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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – C –

CABBAGE – you will feel the loss
CABLE CAR – success
CABRIOLET – happiness and pleasure
CACTUS – pay attention to what you do so that there will be no problems later
CAFE – (MODERN MEANING) – To dream of being in cafes or bars usually symbolizes that you need a significant transformation. The cafe is an escape from fatigue and obligations even in your sleep, and it reminds you that you need to socialize and relax more.
CAFE – travel
CAFFE BAR – loss and misunderstandings
CAGE – spend more time with family
CAGE ~ see – solution to problems ~ with birds – you will make new friends ~ with wild animals – success ~ if someone escapes from the cage – problems and danger
CAKE 1. – business success
CAKE – eat – ceremony ~ bake – joy ~ get – joyful event ~ give – love sorrows ~ see – favorable period
CAKE 2. – when you learn to appreciate the little things, only then will you be happy
CAKES – (MODERN MEANING) – Cakes in a modern interpretation have a slightly different meaning than the traditional dreamer where all meals were prepared in a home-made way from scratch, and cooking was a big part of life. Cakes today, like other cooked dishes, represent a transformation from ingredients to a finished product. It is a positive dream that suggests you are positive and optimistic, very productive and hardworking.
CAKES – you will achieve what you intend ~ to bake – in women it indicates pregnancy, in men misunderstanding with the environment ~ get cakes – quarrels
CALCULATION – show your feelings
CALCULATOR – (MODERN MEANING) – A calculator can be related to exams, numbers, ignorance, the need to help find a solution to a problem, depending on the context in which you dream of it.
CALENDAR ~ see or browse it – bad news ~ write it – good news
CALL – don’t argue
CALL – new proverbial power to get a phone call – think about what’s stopping you from taking the first step to getting in touch with someone ~
call – someone unknown – illness ~ someone familiar – news ~ if someone calls you – you forgot something
CALL SOMEONE – news ~ call friends – love problems
CAMEL – disease ~ fat camel – wealth ~ skinny – loss ~ loaded – business problems
CAMERA – relax a little, you are not necessarily always right
CAMERA ~ buy – you will make new friends ~ shoot-change some things around you
CAMOMILE – healing
CAMP – new acquaintances
CAMP – trouble
CAMPING – a good social life
CANARY ~ free canary – trust people ~ canary in a cage – your freedom is endangered
CANCELLATION ~ gain – business problems ~ give – problems with partner
CANCER – monetary loss ; pleasant togetherness and harmony with a partner
CANCER (MODERN MEANING) -Tumors and cancers in dreams usually symbolize unprocessed emotions with which the dreamer is obsessed. You may feel anxiety and emotions pressing on you that you feel are unsolvable or related to unsolvable problems. Cancer is often considered the opposite dream, which means that if you dream of cancer you will have good health, but sometimes it can also be a warning signal, so pay attention to the part of the body you dreamed of.
CANDIES – a good period ~ buy them – cash outlay
CANDLEHOLDER – you have a good period ahead of you
CANDLES – depending on the flame of the candle, so much love will be returned to you
CANDLES (MODERN MEANING) – Candles symbolize light, and where there is light there is hope. A burnt candle represents fears, and often fears of aging or dying, and in men, fears related to potency.
CANNIBAL – problems and quarrels with the environment
CANNON – someone close to you wants to hurt you
CANTEEN – a positive period is finally coming to you
CANVAS ~ see – gain
CAP – watch your money
CAP ~ see or find – success ~ lose – failure
CAPRICORN – love adventure; black – discomfort; with big horns – great success;
CAPTAIN – The captain represents our inner leadership
CAPTIVITY – pay more attention to yourself
CAR – (MODERN MEANING) – A car usually represents your ego and physical strength. Think about all the details from the dream, because dreams with cars usually relate to important life topics. This is a very common dream, which nevertheless provides valuable information related to life potentials and state of mind and body.
