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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – F –

FACADE – what kind of facade you see is your opinion of yourself
FACE – (MODERN MEANING) – It is a very common dream about faces. We can dream of familiar faces, strangers, and the dream should be interpreted depending on the general impression of the dream. If you dream of the face of a stranger it could symbolize the other side of your personality or psyche. You may think you see a stranger, but you actually see your other side. Strangers in dreams are most often parts of you that come from the subconscious. A blurred face most often symbolizes a teacher in dreams, it is someone who is trying to teach you a lesson in real life, but you are not ready for it, so the face is blurred or blurred. Smiling faces represent happiness and positive thoughts or a joyous event in the near future. However, you need to know that dreams often bring the opposite of what happens in life to establish balance, so serious and grim faces can mean you are going through a happy period.
FACE ~ if you dream of a beautiful face – you are about to have a good period ~ ugly or disfigured face – trouble ~ wash or nurture your face – warning that you are doing something wrong; FACE ~ pale – disease ~ ruddy – long life and happiness ~ skinny- loss ~ full cheeks – gain
FACTORY ~ see – expect changes for the better ~ work in the factory – you will have to wait a little longer for the situation to improve ~ factory that is not working – worries
FACULTY – success in life
FAILURE – success
FAIR ~ be – increase caution
FAIR ~ see – hard travel ~ sell at the fair – expect the situation to improve
FAIRIES (TOOLS) – you will suffer a loss
FAIRY (GOOD) ~ to see – love happiness awaits you
FAIRY TALE – success and happiness
FALCON – be prepared for scams and predators around you
FALL (MODERN MEANING) – This dream is common, and usually represents the fear that we are not up to the situation and that we feel helpless. To interpret the dream, think about everything that preoccupies you in everyday life, fears, and especially situations that you think are beyond your control. You must distinguish the dream of falling from “falling into a dream”, when you will dream that you have stumbled or fallen, where such a dream has no meaning, but signifies the transition from one phase of sleep to another.
FALL ~ see – material losses and damages
FALLING – you feel helpless or insecure, and you know how changes are approaching that you will not be able to avoid (falling at the beginning of sleep, while we have not yet completely sunk, is just a transition to a deeper phase of sleep)
FAMILY – happiness and satisfaction, business progress
FAMOUS PERSONS – (MODERN MEANING) – Sometimes the dream of a famous actor can be the realization of a wish through a dream. People admire celebrities and want to be with them, but they also admire them for certain qualities. Think about the personality traits you associate with the person you dreamed of. A movie can mean that you crave those qualities in your life. To dream of an actor in particular can also mean that you feel like you are playing a role in your life and that others do not perceive you the way you would like them to.
FAMOUS PERSONS – represent fears and aspirations that you should be aware of, often indicate the need to be and feel different from others.
FAN 1. – a loved one will hurt you or leave your life
FAN 2. – family and business problems
FANATIC – change will be good
FANFARA – sudden news
FANTASIES – problems in accomplishing the jobs started, but you will succeed in the end
FAR – joy
FAREWELL – changes for the better
FASTING – minor health problems, poverty are possible
FAT 1.- everything goes well for you
FAT 2. – lower expectations
FATHER – Listen to what your father is telling you
FATHER (MODERN MEANING) – You can interpret dreams about a father on several different levels. You may be dreaming about your father and expressing your feelings in a safe way. On the other hand, the father can represent any authoritarian figure, so perhaps through a dream you express your strengths and weaknesses.
FAUCET ~ see – material gain ~ if water flows – progress ~ if water is gone – vain hopes
FEAR 1.- be careful not to let others manipulate you
FEAR 2.- problems ~ scare someone else – success
FEAR 3. – stop fooling yourself
FEAR (MODERN MEANING) – If you feel fear in your sleep, you have a nightmare. These types of dreams are positive because your subconscious is trying to tell you something. If you suppress problems, they may come to the surface in your sleep. Think about what you were afraid of in your dream and try to be honest with yourself. Nightmares are a relatively common dream, so although most nightmares are uncomfortable, stress, worries, and repressed emotions affect their onset.
