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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – B –

BABY – (MODERN MEANING) – Many people will have dreams of small children from time to time. If the children are unfamiliar to you, you can assume they are presenting you. Maybe your child is telling you something to pay attention to in your life or an area that needs special development. The child can also present your potentials for change and new beginnings. Usually children represent innocence and the purest, and possibilities. If your child is familiar to you, and your interaction with him is unusual or bizarre, you need to consider which area of ​​your life has not matured and what you need to work on.
BABY – playfulness and news
BABYLON – you will have to adapt to the environment ~ the collapsed tower of Babel – be persistent, you are on the right path
BACK – treat others the way you would want them to treat you ~ beautiful and strong back – unreasonably afraid of old age ~ skinny back and hunched over – start insuring yourself for old age now
BACKPACK – business trip
BACON – health problems ~ cut bacon – improvement
BACTERIA – you may be hypochondriac
BADGE – favorable business period
BADGER – cash gain
BAG – someone will confide in you ~ lose – big money problems
BAG ~ empty – gain ~ full – loss
BAG ~ empty – gain ~ full – not all friends are sincere
BAG ~ full – gain ~ empty – loss ~ torn – loss from which you will have a hard time recovering
BAG ~ if a woman in a dream carries a heavy bag – probably pregnant ~ new bag – gain ~ empty bag – loss ~ carry the bag – the heavier the bag the greater the health problems
BAKERY 1. – a pleasant period awaits you
BAKERY 2.- well-being
BAKERY 3.- you will live in prosperity
BAKET – misunderstandings and problems are possible
BAKING – worries and bad news
BAL – you will be ashamed in front of close people
BALLAD ~ write or read – unrequited love ~ listen – you will not return love
BALCONY – refers to the heart, what you have on the balcony you have in your heart
BALD ~ see – successful period
BALDAHIN – you will progress
BALL – not everything seems to be bowling at first glance – be careful when entering new jobs
BALL – problems and quarrels with the people around you
BALL – think twice before taking on a new job
BALLERINA – unfavorable period
BALLET ~ dance – a pleasant period
BALLETS – small family quarrels
BALLOON – problems are in front of you; BALLOON ~ wear – business success ~ take off – not all people around you are honest
BAMBOO – quiet family life or love success
BAN – seek advice from the environment
BANANA – represents the male erotic side
BANDA – business success, but with petty scams
BANK ~ see it – luck ~ raise money in the bank – watch how you spend
BANKER – someone is working behind your back
BANKING – a pleasant period awaits you
BANKNOTE ~ paper – suspicious and unattainable ventures
BANKRUPTCY 1. – status quo
BANKRUPTCY 2. – think carefully before you make a decision, the same on the right track
BANQUET – quarrels with friends
BAR 1.- caution
BAR 2.- false promises
BAR 3.- loss and misunderstandings
BARACA – an unfavorable period awaits you
BARBECUE – full – good work, empty – bad; ~ to bake something on the grill – joy
BARBER – money expenses await you
BARKING ~ hear and see a dog – good news ~ don’t see a dog barking – bad news ~ hear a dog howl – news of a death ~ barking dog – co-workers undermine you
BARLEY – someone is closely following your every step, be careful
BARLEY – your effort will not be rewarded enough
BAROMETER – problems, failure or illness
BARRACKS – watch out for other people’s insincerity
BARREL ~ carry – your guests are coming ~ empty – family problems ~ bottomless – you try in vain
BARRIER – try to socialize a little more and trust other people
BAS – family disagreements
BASE – problems and quarrels
BASEMENT – you don’t even know what you’re hiding
BASEMENT (MODERN SIGNIFICANCE) – The house generally represents your psychological and emotional strength. Each part of the house refers to a separate part of you. The basement is always built first, and symbolizes the foundations. Dreams of basements represent your subconscious and intuition. The look of the basement furniture and the things in it can give you valuable information about how you experience your situation. If the basement is messy it suggests that you should sort out your life a bit and go through a period of confusion.