CAR ACCIDENT – someone will disappoint you
CAR MECHANIC ~ to be – business success ~ to be with his own car – financial problems; minor failure – less damage;
CARAVAN – you are stronger than your enemies and difficulties
CARBOL – be more careful in your actions
CARDINAL – pay attention to the people around you
CARE – care in sleep means a carefree period in waking life
CARE ~ sick – everything you do will pay off for you
CARNATION – business success
CARNIVAL ~ see – good mood ~ participate – watch out for injuries
Carousel – an unpleasant surprise
CARP – pockets are filling
CARPENTER – long-lasting happiness
CARPET – family problems ~ flying – failure
CARPET – you can hide something under the carpet but it will not disappear
CARRIAGE ~ see it – problems ~ get out of it – you will solve problems
CARROT- gain
CARTOON – (MODERN MEANING) – Dreaming of cartoon characters can mean that you do not take the people around you or the current situation too seriously. If your life is full of stress, maybe your subconscious is trying to cheer you up through a cartoon.
CARTOON ~ watch – take a break ~ create – you need change
CARVING – don’t burden yourself too much with other people’s worries
CASH DESK ~ full – good omen ~ empty – bad omen
CASTLE ~ be in it – you will meet a new person who will be useful to you ~ see – you work hard, but your effort will not be paid enough ~ build a castle – profit ~ buy – you have thought too much, get down to earth
CAT – cheating ~ black cat – danger ~ white cat – love ~ with kittens – business success ~ if it scratched you – costs ~ killing a cat – dissatisfaction and problems
CATCH – pay attention to the thing you caught in it with hidden meaning
CATERPILLAR – someone is working behind your back
CATHEDRAL ~ see – slow down a bit ~ be in the cathedral – success
CATTLE – try to establish a little more order in your life
CAVE 1. – an awkward period
CAVE 2. – business success
CAVE 3. – some things will finally be clarified
CAVE (MODERN MEANING) – Caves are a very powerful symbol because they represent restraint and dependence on others. A woman with reproductive difficulties often dreams of a cave, which in this case presents the uterus. The cave can in other cases be a symbol of the uterus, warmth, security, birth and new beginnings. Caves can symbolize both our subconscious and our mysterious sides. Your personal experience with caves is also important in dream interpretation.
CAVIAR – good social life and new acquaintances
CAVITY – warns of a period full of worries
CEDULJA – success
CELEBRATE – gain but not necessarily material
CELEBRATE – you will successfully realize your plan
CELER – a period of fun follows
CEMENT – family happiness
CEMETERY – (MODERN MEANING) – Cemeteries are sad and depressing places, so the dream of a cemetery can be a reflection of your mood and unprocessed sadness.
CEMETERY – problems ~ go to the cemetery – illness ~ walk around the cemetery – problems ~ sleep in the cemetery – love adventure
CENSORSHIP – you get too tired from work, relax a little
CESAR – if you give birth – family problems, but solvable ~ if you watch it – strengthen a little
CESTAR ~ be – you have to start solving the accumulated problems
CHAIN ​​~ see – show feelings ~ wear – watch the agreed deadlines ~ forge – joy ~ gold chain – engagement of loved ones ~ break the chain – material gain ~ iron – health will not be a problem for you in the future ~ get rid of the chain – you will solve some problems
CHAINSAW (MODERN MEANING) – Chainsaws are usually associated with destruction, but are also used to prepare firewood for the home, which has a positive overtone. Interpret it depending on the other symbols that appear and the purpose for which you are using it.
CHAIR ~ sitting on a chair – disappointment ~ empty chair – the situation will improve
CHALLENGE – problems
CHAMITI – think again about your love choice
CHAMPAGNE ~ drink – live beyond your means ~ see – your happiness is short-lived
CHANNEL – reconsider your goals and carefully choose the next path, believe in yourself and your strengths
CHAPEL – a favorable period, you have good friends
CHARITY ~ asking for, giving or receiving alms – problems and inconveniences ~ watching others give alms – gain
CHASE (MODERN MEANING) – A traditional dreamer says that if you dream of a chase you will experience a deep old age, so although such an explanation may be pleasant, the modern dreamer has a more realistic explanation. If you are being chased and persecuted, it symbolizes how you want to escape some heavy emotions. If you are chasing someone, that dream signals that you have overreacted to other people by forcing your goals.