FEAST – someone will praise you
FEAT ~ do some feat – you will find it difficult to solve the problems that come your way
FEATHERS – an awkward period full of worries and difficulties unless you dream of colorful feathers it foretells success
FEBRUARY – good news
FEE ~ receive – financial problems
FEED SOMEONE – success and happiness
FEET (MODERN MEANING) – The dream of feet can be a very sexy dream, but in addition to the sexual connotation, the dream of feet also represents your ability to move on in your life. Are your feet heavy, light, injured… The condition of your feet in dreams tells you how firmly you stand on the ground and how ready you are to move forward.
FEET ~ healthy feet – activity ~ damaged feet – passivity and waiting
FENCE – family safety
FENCE (MODERN MEANING) – The fence represents the level of self-control. You may need more self-control or less. This dream can also signify a greater need for privacy or a feeling that you are trapped somewhere. Other details from the dream are vital to interpretation, including the feelings that appeared in the dream.
FENCING- danger
FENDER – a journey awaits you
FERN – try to keep stress to a minimum, you get too exhausted
FERTILIZER – success, happiness and satisfaction
FESTIVAL – you will meet new pleasant people
FEVER – get down on the ground
FIAKER – a journey ~ to ride in it – success ~ to see others ride – success
FIELD – a period of wealth is ahead of you, but before that you have to work a little more
FIELD – new love and business opportunities are in front of you
FIG – your great wishes will come true
FIGHT – because of someone’s accusations you will have to defend yourself with all your might
FIGHT – problems and quarrels
FIGHT (city) – try to find a way out of depression or it will become more and more difficult to bear
FIGURE – someone will deceive you ~ used – success
FILE 1. – business problems
FILE 2.- even though you can’t do everything, you will achieve your plan
FILM – watch what you say
FINANCES – you are burdened with things that are not realistic
FIND – love success
FINE ~ to pay is – success at work ~ to see that someone is paying – a close person is hiding something from you
FINGERS ~ falling off fingers – damage, waste of time ~ having excess fingers – unemployment
FIRE – a symbol of psychic energy ~ fire on the hearth – pleasure ~ with smoke – sadness
FIRE – better position and improvement – be careful not to be burned by your negative energy ~ burn – love happiness ~ see – joy ~ with a lot of smoke – someone will deceive you ~ big – quarrel ~ put out – business success
FIRE – business success
FIRE (MODERN MEANING) – Fire is a very complex symbol, and has both negative and positive connotations. When interpreting this dream, you need to consider how you felt in the dream. Fire is a spiritual symbol, which can represent enlightenment and transformation, but can also represent danger. Did the fire delight you, stun you, burn you or just warm you up? You may be going through some dangerous actions right now that you know are bad for you, so fire is a warning signal.
FIRE ~ without fire – wealth ~ with sparks – problems
FIREFIGHTER ~ see him – fulfillment of desires ~ be – people around you will be hard on you
FIREPLACE – happiness in the family, the bigger the fire the greater the happiness
FIREWORKS good news related to family or falling in love
FISH – inconveniences and problems, someone is working behind your back
FISH ~ eat (baked) fish – it brings you as much benefit as there are fish ~ dead fish in the sea – your plans will fail
FISH ~ if you fish under – money problems ~ if you see others fishing – you will successfully overcome the problem
FISH OIL – bad news
FISHBONE – you will have big but insurmountable obstacles along the way
FISHING – the more fish you catch, the more benefits await you
FIT – you are surrounded by insincere people
FLAG – well-being in every area, deserved happiness
FLAME – love and happiness
FLASH – good news
FLASH – joy
FLAT – you have to put more effort into meeting goals ~ if someone flatters you – the environment is not honest with you
FLEET – joy and happiness ~ if it lost the battle – problems and troubles
FLOAT – after big problems you will successfully solve to start a business
FLOCK OF BIRDS – you will get the necessary information
FLOOD – damage
FLOOD (MODERN MEANING) – Water in any form including rain and snow represents emotions. If you dream of a flood, it means that you are overwhelmed with emotions and that it exhausts you. Water also represents a flow, so it signals that after a difficult period, change will occur.
