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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – D –

DAGGER ~ hold it in your hand – courage ~ see a dagger or cut yourself – inconvenience
DAM – trouble
DANCE – wealth ~ to see a loved one dancing – joy and wealth ~ to dance weirdly – you are away from reality
DANCE (MODERN MEANING) – This is a happy dream that signifies how on some level you feel happiness, joy and a sense of victory. If you are not in a good mood, this dream can be a compensation for reality. Maybe through sleep you are trying to balance the negativities and stress you are going through in your daily life. Depending on the other symbols, the dance dream can also have a sexual connotation.
DANCE HALL – you will finally solve the problems and the situation will calm down ~ look for someone on the podium – you will move away from that person
DANDRUFF – health problems
DANGER – be careful who you talk to in front of
DANGER (MODERN MEANING) – If you are in a dangerous situation in your sleep you can take it as a signal of your subconscious. Pay attention to your business, finances and other things in general. Danger in sleep can also be a positive signal that suggests you are capable of overcoming obstacles that appear to you.
DARKNESS – you worry too much about the future; DARKNESS ~ being in the dark – illness and problems ~ coming out of the dark – success
DATE ~ see date – inconvenience ~ write date – gain
DATES – love happiness
DAUGHTER – unexpected expenses
DAVE – treat people around you more carefully
DAWN ~ see – success in trade ~ wait for dawn to dawn – fulfillment of some wishes
DAY – happiness
DEACON – family disagreements
DEAD – the feeling to which the dead associate you dies in you

DEAD 2. ~ to see the deceased – you will be treated as you treated that man during his life ~ if they give or take something from you – losses ~ the death of the deceased again – a person with that name will walk away from you
DEAD HEAD – you have enemies
DEAD WHEEL ~ see them or ride in them – gain and happiness ~ follow them – loss
DEAF ~ to be deaf – problems ~ to see a deaf person – happiness ~ to speak to a deaf person – problems at work
DEATH – someone else’s – illness in the family; own – good health
DEATH (MODERN MEANING) – Dreaming of death is very common and can be interpreted in different ways. Death in a dream usually symbolizes some ending or approaching the end of a period. Death in a dream implies that one thing ended to make room for a new one. It is usually a positive symbol. If you are a person who has died in a dream, perhaps your subconscious mind suggests that you should leave all your worries and start thinking about other things. If you dream that a loved one has died, you are probably afraid that you will lose them. Dreams of losing a parent are common, and usually signify the fear of losing them, but such a dream can also signify a departure from the original values. It is usually believed that if you dream of a person that they have died that the person is vital and will still live.
DEATH ~ to be dead- liberation from problems ~ if someone we know dies – cessation of connection with that person or with what that person represents to us ~ if he is a person who dreams in black clothes – one should ask what he regrets and what ~ when analyzing such dreams should take into account all the details, who is all in dreams, what these people represent and mean to us
DEBT – sharing your problems with others will make it easier to solve them
DEBT – success
DEBTOR – if you are a debtor – profit
DECIDE – trouble
DECOLLETTE – the more beautiful the woman on whom you see the cleavage, the more love pleasure awaits you
DECORATE – your plans will come true with a lot of effort and help
DECORATION ~ receive – someone is gossiping about you
DECORE – problem solving
DEDICATION – you will receive news of the death, but not of a loved one
DEEP – inconveniences and problems
DEER – you will try to escape from problems
DEFEAT – problems and troubles
DEFECT – (MODERN MEANING) – A dream that involves some bodily defect is usually an emotional cleansing. To be able to interpret this dream, focus on other details of the dream. Sometimes a physical defect can also signal financial gain.
DEFENDANT – a favorable period awaits you
DELAY – (MODERN MEANING) – If you dream that you are late, probably your subconscious is telling you to be more precise and to look longer-term when making your plans. Delay can also signal unpreparedness for certain situations or renunciation on the way to realizing dreams.
DEMON – (MODERN MEANING) – dreams about demons are usually scary and wake up in fear, but demons usually do not represent something external, outside of you. They usually symbolize the least developed and most negative part of you. All dreams are good dreams and bring the subconscious to the surface, and this one tells you how you need to find a more effective way to deal with the negative traits of your personality.
DEMON – big disagreements in the house
DEMONSTRATIONS – you need to increase tolerance towards other people
DENTIST – do not pay too much attention to the opinion of the environment
DEPARTURE ~ to go somewhere – a pleasant period
DEPRESSION – falling into depression – business problems ~ if someone else falls – business victory
DEPTH ~ measure depth – do not impose your opinion on others ~ be afraid of depth – embarrassment
DESCRIBE ~ someone – there are insincere people around you who do not wish you well
DESERT – be brave, you will succeed
DESERT – warns you of danger
DESERT – you will reconcile with a person with whom you have been in a bad relationship for a long time
DESERT (MODERN SIGNIFICANCE) – Deserts usually contain little life, either plant or animal, so the desert in your dream may symbolize stagnation in life. The desert can also symbolize loneliness and a sense of isolation.