CHATTING – problems and failure
CHEAT ~ be – gain ~ see it – problems
CHECK – be careful who you lend money to
CHECK ~ something – disagreements with work colleagues
CHERRIES – use what you have, enjoy while you can
CHERRY – love woes ~ cherry tree – surprise
CHESS – insecure jobs ~ to beat someone – gain
CHESS BOARD – well-being
CHESS FIGURES – you must earn your success first
CHESTNUT – a bad period will end with your victory
CHEW – think twice before starting a new business
CHEWING GUM – Usually people dream that they cannot get rid of chewing gum, and such a dream means that people go through frustrations in everyday life or face an unsolvable problem and a feeling of helplessness. Chewing gum can also mean that you can’t decide or express yourself the way you would like. Noticing chewing gum means that you are behaving childishly and thus discovering your vulnerable side, and that you need care and attention.
CHICKEN ~ to see – quarrels ~ to feed – success ~ hen on eggs or with chickens – success and joy
CHICKENS – even though others don’t support you, you will succeed
CHICKPEA – business progress
CHIEF ~ see – business progress
CHILD – (MODERN MEANING) – Some people sometimes dream of unknown children. The child in your dream can represent your insides or the child in you. Such a dream may be based on some childhood memories, but it can symbolize your need to learn, explore, and as a rule, everything that children do and do. Before interpreting that dream of yours, think about all the other details from the dream.
CHILD ~ small child – fraud ~ beating child – quarrel with the environment ~ crying child – people closest to you are not sincere ~ dreaming of your child – joy ~ in the cradle – good period ~ running or playing – pleasure
CHILDREN – dreaming of children is a sign of concern, although it is more favorable to dream of male than female children
CHIMNEY ~ see – used and financial success ~ if the smoke comes out – happiness ~ without smoke – with a lot of effort you will achieve the desired results ~ fire – family problems ~ collapsed chimney – financial problems
CHIN – (MODERN MEANING) – If you dream of a man, it is a signal of success and good luck, while a beard on a woman is a signal of bad luck. If you dream that you have a beard, and you are a woman, you probably have real-life difficulties with power relations. Maybe you need strong male energy to get what you want.
CHOCOLATE – love well-being ~ hot chocolate – pleasure
CHORUS – your effort paid off
CHRISTMAS – finally consolation and a positive period
CHRISTMAS EVE – a good period and gain follows
CHRISTMAS TREE – great happiness
CHRYSANTHEMA – good news
CHURCH – (MODERN MEANING) – Many people went to church as children, and this act was important to them. Both to them and their families. Dreams of churches, cathedrals, mosques, and other places of prayer represent your religion-related childhood. The church may signify a greater need for the spirituality of the dreamer. It can also express a period of uncertainty in which the person dreaming is unsure of their choice. Think about the details of the dream to discover the true meaning.
CHURCH – ask yourself if you have deviated from traditional values, you may want to return to them
CIGARETTE – (MODERN MEANING) – What cigarettes mean in your dream depends on whether you smoke or not. If you smoke and are in a daily relationship with cigarettes they are like a piece of clothing a part of your person. If you are not a smoker cigarettes usually signify a pleasure that is destructive. To interpret this dream, you must first consider what the cigarette represents to you, some potential evil or pleasure.
