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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – E –

EAGLE – a favorable start to the adventure
EARNINGS – better health; to see another’s – a transient disease
EARRING (MODERN MEANING) – A hug is a very powerful symbol because it suggests tenderness and love. It symbolizes protection and comfort. The only case in which this dream can represent something negative is if you are embraced by a very negative person whom you consider naughty
EARRINGS (MODERN MEANING) -Earrings and ears in dreams reflect the need to listen more, our inner voice as well as the people around us. In order to learn anything, we need to listen, and this enables us to better respond to the challenges around us.
EARRINGS 2. ~ wear or lose them – unpleasant events ~ see or gain them – pleasure
EARS ~ have more than two ears – you will come across confidential people ~ clean your ears – good news
EARTH – a journey
EARTH ~ buy – a gift that will make you happy ~ cut – you will learn to save ~ eat – pleasure
EARTHQUAKE – business problems and loss
EARTHQUAKE (MODERN MEANING) – Unlike other natural disasters, an earthquake usually refers more to the physical reality of the person dreaming than to emotions. A sleep concussion can indicate financial difficulties, health problems, or some other problem that may occur in daily life. An experience that shook you in real life can be reflected in a dream as an earthquake.
EAST – travel
EASTER – family success
EASY – your dreams will not come true
EAT – (MODERN MEANING) – To interpret this dream you need to think about other details including the type of food you ate, whether you eat alone or with company, with celebrities or strangers. Eating usually symbolizes pleasure, enjoyment, and love. Since food is an integral part of life, if the symbol is not very pronounced, it can only be an extension of daily activities. If you lack love and warmth in life, food in your sleep can be an upgrade.
EAT – family problems and quarrels
ECHO ~ hear – useless jobs
ECLIPSE – minor health problems are possible
ECOLOGY ~ if it is a positive dream – gain ~ if it is negative – regression
EEL – listen to the advice of colleagues
EGGPLANT – success
EGGS – (MODERN MEANING) – Eggs are a symbol of fertility and something new. They represent life and development in its most basic form, where the possibilities are limitless. Eggs can also be a constraint. Maybe in real life you feel like you’re trapped in a shell.
EGGS ~ if you dream of as many eggs as you can use – gain ~ do you dream of many eggs – great effort and effort for nothing ~ broken and spoiled – problems of eating eggs – disease ~ eggs in the nest – marriage
EGOISM – you are too complacent
EIGHT – lucky number
EJECT – success and gain
ELBOW – beware of scams
ELDERBERRY – healing
ELECTIONS – changes
ELECTRICIAN – family problems
ELECTRICITY ~ if it shakes you – pleasant surprises ~ see – expense
ELEGANCE – they could get into an awkward situation
ELEPHANT – the more you fear an event, the greater its damage will be
ELEVATOR – (MODERN MEANING) – Usually the elevator in a dream is interpreted as boredom in sexual life, but the elevator can mean both ups and downs in everyday life. If you are currently optimistic the elevator signals that you should lower your expectations, and if you are depressed, the elevator suggests the need to return to a positive attitude.
ELEVATOR – quarrels
ELEVEN – extramarital affair
ELIXIR – your efforts will bear fruit
EMAIL – Dream EMAIL – detailed interpretation –
EMBALIZATION – a positive period
EMBANKMENT ~ see – environmental problems
EMBLEM – if you recognize it – a good sign
EMBRACE – happiness
EMBRACE ~ someone – money problems ~ watch – someone will disappoint you
EMIGRATE – you are not satisfied with the current situation, new opportunities will open up for you
EMIGRATION – changes
ENCHANT – love changes
ENCYCLOPEDIA – signifies your desire for truth
ENEMY – problems ~ overcome it – business success
ENGAGEMENTS ~ other people’s – bad financial situation ~ their own – good news
ENGINE – someone will help you solve the work started
ENGINEER – slowly and patiently with your plans so you will succeed
ENGLISH – there are insincere people around you
ENSEMBLE – do not change the working environment; leave the ensemble – try to find a solution other than cancellation
ENTERTAINMENT – small problems ~ watching someone else’s entertainment – recognition
ENTRY – as it is, so are your business predispositions
ENVELOPE (MODERN MEANING) – Letters usually come in envelopes, so when we see letters in a dream it usually means that we have received some news or message. Usually receiving a letter in a dream has a spiritual and positive connotation.
ENVELOPE ~ white – good news ~ blue or in another color – your loved ones are not honest with you
ENVY – if you work hard on your desires you will succeed
EPIDEMIC – rich social life and new acquaintances
EPILEPSY – you have a lot of problems that are hard to deal with
EQUILIBRIUM ~ lose – business or health problems
Erase eraser – you want to correct your mistakes
EROTIC DREAMS – says you want to love the person you dreamed of or possibly be more intimate with
ERROR – you need to have more faith in yourself
ERUPTION – happiness
ESCAPE ~ escape from difficulties – you will easily overcome problems ~ escape from an animal – beware of intrigue ~ escape from something unknown – increase caution ~ escape from prison – business success ~ unsuccessful escape from prison – your loved ones will let you down ~ if someone escapes from you ~ – victory ~ fleeing from the dead – think a little about the past, maybe something can be fixed
ESCAPE ~ through the night – loss ~ failed escape – short-term problems with loved ones
ESKIM – loneliness and problems
EUTANASIA – help a friend
EVA – inconveniences in society
EVENING – a quiet period
EVERGREEN – you are surrounded by honest people
EXAM – a day full of responsibility awaits you, do not be afraid, you will survive
EX-BOY / GIRL – (MODERN MEANING) – It is very common to dream about ex-partners. People who have been an important part of our lives remain in our minds. It is impossible to dramatically erase those people from our heads. You have learned some lessons from each relationship, and the dream associated with that person reminds you of them. Usually the dream of ex-partners does not predict future merger. It may be a reflection of desire, memory, or work on old problems, but it has no prophetic meaning.
EXCAVATION – your fears are not real
EXCAVATOR – problems
EXCEED THE DEADLINE – a successful realization of plans requires a little more effort and energy than you originally thought
EXCHANGE – quarrel
EXCITEMENT – your dreams will come true
EXCURSION – positive changes in your life
EXCUSE – be careful what you say
EXECUTE ~ something – be careful ~ see execution – think twice before making a decision
EXECUTION ~ if you are executed – your stinginess will take revenge on you, try to share a little more ~ ​​someone else if he is executed – beware of stingy people
EXHAUST – family problems
EXHAUSTION – short and bad love affair
EXHIBITION – get down on the ground
EXIL – problematic period, head up and endure
EXILE – see – travel
EXISTENCE ~ take care of e. – material hardship, poverty
EXPECT SOMETHING OR SOMEONE – positive change and satisfaction
EXPEDITION – you will have to make an important decision
EXPERIMENT – handle flammable objects carefully
EXPERIMENT – you will successfully complete the started tasks
EXPERT – love fulfillment
EXPLOSION – unpleasant surprise, be more objective ~ explosion and big fire – great success
EXTINGUISH FIRE – do not show emotions
EXTRACTS – a pleasant surprise
EYEBROWS ~ thick eyebrows – pleasure and success ~ pluck eyebrows – sadness
EYES – If you can’t avoid problems, at least try to reduce the consequences
EYES (MODERN MEANING) – Eyes are a complex symbol in dreams, and in interpretation you need to take the experience of the person dreaming. The eyes symbolize perception, gaze, curiosity, but also personal identity. If you are dreaming your eyes you may not be willing to see the real state of things or you are closing your eyes to something.

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