BASIL – success and happiness
BASKETBALL – joy and pleasant company
BASSOON – do not give in to other people’s persuasions
BAT – believe in your abilities
BATH ~ cold – health ~ warm – illness
BATHING – (MODERN MEANING) – Bathing or showering in the bathroom usually reminds you that you need a kind of cleaning in everyday life. Bathing is washing yourself, so maybe in your sleep you want to wash some things that are difficult for you to process and because of which you cannot relax. Maybe the dream suggests to you that you need to forget some things and get rid of heavy emotions.
BATHING 1. – misfortune ~ in running water – success ~ in clear water – good health
BATHING 2. ~ in natural and clean waters – a favorable sign ~ in muddy water or ponds – a bad sign ~ cold water – health ~ warm – disease
BATHROOM – (MODERN MEANING) – The bathroom signals the need for emotional and psychological cleansing. It’s hard to be carefree if you have problems, but try to find a way. Make an effort to get rid of unnecessary fears and leave heavy emotions behind.
BATHROOM – symbolizes spiritual cleansing
BATHTUB ~ overwhelmed – try to control emotions, they are exaggerated ~ get out of the bathtub – healing and problem solving ~ getting dressed in the bathtub – gain
BATTERY – positive changes in life await you
BATTLE ~ watch the battle – you are in danger ~ participate – you have a rival
BAY – success and happiness
BE ASHAMED – confide in someone
BEACH – open up to other people, stop pretending
BEAK – you will successfully complete the started business
BEAM – business problems
BEANS – be prepared for trouble; quarrels and quarrels with your loved ones are waiting for you; divorce
BEAR – pack your bags, it indicates a trip ~ in other situations it is a negative sign
BEARD ~ long thick beard – auspicious sign, respect
BEASTS ~ see – gain ~ in a cage – don’t take other people’s merits ~ fight with beasts – progress
BEAT SOMEONE – benefit
BEATING ~ to have in hand – victory ~ if you are beaten – earnings
BEATING ~ to hear – business troubles
BED – (MODERN MEANING) – The bed is a place where we sleep, renew our energy, but also a place for sexual pleasure. The bed symbolizes all these things. The look of the bed can reveal what you think of yourself and your relationship. If something is hiding under the bed it symbolizes the secrets that others are hiding from us.
BED – success in love ~ empty bed – misfortune ~ nice bed – good marriage ~ dirty bed – illness ~ make the bed – quarrel ~ get out of bed – you will beat the disease ~ lie on it – marriage ~ sleep in the bed – illness; ~ comfortable – pleasures ~ uncomfortable – misfortune
BEDROOM 1.- expect love games and games
BEDROOM 2.- indicates the hidden
BEE – a turbulent period full of problems and nervousness, dreams about bees of positive meaning are rare and are primarily related to dreams about bees while producing honey. As a rule, they depend on the context in which we dream of them ~ bee sting – sometimes we cannot avoid the events that await us but we can react to them ~ kill bees – unfavorable period
BEECH – you have good friends
BEER – generally announces a favorable period unless the beer is cloudy, if you spill beer or empty beer glasses, then it indicates trouble
BEETLE – trouble
BEGGAR – your effort is not worth it
BEGINNER OR PRIMER – if you want to succeed you have to invest extreme effort and effort
BEING DISGUSTING – be careful, you will meet some people who will not wish you well
BELL ~ see – respect friends ~ hear, not see the bell – disease
BELL RINGER – the well-deserved reward will arrive, don’t worry
BELLY – (MODERN MEANING) – Dreaming of certain parts of the body is a way to focus attention on that part of the body. If a part of your body hurts or makes you uncomfortable, think about how that part of your body works in real life. Sometimes the subconscious knows that something in the body is wrong, before we even notice any symptoms. The traditional dreamer claims the opposite, that if you dream of a sick body, you will have good health and good luck.
BELLY – you need warmth and protection
BELOVED PERSON ~ see – success in love life
BELT – gain
BELT – love happiness, marriage ~ lose – problems
BENCH – how the bench looked like in your dream, such a period awaits you
BEND UP – you will be ashamed ~ to see others – you will gain a reputation
BENDER ~ to make – pleasant family life ~ on the table – unpleasant news
BERTH – business progress
BESPARICA – watch your money
BET – “measure twice and then cut”
BET 2. – bet to win – improvement in finances ~ bet to lose – problems
BETRAYAL – problems
BETTING – think before you make a decision
BEVANDA ~ drink alone – in the near future you will not have financial problems ~ in society – you are lonely, go out in society
BIBLE ~ read the bible – you will learn important secrets
BICYCLE – (MODERN MEANING) – All means of transport symbolize our journey through life. Since everyone usually has a bike before a car it may represent some feelings from youth. A bicycle can also represent a need for life balance, as balance is needed to ride a bicycle. Think of other details from the dream, as well as whether you were descending or climbing with a bicycle.