CIGARETTE – gain and positive period ~ to offer a cigarette – generosity
CINEMA – you will finally find out the real truth
CINNAMON – a gain or a gift
CIRCLE – love fades
CIRCLE ~ to see or draw a circle – joy and happiness ~ to be in a circle – a problematic period
CIRCUS ~ watch – you will be ashamed ~ perform in a circus – be careful who you trust
CITY (FIGHT) ~ to see – dream come true ~ to be in the rain – someone is taking advantage of you
CITY ~ dreaming of a famous city – a pleasant period ~ lesser known and big cities – a period is coming when you will find it harder to find your way
CLARINET – try to make your life more interesting
CLASSES – a good period of life
CLAY – difficulties, problems and inconveniences
CLEANING – the fulfillment of a wish
CLEANSING – (MODERN MEANING) – Dreams that involve some kind of cleansing usually represent the emotional and psychological cleansing of the dreamer. Look for the details of the dream so you can figure out the meaning. Ask yourself what emotions you need to get rid of, maybe anxiety, anger, nervousness…
CLEAVE – some problem will be solved
CLIFF – (MODERN MEANING) – Standing on the edge of a cliff in a dream can be a terrifying, but also a very exciting experience. This usually indicates that you have reached a point or will soon reach a point of understanding the situation.
CLIMB – success ~ climb on someone’s back – turn to another for help
CLIMBING (MODERN MEANING) – Climbing and any other upward movement is a positive symbol globally. You may be facing a situation that is difficult, but the dream suggests you are moving in the right direction. Think about the other details of the dream before you come to a conclusion.
CLINIC – meeting a dear person
CLOCK – you will have your hands full ~ pocket watch – successful realization of plans
CLOCK (MODERN MEANING) – This is one of the most important symbols that appear in dreams, and represents the psychic center of your personality. You may be currently feeling anxiety about a situation. Maybe you’re worrying about your biological clock or you feel like you’re not getting to do everything you want.
CLOTH – success ~ torn cloth – problems
CLOTHES – appropriate for the year brings good ~ dress inappropriately – shame ~ expensive clothes – extravagance ~ wash clothes – you will solve your problems ~ dress wrong clothes – unfavorable period
CLOUD – dark clouds indicate a storm of life and light brightens
CLOUD BREAK – damage
CLOUDS (MODERN MEANING) – If the clouds are white they indicate your positivism and idealism, if they are dark they indicate negative personality traits. Usually clouds signify your private and hidden thoughts.
CLOUDS ~ white clouds announce a successful period ~ red – waiting ~ black – a bad period
CLOUDY WEATHER – cloudy and gloomy weather brings worries and dissatisfaction, job loss
CLOVER – great joy and gain
CLOWN – the people around you are pretending
COAL – a period of love and contentment awaits you where everyone will envy you, maybe they will want to undermine your happiness
COAL ~ see him – do not neglect love for work
COAST – business success, love failure
COAT – you need protection
COAT ~ nice coat – good news, travel opportunities open ~ torn coat – business gain, love loss
COAT OF ARMS ~ to see it – gossip and embarrassment ~ to touch the coat of arms – great happiness ~ to have a coat of arms – gain
COATING – have more understanding for others
COATING – health problems
COCK – (MODERN MEANING) – This symbol causes discomfort and fear in most people, but before you make quick conclusions, think about other details from the dream. The coffin quite often symbolizes a lack of energy and fatigue of the person dreaming. It usually means that you feel that you lack happiness and freedom in life.
