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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – G –

GALLERY – good news
GALOP ~ if it is steady – success ~ if it is uneven – failure
GAMBLING – quarrels caused by materialism
GAME – (MODERN MEANING) – People dream of different types of games. Some games are from real life, while others are imaginary, bizarre, amazing and completely unreal. Some dream games are simply a fun way for the brain to relax, while on the other hand some games can be a challenge for your brain. If you’re playing an unusual game with close real-life people, consider whether there’s some kind of game among you in real life.
GAME – short-term problems, if you can’t solve them yourself, friends are here to help you
GARAGE – (MODERN MEANING) – Dream trips represent life journeys, and the garage opposite usually symbolizes a period of inactivity and indecision. If you dream of a garage it may mean that you have been in the same position for a long time and that it is time to move on. Rest, calm down, think, make a plan and move on.
GARAGE ~ be with the car inside – travel ~ if you are with someone in the garage – adventure on the pier you can’t find exits – watch out for traffic
GARBAGE – the benefit ~ the dream in which they take out the garbage – says that you need to remove something from your life
GARBAGE (MODERN MEANING) – Your subconscious may remind you through this dream that it is time to clean up, to discard old feelings and what no longer serves you. Getting rid of old things frees up space for new ones. Garbage in dreams can also symbolize things from the past that are no longer worth keeping in your life. It is usually said that “purity is right next to piety” and there is something in it. When you get rid of everything you don’t need in life, from thoughts, spirit and emotions, you free up space to make your dreams come true.
GARDEN – marriage ~ if it is arranged – success in life ~ if it is neglected – expect problems
GARDEN (MODERN MEANING) – The garden usually symbolizes youth and innocence. The beauty of the door signifies the beauty of the love life. If the garden is wild and untidy, it may mean that you are having trouble with emotions you are unable to deal with.
GARDENER 1.- you have met one insincere person, so be careful
GARDENER 2. ~ to be – love happiness ~ to see – you have swayed into a routine
GARLIC – to eat – a bad sign
GARMENT – love happiness
GAS ~ to cook on gas – everything you imagine will come true ~ you will smell it – pleasant company
GASOLINE – what looks good at first glance, is not like that
GAZA – you will get help in solving the problem
GAZELLE – the wheel of fortune is turning, something is good and something is bad
GEISHA – a happier and better period is ahead of you
GEMINI – you will share your happiness with others
GENDER – a very unfavorable period awaits you
GENERAL – you will receive praise or advance on the social ladder
GENITALS – (MODERN MEANING) – This is an obvious sexual dream that brings to light the worries related to your sexuality. If you feel guilty, stressed, or worried about your sexual activity, it will manifest through dreams of sexual connotation. Usually dreams of genitals have to do with sex.
GENITALS – believe in yourself and your abilities
GET ANGRY – you will show feelings ~ if someone is angry at you – be careful not to reveal your secrets
GET INJURED – watch out, there are people around you who don’t wish you well
GET LOST ~ – you’re upset about a problem you can’t handle, seek advice ~ something – dedicate yourself more
GET RICH – family quarrels
GET SICK – business inconveniences
GET UP – business success or recovery
GETTING MARRIED ~ to a stranger – problems ~ to a stranger – quiet life ~ watching someone – gain

