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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – H –

HAIR – (MODERN MEANING) – Hair is a feeling of beauty and personal power, so if you dream that you are bald you may need to work on your appearance or you have become too burdened by appearance or some other things in life that should not be so important to you. Hair is highly valued in many cultures. It is a symbol of health, vitality, security, sensuality, sexuality and attractiveness, which is why hair is a very valuable symbol in dreams. Samson’s hair was the source of his strength and curl. Gray hair represents wisdom, and body hair symbolizes warmth and protection.
HAIR – success
HAIR ~ be bald – mockery and unemployment, unpleasant situations are in front of you; ~ long beautiful hair – well-being ~ long neglected hair – suffering and grief ~ cutting hair at the hairdresser -auspicious sign, carefree period ~ gray hair – difficulties ~ washing your hair – someone is working behind your back
HAIRCUT ~ self – trouble ~ others – success
HAIRDRESSER – pay a little more attention to your interior ~ be a hairdresser – the cost awaits you ~ be at the hairdresser – positive changes await you
HAIRSTYLE ~ good hairstyle – success ~ bad – problems

HALL ~ if it is full – success ~ if it is empty – bad news
HALLWAY – changes
HALUCINATE – business success ~ if others h. – Your friend is having problems, talk to him
HAM ~ eat – don’t burden yourself with trifles ~ cook – they will try to get you into dirty work ~ cut – useless jobs ~ rotten – someone is gossiping about you out of pure malice
HAMMER ~ see – believe more in your abilities, you know more than others ~ work with him – the more you work, the more earnings
HAMSTER – well-being
HAND – disagreements ~ someone else’s hand – improving the situation
HAND 2. – get to work
HANDS – talk about the behavior of dreamers ~ dirty hands – bad behavior ~ have more hands – increase the scope of work
HANDS (MODERN MEANING) – As a rule, what we do, we do with our hands, and a correct reading of hand movements can tell us a lot about a person, so the condition of the hands you dream says a lot about the person dreaming, his intentions and behavior. If your hands are drowning you in your sleep, work on your appearance to make you feel more attractive.
HANG YOURSELF – big losses await you ~ see the hanged – someone will manage to provoke you
HANGED ~ to be – you would like to escape from everything
HANGERS – believe in yourself and not others ~ make hangers – the work started will not benefit ~ if they want to hang you – postpone the trip ~ see someone on the hanger – greater loss and cost ~ if you visit – success and satisfaction
HAPPINESS (MODERN MEANING) – If you are currently going through a sad phase of life, happiness in dreams is compensation for the feeling of happiness. The traditional dreamer says that the happier you are in your sleep, the more difficulty you will encounter.
HAPPINESS ~ to be happy – losses
HAREM – watch your actions, they could have problems
HARNESS – danger
HARP – someone envies you
HARVEST – success, happiness, contentment
HARVEST ~ watch the harvest – well-being ~ harvest without grapes – misunderstandings ~ if you harvest – love happiness
HAT – a hat is the way the environment perceives you ~ lose it – you will lose your reputation
HAT (MODERN MEANING) – A hat usually symbolizes power and authority, but can also denote a stereotypical person with pronounced traditional values. Think about the details of your dream, and especially who is wearing the hat. The quality and appearance of the hat represent your thoughts on the person wearing the hat. If an unknown person is wearing a hat then it is part of your hidden personality.
HATE – Hatred brings enemies and quarrels
HAWTHORN – trouble especially in finding the right partner
HAY – keep what you have ~ buy hay – success ~ lying on hay – a pleasant period
HAZELNUTS – trouble
HEAD ~ have a big head- favorable period of life and improvement ~ small head- problems and setbacks ~ lose your head – a close person will leave your life ~ head without body – difficulties ~ shaved head – problems ~ carry head in hands ~ quiet period
HEADACHE -good news
HEAL – the period of suffering is behind you
HEART ~ beautiful heart – you have found or will find a good partner
HEART ATTACK – problems
HEART DISEASE – someone will hurt your feelings
HEAT – be careful who you confide in; ~ feel – bad mood; ~ suffer – you will help a loved one ~ save yourself from heat – great job
HEDGE – you will receive a wedding invitation
HEDGEHOG – success and happiness
HEEL 1. – happiness
HEEL 2. ~ see your heel – trouble
HELICOPTER – unfavorable period
HELL ~ to go to hell – idleness
HELMET – indecision
HELP – a good period
HELPLESSNESS – victory over enemies ~ to see a helpless man – beware of flatterers and liars
HERACLES – (GOD) ~ to see a god or a statue – justice will prevail
HERD – do not make sudden decisions, work and save, respect others, only then will you achieve satisfaction
HERITAGE – you will have problems
HERMIT – you will be completely happy only when you learn to appreciate the small joys of life
HERO – problems with work
HEROIN – something is bothering you or someone near you, talk to your friends
HERON – problems
HICK – you will be embarrassed
HIDDEN (MODERN MEANING) – In everyday life we ​​hide from things we do not want to face. The emotional tone of the dream reveals its meaning. If you’re hiding from danger, consider what things in real life might threaten you. Dreams of hiding can also be reflections of trying to hide our negativities and mistakes. This kind of dream suggests that you should think about your characteristics and how much fears affect decision making.
HIDE ~ be revealed – deception ~ hide from the dead – slow down a bit, don’t make hasty decisions
HIDE ~ something from others – your past burdens you too much
HIEROGLYPHS – a problematic period, you have to solve problems slowly but bravely