COCTEL ~ make – love will not be returned to you ~ drink – a person in love with you to whom you will not return feelings
Cod – worries and problems
CODE – business and financial problems
COFFEE ~ see – success ~ drink – failure ~ roast coffee – guests ~ grind – quarrel ~ cook – family happiness
COFFEE MACHINE – make decisions, don’t procrastinate
COFFIN – when one door closes, new ones open ~ carry – change ~ see – short-lived happiness ~ lie in a coffin – be a little more careful
COIL – good news is coming
COLD – business problems
COLLECT – if you collect something in your sleep it is usually a sign of good mood and profit
COLLECTION ~ plants (herbarium) – happiness ~ insects or stones – inconveniences
COLLISION – be careful
COLONEL – the solution to the problem
COLORS pure colors refer to the same things, if you dream of something of a color try to remember what in reality you have those colors, that is what the dream refers to ~ see the meaning of a particular color
COMB – favorable period; broken – quarrels;
COMBING – problems ~ if someone else is combing you – be careful what kind of people you are surrounded by ~ watch someone combing – beware of the people around you
COMET – do not rush to conclusions
COMFORT ~ to comfort someone – a person needs your care because he is in trouble ~ if he comforts you – announcement of problems
COMICS – good fun and company
COMMANDMENT ~ to hear – problems in love life
COMPASS – you are on the right track
COMPETITION ~ participate – success ~ watch – problems will be solved
COMPLAIN – take a break, you don’t have to solve other people’s problems
COMPLAIN 2. – you will be dissatisfied
COMPLAINT – minor problems; ~ written – you will depend on others
COMPLIMENT – there is someone dishonest around you
COMPUTER – (MODERN MEANING) – Computers into a source of information, a place where we gain knowledge or have fun. The computer can remind us of the pursuit of new things and knowledge. Pay attention to how you use the computer, because it reveals additional meaning. What you do with them and for what purpose. Computers can also mean progress in life.
COMPUTER – (MODERN MEANING) – Computers into a source of information, a place where we gain knowledge or have fun. The computer can remind us of the pursuit of new things and knowledge. Pay attention to how you use the computer, because it reveals additional meaning. What you do with them and for what purpose. Computers can also mean progress in life.
COMPUTER – a busy business period
COMPUTER – money gain ~ spoiled – problems at work
CONCERT – this day is your lucky day
CONCRETE ~ mix – business problems ~ drive – a person close to you needs help, but you can’t help her much –
CONDOM – love affairs and accidents
CONDUCTOR – pay attention to what the conductor is telling you and listen to him
CONDUCTOR – someone is trying to impose their opinion on you
CONFECTIONERY – a more favorable love period
CONFESSION ~ to see – someone is lying to you ~ to confess – failure ~ to confess someone – success
CONFIRMATION – a profit and a good business mood awaits you
CONFUSION – not all people are honest
CONGRATULATIONS – although good fun awaits you, be careful how you behave
CONGRATULATIONS – reconciliation with someone
CONSCIENCE – after the bora comes a lull
CONSPIRACY – problems in communication
CONSTRUCTION SITE – business insecurity
CONTACT LENSES – (MODERN MEANING) – Eyes symbolize a look into someone’s soul, so if you dream of lenses and don’t usually wear them then you should think about the way you look at a certain reality because you may be fooling yourself. If you normally wear lenses, then they have no special meaning but dreams are just an extension of reality.
CONTACT LENSES ~ wear – good health ~ lose – take care of your belongings but also your partner
CONTRACT ~ sign – difficulties in the business field ~ compose – do not engage in illegal business because it will cost you dearly; ~ work – someone will try to persuade you
CONVERSATION ~ hear – unpleasant news
COOK 1.- marriage, profit
COOK 2. – pleasant company
COOK 3. – you are not sure if you are doing well
COOKING – pleasant company
COPPER ~ to process it – problems in realizing plans ~ to see a copper object – good news
CORE – white – success, dark or torn – failure
CORN – success and happiness
CORNER – don’t stick your nose in other people’s business
CORRECTIVE – you do not invest enough effort
COSMETICIAN – a better period is ahead of you
COTTAGE – disease
COTTON – you are strong enough to deal with problems
COUCH – (MODERN MEANING) – Dreaming of a couch can mean that you need rest and relaxation, but it can also be a symbol for warm memories and fond memories. Some say that the couch is a symbol of false security, so you should listen to the advice of loved ones.