DESIRE ~ for something – you will solve doubts ~ satisfy the desire – do not always put yourself first, you are not the most important
DESK ~ neat – you will solve problems ~ untidy – something is bothering and burdening you
DESPAIR – your environment appreciates you
DESTROY – you are ready to face problems
DESTRUCTION – watch what you do and think further
DETECTIVE – beware of fraud and theft
DETERGENT – if you face problems you will be able to solve them

DEVIL ~ to see him – success ~ to run away from him – failure and quarrel
DEVALUATION – material gain
DIABETES – take care of your health
DIAGNOSIS – good health
DIAMOND – (MODERN MEANING) – Diamonds are valuable, eternal and very precious. The dream of diamonds can have several different meanings. I can present love, money, as well as the spiritual subconscious and universal truth. A dream can help you understand what is most important to you in life.
DIAMOND ~ see – loss ~ gain – recognition ~ find – big surprise ~ lose – loss
DIAPERS – believe more in your abilities and reasoning power
DIARRHEA – illness, discomfort
DIARY ~ write – you are at a turning point in life ~ tv diary – the problems around you are extremely big and you do not know how to deal with them
DICE – conflicts
DIE – liberation from previous problems
DIE – problems will be created where you least expect them ~ to die and be revived – complete satisfaction
DIET – dedicate more time to yourself and your needs
DIGESTIVE DISORDERS – you will find it difficult to solve a problem or solving a problem requires a lot of effort
DIGGING – (MODERN MEANING) – The interpretation of this dream depends on the circumstances and other details. Digging is usually considered hard work and effort. But it may also be about digging up the truth. In the end, digging can be, in a figurative sense, “whoever digs another pit into it himself”, so the dream can appear as a warning.
DIGGING – worries and problems
DINING ROOM – you also need mental food, not just physical
DINNER ~ good dinner – success ~ bad – someone could use you financially ~ enjoy dinner – progress at work
DINOSAUR – it’s time for a change
DIPLOMA – you can succeed if you try hard enough
DIRECTOR – to be – progress
DIRECTOR ~ be – you will successfully solve the problem ~ see – problems with that person or someone else
DIRECTORY – problems will not be solved by yourself, you have to make an effort
DIRT – a better period is coming
DIRTY – disease and loss
DIRTY (MODERN MEANING) – To dream of dirt or something that is dirty, could symbolize your state of mind or some deception. Maybe you are trying to deceive someone or someone else is trying to deceive you. Dirt is usually unwanted behavior.
DISABLED – quarrel
DISAGREEMENT ~ with others – love happiness and contentment
DISAPPOINTMENT ~ to be disappointed or someone – even though you seem to have no way out of your problems a better period is coming
DISASTERS – (MODERN MEANING) – Dreaming of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and the like has no common meaning. Usually these dreams occur when a person is going through changes in their life.
DISCO – pleasant company with dear people
DISCUSSION ~ quiet and calm – success ~ loud – problems
DISEASE – (MODERN MEANING) – If you dream that you are ill, pay attention to all other symbols. What hurts you, how you feel and the like, because a dream may suggest that you need to pay special attention to the part of the body where you dream you have the disease. If someone takes care of you in your sleep while you are sick, you may be afraid that you will lose someone’s support and care in real life. The dream of illness signals that a person is going through a difficult period. Often an illness can have a literal meaning, that some part of your body or emotion is ill.
DISEASE ~ to be ill – you will not get a promotion or find a job if you are looking for it ~ to visit a patient – idleness
DISGUSTING ~ if someone disgusts you – someone will embarrass you ~ if you disgust food – health problems
DISMISSED ~ be – do not burden yourself with other people’s opinions
DISORDER – a problematic period is ahead of you but you will successfully solve it
DISORDER – you are too tolerant
DISPLAY ~ white – happiness ~ black – loss
DISPUTE – watch your actions and behavior
DISTANCE – be away from home – take care of your health ~ if they are far close to you – news
DISTANT RELATIVES – (MODERN MEANING) – We usually dream of distant relatives and friends because we miss them. It’s perfectly normal for you to miss people you haven’t seen in a long time so they show up in your sleep from time to time.
DISTRIBUTION – the effort will pay off
Distrust – feel free to seek advice
Ditch – danger and problem
DIVE – beware of frivolous people, they can bother you to achieve your goals
DIVING (MODERN MEANING) – The dream of diving signals that you want to get to the heart of a thing and the current situation. Diving is a signal that you want to understand your subconscious and that you don’t want to be fooled.