FLOOD ~ if you have overcome the torrent – a good sign ~ if you cannot overcome it – give up the planned because it is a useless effort anyway
FLORIST – transient problems
FLOUR ~ see – progress ~ loose flour – problems and quarrels
FLOWER – (MODERN MEANING) – When we look at flowers in real life, most of us feel vitalized, and appreciate the beauty of what we see. Flowers are also a beautiful symbol in dreams, and they represent simple beautiful feelings. Flowers represent hope, growth, as well as simplicity, naivety and innocence.
FLOWERING – changes ~ flowering in winter – spend more than you have
FLOWERS – love ~ what kind of flowers do you dream about are your feelings ~ white flowers – loss ~ red – well-being ~ withered – illness ~ plant – positive changes ~ picking – emotional progress ~ trample flowers – you have to learn to think positively
FLOWERS OF FLOWERS ~ see – beware someone is not honest with you
FLUTE – love problems
FLY – (MODERN MEANING) – Dreams of flying are very common, so although there are many interpretations, the most common interpretation is that through such a dream we express the need to get rid of limitations. Also, a dream can signify the need for domination, which says we want to manage everything and control. Flying is fun, so enjoy such dreams.
FLY – bad voice, transient problems ~ fly in eating – inconveniences ~ hear buzzing – short-term love
FLY – the longer and more you fly, the better luck awaits you ~ low fly – problems ~ high above the ground – fear ~ fly with wings – joyful event ~ if you fall – problems will be bigger
FLYING – in the end everything will be fine ~ watch others fly – don’t be jealous of others
FOAM – trouble in the love area
FOG – (MODERN MEANING) – Fog in dreams means those things that create confusion and confusion, and prevent us from seeing things clearly in front of us. The rest of the dream will give you a signal to which part of the dream the fog refers to and in which area of ​​life we ​​need clarification. In any case, if the fog clears, it means that clarity is in sight. If the fog is thick and frightening, consider what causes such feelings in everyday life.
FOLK COSTUME – an interesting journey
FOLKLORE – important events, you may meet someone you haven’t seen in a long time
FOOD – (MODERN MEANING) – Food symbolizes great choice and variety. It can symbolize pleasure and contentment, and often if we eat food it offers us comfort in dreams for emotional dissatisfaction in everyday life.
FOOD – see the type of food you ate
FOOD ~ if it is low – worries ~ high – happiness
FOOL – private and business success
FOOTBALL ~ watch – you will help people around you ~ play – bad period
FOOTS – success
FOOTWEAR – how satisfied you are with footwear (appearance and comfort) awaits you during such a period
FORECASTING ~ if someone is divining for you – you will get into big trouble, there is a period ahead of you in which you will be quite worried ~ divining for someone – you will find out who is working behind your back ~ divining on cards – you are surrounded by insincere people ~ divining for coffee – someone trying to cheat at work
Forefinger – help others
Forefinger – help others ~ if they point a finger at you – you will be ashamed, only your loved ones will stay with you
FOREHEAD – success
FOREIGNER – changes for the better
FOREST – keep your eyes well open
FOREST – the forest is a symbol of natural intuition, what kind of forest you dream of such a period awaits you
FOREST – well-being
FOREST (MODERN MEANING) – The forest is a confusing and sometimes frightening place in real life. If you dream of noise, there is a possibility that your subconscious is revealing anxiety about your current situation or future. If you dream of shun in a positive way, without fear, your subconscious encourages you that even what is unknown and perhaps frightening may not necessarily be so when you get to know it better. The forest represents a mental space, so if we are lost in the forest it reflects feelings of confusion from everyday life. A dark and unexplored forest can represent dark and unexplored spaces of our thoughts.