COUCH – a bad period is behind you
COUGH 1. – bad news and illness
COUGH 2. – take care of your health
COUNCIL – you will receive well-deserved recognition for your efforts
COUNTER – you will renew an old friendship
COUNTERFEIT – inconvenience
COUNTERFEITING ~ see – embarrassment ~ if you forge – indicates your infidelity
COURAGE – problems in relationships with people
COURT – dreams of trials are dreamed when a person is aware that he is not following the rule
COURTING – try to see the positive side of life
COVER – an awkward period, the truth will come out
COW – happiness ~ fat – gain ~ skinny cow – loss ~ keeping cows – you will solve problems ~ milking a cow – bad news
COWARD – a good period is coming
CRACK – big plans are being made behind your back
CRACK (MODERN MEANING) – No matter what kind of crack it was, and whether it was a leak from a bottle or a faucet, this dream means a waste of energy and talent. If you dream of cracks through which water leaks or something similar, consider where and what you are wasting energy and time on unnecessarily.
CRACKLING – love and family success
CRACKS – believe in your own abilities, but don’t be afraid to rely on others
CRADLE – success and happiness
CRADLE ~ to see is – joy ~ overturned – misfortune ~ empty – illness
CRAFTSMAN – conflicts with the environment
CRANE – bad news
CRANE – dear people will let you down
CRAZY ~ see – family problems ~ be in – cash gain
CREAM – be careful what and in front of whom you talk
CREAM – fraud, inconvenience and quarrel
CREAM – good health and love situation
CREATION ~ see – someone from your environment does not want to kill you well – good jobs
CREDIT CARD – (MODERN MEANING) – A credit card is a replacement money and usually refers to the financial situation. It usually reflects reality or our credit card dreams fulfill our desires from reality.
CREDITOR ~ if the creditor is persecuting you – problems ~ if the creditor forgives you – a more favorable period follows
Creep – believe in yourself a little more and don’t blindly follow others
CRICKET – deal with empty stories
CRIME ~ do – you will become distrustful of the environment ~ see another doing – conflicts
CRIME ~ to commit – be more careful
CRIMINAL ~ see him – with a calm head you can avoid conflicts with the environment
CROATS – quarrels with that person
CROCODILE – beware of evil people
CROSS – (MODERN MEANING) – The cross in a dream can have warning connotations. It symbolizes suffering and suffering, so it may reflect how you currently feel in your life, but it is also a symbol of hope, because after the Way of the Cross come much better times.
CROSSROADS – You will have to make important decisions
CROSSWORD ~ solve it – be more responsible towards
CROW – do not delay your plans
CROWD – try to get attention but don’t overdo it
CROWN – (MODERN MEANING) – The crown symbolizes achievement, honor and status. Different types of crowns may have different meanings, but as a rule it is a good sign.
CROWN ~ see – worries ~ silver or gold – surprises ~ on your head – be patient your efforts will pay off ~ take the crown off your head – business failure ~ crown of flowers – happiness
CRUEL BEING – success in business
CRY – you will get some good news
CRY – you will receive bad news
CRY ~ hear – good fun ~ see someone famous crying – help a friend ~ see a stranger crying – trouble
CRYSTAL – get back to reality!
CUBE – success ~ white – problems and sadness
CUCUMBER – good health
CUP – a favorable period awaits you
CUP – pleasant company or love, happiness ~ break a cup – you will have to change a little if you want to save your partner
CUPKATI – your friends are not honest
CURIOSITY ~ be curious – not everything is as it seems, look more closely
CURLS – changes are good
CURRANT – love success
CURSE – be careful what you say in front of people
CURSE ~ to be – disease and problems ~ to curse someone – obstacles in the way
CURTAIN – be careful in choosing friends
CURTAIN – not all people are honest, beware of scams
CUSTOMS – if you dream of some local customs it is a warning that you have moved away from tradition and that you need to return to it
CUSTOMS – the quarrel you will be involved in does not really concern you
CUSTOMS OFFICER – you are enterprising and you will know how to bring your business to an end
CUT – joy
CUT – you are not in a strong position as you think, you could lose this battle
CYCLE – love quarrels and problems
CYLINDER – bad news
CYPRESS – stop procrastinating your plans
CYPRUS – a positive period
CYRILLIC – problems at work will appear due to the negligence of colleagues

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