BICYCLE – take responsibility for your own life ~ the appearance of a bicycle speaks of your physical condition
BIGAMIA – agreeing with a partner
BILL OF EXCHANGE ~ to write one’s own – business success ~ to sign someone else’s – second-hand problems
BILLIARDS ~ play – success at work ~ watch someone else play – problems with money ~ billiard balls – business failure
BINDING – admit the truth to yourself
BINOCULAR ~ see – you will have to make an important decision ~ look through – fulfillment of expectations ~ if someone is watching you – inconvenience
BIOGRAPHY ~ write – business problems ~ read – some people around you need help, help them
BIRCH ~ see it – success and happiness ~ if it is dry – problems ~ climb it – business success
BIRDS – big birds bring pleasure to big people, and small birds bring pleasure to small people
BIRDS ‘CHURCHING ~ if you’ve seen a bird – good news ~ if you haven’t seen a bird – bad
BIRTH (MODERN MEANING) – Usually men and women who are expecting a child have dreams of childbirth, but this is no sign of anything to come, but an attempt by the body to deal with the new situation and fears that appear on a subconscious level. If you are not expecting a baby the birth symbolizes new beginnings, good luck or monetary gain.
BIRTH ~ see – in one situation you will not know how to react ~ give birth – debts are due
BIRTH OF A CHILD – new ideas, plans
BIRTH- to dream that someone is giving birth to you, a good omen. Someone will take your worries on themselves.
BIRTHDAY ~ to celebrate one’s own or someone else’s – happiness, good period
BISCUITS ~ make it and bake – business success ~ eat it – failure and problems
BISEXUALITY – love problems
BISHOP – quarrel with loved ones
BITE – watch what you do, something bad could happen ~ snake bite – you have an enemy nearby ~ horse bite – a friend will show his true face
BITE ~ someone – business success in private life failure
BITS – problems with the environment ~ if you bite – watch your behavior towards other people ~ if someone bites you – someone works behind your back and gossips about you
Bitterness – bad news
BLACK CLOTHES ~ to be in black clothes – we need to ask ourselves who we feel sorry for, maybe love is dying without us being aware of it
BLACK COLOR – you are completely immersed in sadness and darkness
BLACKBERRIES ~ eat – problems with partner ~ read – secret love ~ see – someone close to you is trying to deceive you
BLACKMAIL – misunderstandings with the person present
BLANKET ~ new – your efforts will not pay off ~ old – your kindness will be rewarded
BLESSING ~ to receive – long life ~ to reject it – illness
BLIND ~ to be – loss ~ to see a blind man – unpleasant news
BLINDNESS (MODERN MEANING) – Blindness can be the inability to see some aspects of your life. Blindness in sleep symbolizes the need to look at our lives more holistically and to integrate the conscious and the subconscious. What you cannot see in a dream will become clearer when you discover the true message of your dream.
BLINK – business success ~ to see someone squint – gain
BLOOD – (MODERN MEANING) – Blood symbolizes our strengths and weaknesses, as well as our physical and mental health. If you are currently going through a more difficult period in your life, you may see frightening images of blood in your dream, but don’t worry because that way you process your fears. Blood in a dream can symbolize that the situation related to your worries about what you dreamed has come to an end and is moving for the better.
