstacles
INN ~ to see it – joy ~ to be in it – quarrels
INNKEEPER – danger
INNOCENCE ~ to lose – public mockery
INSECTS – to have them in the house – gain ~ to walk on you – you have an enemy
INSOMNIA – you need rest, otherwise stress could cause health problems
INSURANCE – take care of yourself and your property; INSURANCE ~ if you are insolent – problems ~ to see someone insolent – surprise
INTEREST – failure
INTERMEDIARY – less inconvenience
INTERPRETER – you will be visited by a dear person
INTERRUPTION – someone is gossiping about you and wishing you harm
INTESTINES – success ~ if you see your intestines – some secret of yours will be revealed
INTRIGE – gossip and embarrassment
INVENTION – someone is cheating on you
INVISIBILITY ~ to be or see an invisible person – an awkward period
INVITATION ~ receive – descend to earth, the world does not revolve around you ~ send – joy
INJE – problems ~ collect frost – success
INJECTION – health problems, but not necessarily yours, maybe someone from your environment
INJUSTICE ~ to experience – inconveniences ~ to inflict injustice on someone – watch your attitude towards others
Iris – new acquaintances
IRON – success; travel
IRON ~ see – success in love ~ wear – dissatisfaction ~ hot or melt – success in love ~ forge – some plans will fail
IRONING – bad and unpleasant news
ISLAND – you are lonely so get out of the house and hang out
ISLAND (MODERN MEANING) – The dream of an island can be very self-aware. Think about the mood in your sleep, whether the island is a place for rest or solitude. The dream of an island may represent the need for rest, and the necessity to look a little deeper into yourself.
ITCHING – revealing your secrets and exposure
IVORY – problems

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