HIGH – minor health problems
HIGHWAY – progress
HILL ~ if you climb a hill or don’t find a way – problems ~ if you know the way – you will successfully overcome problems
HIPPODROME – problems in business or love
HIPS ~ fat – wealth ~ skinny – poverty
HITAC – good health
HIVE ~ full – success ~ empty – failure
HOBBY – do your best in business
HOLD – you need to dedicate yourself more to work and not take it lightly
HOLE – financial security ~ use – you will feel healthy
HOLE (MODERN MEANING) – Holes like most other symbols in a dream book can be interpreted if the details and emotional context of the dream are taken into account. Holes in socks, clothes, furniture can represent a feeling of disapproval or setback. You may have started to notice that you are missing something and that you need to fix something in your life. Dark holes represent the unknown. If the dream is full of negative emotions it can mean that you become aware of problematic situations in your life.
HOLE ~ get out of it – success ~ fall into it – health difficulties ~ see – dissatisfaction ~ on the garment – it’s time for change, they are welcome and positive
HOLIDAY – good mood and pleasant company; HOLIDAY – success in solving problems
HOME – gain
HOMELAND 1.- administrative problems
HOMELAND 2.- go back to your roots
HOMELESS ~ see – financial or health problems ~ be – you know best what to do
HOMOSEXUALITY – (MODERN MEANING) – Sex in various forms is a common dream topic. But sexual dreams do not always have sexual significance. They can be dreams of power, control, identity and other non-sexual issues. The dream of homeosexuality can be a dream of self-love, especially if the other person is a stranger. The dream of sex is not about sexual orientation, but about the inside of the individual.
HONESTY ~ to be – business success
HONEY (MODERN MEANING) – If you dream of honey, sweet experiences and good health await you. Honey is a positive symbol.
HONEY AND MILK ~ expect progress and improvement of the financial situation.
HONEYMOON – pleasant new travels
HONOR – to receive – someone else’s success can only be useful to you and not harmful
HOOK – business problems; HOOK – fraud;
HOPE – loss
HOPPER – save money better
HOPS – love problems
HORNS ~ have horns – take care of yourself
HOROSCOPE – problems at work
HORROR – predicts danger, beware
HORSE – strength, happiness, success ~ dead – problems ~ ride it – success ~ fall off the horse – inconveniences
HORSE EXTRACTS ~ see it – good health ~ if you clean it – wealth
HORSE HAIR – danger
HORSE SWING – refers to the satisfaction of children and their behavior
HORSE’S HOOF – problems with the planned trip
HORSESHOE – happiness and gain ~ to shoe a horse – an unfavorable period
HOSPITAL – (MODERN MEANING) – In traditional dream books, hospitals and dispensaries are warning symbols, but newer interpretations warn that if you dream of a hospital, there is something in your subconscious that you do not want to face on a conscious level. Pay attention to your body and physical condition. The hospital may indicate some issues that require an urgent response. Think about all the details of the dream, reconsider your routine and try to figure out if there is something that requires your current attention.
HOSPITAL – you will solve problems more easily if you confide in someone
HOST ~ to receive it – calmness ~ not to receive it – failure
HOSTAGE (MODERN MEANING) – If you dream that you are a hostage you may feel constrained in real life. This kind of dream can be an indication of real life, say an unsatisfactory relationship or financial difficulties. But a hostage in dreams can also be an unexpressed part of your personality. The purpose of this dream is to remind the subconscious that you need to become more aware of what is happening and the limiting factors in life. A dream can also be a trigger that will encourage you to come up with a solution and see new possibilities.
HOT – healing both physically and mentally
HOTEL – (MODERN MEANING) – Most living spaces represent the psychological, emotional and spiritual side of an individual, and most often in what state the space is in such a psychological state is the individual. Since the hotel is a temporary living space, it suggests that you should perhaps move away from everyday things that burden you and get some rest. The hotel usually presents emotions of shorter duration, something that will soon pass, maybe even one-day emotions.
HOTEL – problems
HOUSE – (MODERN WAY) – The dream of houses is a very common dream, since houses are common in the real world. It usually symbolizes the psychological, spiritual and emotional state of the person dreaming. Pay attention to the details, what part of the house you dream of, whether you dream of a house from your past, the house you live in now, some unknown house, etc.
HOUSE – a symbol of your inner self
HOUSEWIFE – problems
HRKATI – good period, business success ~ if others snore – business problems and quarrels
HRT – success and progress
HRUS – bad and uncomfortable news
HUMILIATION ~ humiliate another – you will gain enemies ~ experience – the affection of a person who will benefit you
HUMOR – make new decisions carefully
HUNGER – people don’t trust you
HUNGER – winning in games of chance
HUNT – joy
HUNT ~ see – problems ~ be on the hunt – business success ~ catch something – business will not be successful ~ not catch – success
HUNTER – don’t trust other people so much ~ watch him – someone thinks of you
HUNTING HORN – to see it – bad news ~ to hold it – good news
HUNTING KNIFE – watch out for the people around you
HURRY – you will be delighted by dear guests
HUSBAND ~ to see your husband – success and satisfaction ~ if you have a husband in a dream – unnecessary discussions
HYPNOTIZED ~ be – not all people around you are honest ~ see hypnotized – don’t change your mind so often
HYSTERIA – business problems

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