BLOOD ~ to see your own blood – success ~ someone else’s – failure ~ to spit blood – illness ~ to bleed – great loss ~ bloody hands – leave others alone
BLOW – financial problems as big as strong draft
BLOW ~ receive – shame ~ hit someone – you will not be able to avoid problems
BLUE – you are committed to spiritual ideals
BLUEBERRY – a good period and success follows –
Blush – you will be quite satisfied
BLUSH ~ have – “calm water of the hill screams”, so all problems can be solved by talking ~ see blister – losses after which you will recover quickly
BOARD – someone will gossip about you
BOARD (school) ~ see or write on the board – if you can’t solve the problem yourself, seek advice ~ blank – inconvenience ~ printed – check you may have forgotten something important
BOAT – problems are harder than you think
BOAT – successful new acquaintances ~ to have a speedboat accident – possible traffic problems
BOAT ~ see it – problems ~ ride in a boat – success ~ full of water – health problems ~ sinking – love problems ~ fall out of a boat – loss
BOB – problems
BODY – (MODERN MEANING) – Dreaming of certain parts of your own body is a way to focus attention on that part of the body. If a part of your body hurts or makes you uncomfortable in your sleep, think about how that part of your body works in real life. Sometimes the subconscious knows that something in the body is wrong, before we even notice any symptoms. The traditional dreamer claims the opposite, that if you dream of a sick body, you will have good health and good luck. if you dream of your body you usually dream of your personality. It is important to notice what you are surrounded by, so the details in your dreams will reveal further meaning. If, on the other hand, you dream of a specific part of the body, pay attention to the health condition of that part of the body.
BODY – a pleasant period
BODY ~ to be in someone else’s body – feel free to act differently ~ naked body – you will be subjected to abuse ~ to be fat – well-being
BODY GUARD – minor family problems
BOILER – problems with household appliances, check them
BOILER ~ full – good period ~ empty – bad
BOILING – pay the lottery; ~ if something boils out of your pot – success in every field
BOMB – disturbing thoughts and ideas
BONE – hard to solve problems; whole – material success; and if it is broken – failure
BOOK – (MODERN MEANING) – Books are a source of information in everyday life, and can be inspiring or carry messages for life. Much lies in the title and condition of the book you dream of. The dream of books can present your memories, something you have learned, ideas or attitudes.
BOOK – look back and see what you have done so far, are you satisfied?
BOOKBINDER – a successful period
BOOT ~ if one – problems ~ new – success ~ old – problems ~ dirty – gossip about you ~ wear – success ~ take off – failure
BOR – business success ~ New Year’s – happiness
BORING – trouble at work
BORROW ~ from someone – you can only succeed if you do your best ~ lend to someone – your behavior should be an example to others
BAREFOOT – problems and losses
BOSS – gain
BOTANICAL GARDEN – strengthen a little
BOTTLE ~ full – joy and success ~ empty – problems ~ pouring into or out of the bottle – big changes follow ~ broken – you will have to make an important decision
BOUNDARY ~ cross – jobs success ~ set boundaries – business problems
BOUQUET ~ receive a bouquet of flowers – good period or good news ~ throw a bouquet – inconvenience with the ground floor
BOUTIQUE ~ be in it – you will meet old friends ~ if the boutique is yours and empty – changes in the business plan are desirable
BOW – good news, success, joy
BOWL – you will have a lot of difficulties, reduce stress so that it does not cause you health problems; see – invitation to the ceremony ~ full – money problems ~ empty – happiness
BOWLING 1. – inconvenience at work
BOWLING 2. – meeting with your loved ones
BOX – quarrel ~ closed box – someone will confide in you ~ open – someone is not honest with you BOX OF CHOCOLATES – love problem
BOXING ~ watch – problems will tire you ~ fight – problems will be easy to solve
BOXWOOD – no matter how hard you try, you will not achieve anything
BRACELET – unfulfilled promises and false hopes
BRAID ~ see – love pleasure ~ knit – to solve a problem you have to deal with it ~ cut – break up a love affair
BRAIN – you will make the right decision
BRAKE – think carefully before making a decision
BRANCH – ask for help, you will get it; broken – someone will hurt you; dry – problems; green – success;
BRANCH – disease
BRAND – the news is coming to you
BRANDY ~ drink – quarrels ~ bake or see – a good and happy period is ahead of you
BREAD ~ eat bread – a good sign ~ in front of you is a favorable period ~ hard and tasteless bread – a period full of problems ~ bake bread – “as you sow so will you reap”
BREAK – business success or new love
BREAKFAST – success
BREAKING – you will get good news
BREAST – quarrel and family problems
BREAST – what kind of chest you saw such a period awaits you
BREAST OF SNOW – disappointment
BREASTFEEDING – take care of your health
BREASTFEEDING A CHILD – marriage or profit in the background
BREASTS ~ beautiful, harmonious – gain ~ ugly breasts- loss
BREATH ~ lose your breath – less difficulty awaits you ~ gasp – unpleasant news
BREED – success
BREEZE – now is the right time to achieve your goals and ideas
BRIBERY – a problematic period is ahead of you
BRICK – business failure and problems
BRIDE – failure; ~ be – lead a somewhat boring life, do something
BRIDGE – transition from old patterns of behavior and rejection of old habits, a new period in life
BRIDGE (MODERN MEANING) – There are many meanings that can be attached to this symbol. The details of the rest of the dream are just as important as the bridge itself. First you need to consider how much you are traveling, as a bridge can mark the transition from one phase to another. This dream often tells you how you can rise above the difficulties and emotional suffering you are going through.