DIVORCE – the problems you have will not resolve on their own
DOCTOR – (MODERN MEANING) – The dream of a doctor can signify the need for spiritual, physical and emotional healing. Doctors represent authorities, so depending on your belief system, a doctor can also be an internal guide. If you are currently going through some illness and the doctor is an almost daily part of your life, the dream signifies the need for a cure, not some prediction.
DOCTOR – announces illness to the healthy, and health to the sick
DOCTOR ~ be – gain ~ see – if you are sick predicts healing and if you are healthy worsening of the health situation
DOCUMENTS – prize, win…
DOES – if someone in a dream threw spells at you it is a warning that someone around you wishes you great harm
DOG – indicates a relationship with your subconscious, what kind of dog is your subconscious ~ if a dog barks – good news ~ hear barking and not see the dog – bad news ~ hear the howling of a dog – news of a person’s death
DOG HOUSE – strive for life on a high leg, maybe he is not for you
DOG NECKLACE ~ see – party invitation ~ wear – why do you let others humiliate you ?!
DOLL – not everything is as it seems and not all people are honest
DOLPHIN – a good time to make plans
DOME – a joyful period
DOMESTIC ANIMALS – marital happiness
DOMINO – quarrels
DONUT – better days are coming
DOOR ~ lock the door – you would rather close it so that unfortunate circumstances do not touch you ~ open the door – you are strong to meet new challenges ~ if a woman dreams of an open door – there is a possibility that she is pregnant
DOORS (MODERN MEANING) – Doors are passages and that is where their symbolism lies. Going through the door may mean moving from one stage to another. Locked doors represent opportunities that are not currently available to you. If there are a lot of doors it means you have a lot of choices.
DOUBLE BASS – you will meet an interesting female person
DOUBT – they are talking about you behind their backs
DOUGH ~ knead – business troubles ~ oven – pleasure ~ see – business success but problems with partner
DOWN – an awkward period, you may even regress a bit
DOWNHILL – big trouble
DRAC – family problems
DRAFT ~ work – business progress ~ watch someone work – material problems
DRAGON – a dragon in dreams brings wealth, money and promotion ~ violent dragon – trouble ~ who burps fire – do not gossip about other people ~ fight with a dragon – “gold is not all that shines”, some things are worth the effort even if they do not bring money
DRAMA – watch – you will solve some problem
DRAW – you need to use a little more creativity in your work
DRAW – your wish will not come true
DRAW ~ from somewhere something – gain and success
DRAWER ~ if open – success at work – if closed – problems at work
DRAWING – success
DREAM ~ to dream that you dream – great happiness but short-lived
DREAMER – read – fulfillment of desires
DREAMS – don’t let others make fun of you
DRESS – unforeseen expenses
DRESS – you are about to have an awkward period
DRESS ~ new – good health ~ dirty – gossip ~ follow – success
DRILL SOMETHING – you will learn some secrets
DRINK – business success
DRINK – dream interpretation depends on the appearance of the glass and the appearance of the liquid ~ beautiful glasses – happiness ~ clear liquid – good health and satisfaction
DRINK – you will solve a problem that has bothered you for a long time
DRIVER – new friendship
DRIVER ~ be – don’t trust people around you too much
DRIVING ~ driving in a car – you will not be able to avoid one quarrel
DRONJCI – if you are dressed in rags – you intend to deceive someone
DROUGHT – good business period
DROWN ~ someone – think again before you become attached to a partner
DROWNING – pregnancy in the sea – problems but with a happy ending in the mud – problems in the river – health
DROWNING (MODERN MEANING) – Dreams of drowning are common and usually cause restlessness and fear, but can often have a positive meaning. This dream suggests that you are exhausted and overwhelmed by unresolved emotions. This dream occurs to warn a person who dreams that he must deal more effectively with the problems and negative things in his life. Drowning is a very common dream that arouses fears, but most likely has a positive meaning. The dream suggests that you are overwhelmed by the current situation and that you need rest. He suggests how you need to get rid of old things or feelings. This dream should encourage the person who dreamed to effectively accept the problems and start resolving the negativities in their life.
DRUGS – problems and lies
DRUM – quarrels and troubles
DRUMMER – open your eyes
DRUNK ~ see him – problems will solve themselves
DRUNKNESS ~ to be drunk or in the company of drunken persons – misfortune, disagreement and debauchery
DUCK – secrets will no longer be secrets
DUD – be careful not to experience humiliation
DUEL – problems, quarrels and bad news
DUKATI ~ see – recognition ~ have – repair of health condition ~ get – successful period
DURBIN – not adapted to their environment
DUST – obstacles will appear
DWARF – health and pleasure, do not let others spoil your mood
DYING ~ death of a loved one – secretly longing for someone you haven’t seen in a long time
DYNAMITE – you are in danger

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