GIANT – you have an enemy nearby ~ if the giant is lying – you will win
GIFT – inconvenience and inconvenience
GIFT (MODERN MEANING) – Giving and receiving gifts are usually enjoyable activities in everyday life, so the dream of gifts is probably a positive reflection of what you are going through in daily life. Some say you have to give something to receive something, so think about all the details of the dream because they may suggest to you that you have to give up something to get something more. However, keep in mind that the most valuable are psychological and emotional gifts, so perhaps dreams of gifts occur to warn you that you are receiving intangible gifts that you do not notice.
GIN ~ see – improvement of health ~ drink – deterioration of health
GIPS – business success
GIRAFFE – travel or migration
GIRL – you have a good period ahead of you; GIRL ~ to love a girl – pleasure ~ to see a girl – joy
GIRL’S EVENING – marriage
GLADIATOR ~ to be – to fight with the environment
GLASS – ~ see or break – love pleasure and business success ~ eat glass – the competition wants to harm you
GLASS – glass cups announce danger and reveal secrets ~ broken – problems and gossip ~ empty – bad news ~ full – good news; pour into a glass – loneliness
GLASS (MODERN MEANING) – Usually there are glass windows in the home, glasses or glasses. Judging by that, glass makes our lives more pleasant. If the glass breaks in your dreams it can symbolize the breaking of both positive and negative situations in your life, e.g. it can represent the breaking of illusions, denials and deceptions, and on the negative side it can mean breaking the hopes or dreams you have held for a while. The traditional dreamer says that clean glass is a symbol of good luck, and dirty glass is a symbol of bad luck.
GLASSES – ask yourself what you can’t see well, so you need glasses
GLASSES (MODERN MEANING) – if the person dreaming of glasses wears them, it is simply an ordinary symbol that has no special meaning, but if the person dreaming of glasses does not wear glasses, then you can attribute meaning to glasses. You may need to check the reality of your view. Maybe you are fooling yourself about an issue or seeing a situation through pink glasses. In this way, the subconscious encourages you to see things more clearly.
GLOBE – travel
GLORY ~ become famous – problems with the law
GLOSSARY – quarrels
GLOVES ~ wear and find – success ~ lose – inconvenience
GLUE – business success
GOAL – success in love
GOALKEEPER – someone is gossiping about you
GOAST – (MODERN MEANING) – The spirit you dream of most likely represents a part of you that is vague and that even you yourself cannot understand. Sometimes ghosts symbolize things that are unattainable or untouchable to us. If you dream of negative spirits, then they speak of your dark side and negative tendencies. If you are very scared of ghosts in your sleep, you should pay attention to the people you are surrounded by because maybe someone is trying to manipulate you.
GOAST – problems and inconveniences
GOAT – goat indicates loss, breakup, quarrel with a friend
GOD – (MODERN MEANING) – Whether you believe in God or not, we are all exposed to the idea of ​​the existence of a supernatural being throughout our lives. The dilemma of the existence of God is probably the greatest dilemma of all time in humanity, but if you dream of God, there is no dilemma at all. God in dreams symbolizes truth, purity, power, love and creative energy. Some say that God in dreams really means connecting with eternal energy because dreams allow us more than our conscious mind, and in dreams we have access to what is not available to us during the day.
GOD ~ to see God – happiness ~ to curse God – difficulties ~ to hear God – happy period of life
GODFATHER – business or love success
GOLD – someone will try to bribe you with a gift
GOLD (MORNO MEANING) – Dreams of gold can be a reflection of worrying that we will lose something very valuable in our lives. If you lose gold in your sleep, it can signify anxiety about lost opportunities. But everything that shines is not gold, so depending on the dream your subconscious may be warning you not to judge by appearance.
GOLD ~ to see in someone else’s hands – problems ~ to own or find it – gain, wealth
GOLDEN PAPER – success
GOLDFISH – problems
GOLF – business problems
GOLUBINJAK – problems in marriage
GONDOLA – quiet, long life
GONG – news and changes in the family
GOOD – your relationship with your partner will improve
GOOSE – unforeseen problems;
GRACKING – you will be able to solve problems
GRAIN ~ see – success ~ ripe – problems ~ green – happiness ~ in sheaves – your effort will pay off
GRAMMAR – family happiness
GRAMOPHONE – gossip and embarrassment
GRANDFATHER – great-grandmother or great-grandfather – a long pleasant period awaits you; GRANDFATHER ~ to see your grandfather – long life ~ to talk to him – well-being
GRANDMA – quarrel
GRANDSON – happiness and joy
GRAPES – a great benefit awaits you, but you will not be able to realize it yourself
GRASS ~ green – good period ~ tread – bad news ~ mow – problems ~ pluck – illness of close people ~ eat – good health ~ dry – loss of friends
GRAVE – (MODERN MEANING) – Graves are usually depressing places and do not represent a happy symbol, but in a dream they have a deeper spiritual meaning. It may warn you that some things require deeper reflection, something not seen on the surface. If someone close to you has recently died it is quite normal to dream about graves and then that dream has no special meaning except that it is an extension of thoughts from real life.
GRAVE – unfavorable period ~ open grave – bad news and problems in the family ~ digging a grave – danger ~ burying it – problems ~ arranging graves – happiness
GRAVEL – the beginning of a long period of pleasure
GRAY – you have to find a way out of depression, nothing is black or white
GRB – business success
GRC – bad news and unpleasant surprises
GREEDY – if you are entering a new society, beware
GREEN – open your eyes, there are too many lies around you
GREETINGS – good news
GRILL – try to look at the people around you positively
GRIND – business success after many problems
GROOM – success
GROOVE – business success
GROUND – damage
GROUND FLOOR – pleasure
GROW – unexpected success and business progress
GUARD 1.- inconvenience
GUARD 2. – they could steal from you
GUARDIAN – don’t burden yourself with other people, they do the best they can, have a better time with yourself
GUEST ~ receive – unfavorable financial situation
GUIDE 1.- be careful if you go on a trip
GUIDE 2. – if you don’t know where to go next, ask for “direction”
GUILLOTINE ~ to see it – believe in yourself more ~ ​​to be on it – quarrels and inconveniences
GUILT ~ feel it – you think you didn’t do well
GUITAR ~ play the guitar – a relationship or marriage full of tension and quarrels
GUNPOWDER – think twice before embarking on new business
GUNPOWDER ~ work with gunpowder – danger ~ gunpowder explosion – the waiting period has finally passed
GUTTERS – success
GUTTING – business or health problems
GYMNASIUM – a dream come true
GYMNASTICS – good health
GYNECOLOGIST ~ to be – problems at work ~ to go to a gynecologist – health problems are possible
GYPSY 1. – beware of flatterers
GYPSY 2.- think about your actions

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