BRILLIANT – a turbulent period
BROKER – business problems
BRONCHITIS – problems ~ heal – success
BRONZE – success, private and business
BROOCH – business success and monetary gain
BROOM – “sweep in front of your door first…” need for spiritual cleansing
BROTHERHOOD – business troubles
BROTHERS – long and happy life
BROWN – think about the justification for feeling jealous, don’t be narrow-minded
BRP – a period of poverty and loss
BRUISE – watch your money
BRUS ~ hold in hand – pleasure ~ see – trouble
BRUSH – problems and quarrels
BRUSH – they gossip about you and you will have problems
BUBBLE – short-lived happiness
BUBBLE – some people will gossip about you but don’t worry it won’t damage your reputation
BUCKET – unpleasant news
BUILD ~ house – you will live long
BUILDING ~ watch the construction – do your best if you want to achieve something ~ move in – finances will improve ~ demolition – to reach the goal you have to overcome many obstacles
BULB – happiness and success
BULB – you will discover a scam

BULL – threats
BULLET – good news
BUNCH ~ a bunch of useful items – the person you least expect will hurt you ~ a bunch of garbage – who else digs a pit into it himself, beware of your malice
BURDEN ~ bear – problems ~ see – rely on other people
BURE – the bigger the barrel, the more your money will be
BURGLAR – you are afraid of everything, even your shadows, a little courage!
BURGLAR (MOERNO MEANING) – Dreams of burglars, especially if they involve violence, can be very disturbing dreams, and sometimes nightmares. If a burglar enters your house, it can represent your psyche, especially its unconscious part. A burglar can be a symbol of your guilt and the negative side of your personality. If you have had experience with burglars in real life, then it may be a reflection of your fears.
BURIAL (MODERN MEANING) – Burial does not symbolize the physical death of you or anyone else. It most often symbolizes the end of something. You may bury your relationship or some emotion that no longer serves you. The dream of a funeral can symbolize the burial of sensibilities and emotions that you had a hard time dealing with until then. Only if you dream of a person being buried does it bring emotional trauma.
BURIAL ~ something – you’re going to a wedding soon
BURIAL ~ to be buried alive – restraint ~ to be buried dead – liberation
BURN 1.- be careful who you do business with and what contracts you sign
BURN 2.- calm down
BURN 3. ~ fire – watch what you do ~ house – unfavorable period
BURNING – grief
BURST – don’t gossip about others so it doesn’t come back to you
BUS – (MODERN MEANING) – The dream in which a bus appears is very specific and depends on the experiences that an individual has with buses, public transport, travel and the like. Riding a bus is a group activity, so a dream can speak to your willingness to cooperate with others or to a part of life that includes other people who are on the same path.
BUS – you are too influenced by other people, you need to determine what you want ~ getting on a crowded bus – you need to empathize more with other people
BUSINESS CARD ~ give – business problems ~ receive – progress
BUST – during this period you stand firmly on the ground
BUT – the environment is not honest with you
BUTCHER – danger
BUTTER ~ see – money problems ~ eat – make good money
BUTTERFLY – symbolizes femininity ~ two butterflies – marriage
BUTTON – problems and bad news
BUTTON – problems and bad news
BUY SOMETHING – happiness

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