FORG – you will eventually succeed
FORGET ~ number, text… – you worry too much about the impression you leave on other people ~ forget a person somewhere – ask yourself which segment of your life you neglect
FORGIVE – disappointment
FORK – a period full of problems and financial losses is ahead of you
FORK – Carefully remove what bothers you in life
FORMULA – a period full of troubles
FORTRESS – a difficult period awaits you, but try to keep your optimism
FOUNDATION – success in all areas especially love
FOUNTAIN – fulfillment of desires ~ without water – love disappointment
FOUR – indicates something important and very positive
FOX – someone slyly gossips about you expect intrigue, especially female malice in your environment ~ no tail – you will find out who to catch a fox – sudden profit to hunt – with a little effort everything can be achieved ~ kill – business success
FRAK – success at work
FRAME ~ something – watch your money
FRAMEWORK – You will solve some problems that have been worrying you for some time
FRAUD – listen to your intuition
FRAUD – listen to your intuition; see also ADULTERY
FRAUD (MODERN MEANING) – If you dream that you are unfaithful it suggests to you that you should take a better look at your relationship with your partner. What does this other person in your dream give you? Maybe you miss that in your relationship? This dream usually has more to do with your condition and feelings related to the current relationship, and almost never signifies actual cheating, whether you dream that you are cheating on your partner or that your partner is cheating on you. This dream is most often associated with some kind of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment.
FRAUD ~ cheat someone something – beware of scams
FREEDOM – love difficulties and quarrels with a partner
FREEZE – worries
FRESCO – a favorable love period
FRIEND – how you feel
FRIEND (MODERN MEANING) – Friends are people who are emotionally valuable to us and who help us learn about ourselves. Dreams of friends are not prophetic, so whether you dream something good or bad, don’t think it’s true. The dream will most likely surface uncomfortable feelings you have about yourself and others.
FRIENDSHIP ~ make – people around you want to take advantage of you
FROGS – strive for popularity, success in public affairs ~ if I crack – you will get good news
FROST – there will be a temporary delay in the realization of plans
FRUIT (MODERN MEANING) – Fruit represents progress and prosperity. Different fruits are given different meanings, and the condition of the fruit will help you better interpret the dream.
FRUIT ~ see – business success ~ fell to the ground – bad period in life ~ unripe fruit – bad news ~ rotten – not everyone around you is sincere ~ sour fruit – less disease ~ eat fruit – pleasant surprise
FRUIT ~ with fruits – well-being ~ behar – great love happiness awaits you ~ in autumn – problems
FRULA ~ to see – someone is cheating on you ~ to hear the sound of a flute – good news
FRY ~ something – business success, now is the time to start a new business
FUCKING – family problems ~ hear – displeasure
FUNERAL (MODERN SIGNIFICANCE) – Dreams of funerals do not symbolize the physical death of you or anyone else. A funeral in dreams has the meaning of ending in another sense. Maybe your relationship has come to an end, maybe you are physically exhausted, or maybe you are cultivating some emotions that need to be said goodbye to. Funerals often symbolize abandoning emotions you’ve had a hard time dealing with, getting out of depression, and the like. Think about other details from the dream, but as a rule, the dream of a funeral brings a kind of relief.
FUNERAL ~ see – loss ~ big and lavish funeral – gain ~ own funeral – good period ~ funeral of a close person – pay more attention to family, maybe someone needs your help ~ funeral of a stranger – happiness
FUR – expect a hoax
FURNACE – warm oven announces pregnancy ~ see – well-being and happiness ~ burn yourself – believe more in your abilities
FURNITURE – problems and quarrels ~ buy – good news
FURNITURE ~ nicely arranged – love happiness, possibility of marriage ~ messy – business loss that you can avoid
FUTURE – be careful

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