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Dream Dictionary A to Z – letter – A –

A – business success
ABORTION – (MODERN MEANING) – A woman who has had this experience will probably dream of an abortion, but while it may be a disturbing dream it is healing. It is possible that through sleep you are working on accepting and healing the subconscious. If a man dreams of an abortion, it usually means he has feelings of guilt or failure of some kind. If a woman who has not had an abortion dreams of it, it may signal that attention should be paid to the reproductive organs or their health, or that she feels a certain anxiety about her current partner.
ABORTION – misunderstandings with the environment or health problems
ABROAD – problems at work
ABSTINENCE – a successful period
ABUNDANCE – sudden costs and problems
ABYSS – problems and troubles; ABYSS – the troubles are as big as the abyss and the consequences of the fall
ACACIA – problems and bad mood
ACADEMY – recognition
ACCIDENT – be careful in love and work
ACCOMMODATION – pack your bags, go
ACCORDION – business problems ~ playing is – success
ACCOUNT ~ write – success at work ~ get – someone will criticize you
ACCOUNTANT ~ to be – acknowledgments ~ to see an accountant – beware of flatterers
ACCUSATIONS – problems and worries
ACCUSING SOMEONE – believe in yourself
ACETYLENE – travel
ACID 1.- a disease
ACID 2. – others will try to deceive you
ACQUAINTANCE ~ meet him – love success
ACROBAT ~ see – success at work ~ be an acrobat – you will successfully start a job
ACROBATIONS – difficulties and problems, danger
ACTION ~ participate – problems; observe – you will solve other people’s problems
ACTIVITY ~ wear it – you will have to make some decisions ~ find – problems
ACTOR – (MODERN MEANING) – Sometimes the dream of a famous actor can be the realization of a wish through a dream. People admire celebrities and want to be with them, but they also admire them for certain qualities. Think about the personality traits you associate with the person you dreamed of. A movie can mean that you crave those qualities in your life. To dream of an actor in particular can also mean that you feel like you are playing a role in your life and that others do not perceive you the way you would like them to.
ACTOR ~ to be – plans will not come true ~ to watch an actor – someone is lying to you
ADAM – good news ~ talk to him – you will not be fulfilled what you intended
ADD – you will live long
ADDRESS – you will receive a gift or guests will come to you
ADHESIVE ~ to see – love problems ~ to hold – you will make a new, good friend
ADMINISTRATION – you will struggle with some work, but you will do it successfully
ADMIRING SOMETHING – you have a pleasant period ahead of you and sincere friendship ~ if someone admires you – beware of flatterers
ADULTERY – (MODERN MEANING) – Many people have dreams about how they cheat or how their partner cheats on them. Many dreams come as a private reflection of our fears, desires, thoughts and problems, so a dream is a response to an anxious situation. On the other hand, this kind of dream can be a compensation for boredom, monotony or dissatisfaction with the love life. In rare cases, this dream can indicate that the person dreaming doubts his partner’s infidelity, but does not want to consciously admit it to himself, and then the dream indicates that this problem should be addressed on a conscious level.
ADULTERY – take care of yourself and your property
ADVANCE PAYMENT – will help a close person solve the problem;
ADVENTURE – be careful
ADVERTISEMENT – business problems
ADVISOR – you will have your hands full, but the satisfaction after the job will be great
AFFAIR – changes for the better
AFRICA – success
AGE ~ grow old in your sleep – finally a positive period is coming
AGENT – problems await you
AGONY – disease
AIR – social success
AIR ~ breathe fresh air – success ~ breathe polluted air – meet people you don’t really want to see
AIRCRAFT – (MODERN MEANING) – An airplane, like other vehicles, symbolizes life’s journey. It can also represent something that is very far away from you physically or mentally, since we most often use an airplane to travel to distant lands. An airplane can also signify emotions towards the distant past or the distant future. Disturbing dreams of a plane crash or an accident may alert you to how exhausted your body is or your psyche is tired. The more you are disturbed by the dream, the greater the need for you to reconsider your life and find balance.
AIRCRAFT ~ to make it – symbolizes new ideas to be realized if it falls – rejection of old habits ~ to fly in z. – unexpected success
AIRPORT – get to the airport – business success; waiting for someone at the airport – you will successfully solve the problem
ALADIN’S LAMP – you have to make a decision no matter how much you avoid it
ALARM – someone will criticize you
ALARM – you will blame other people for your mistakes; ringing – open your eyes, you are in danger
ALBATROS – good news
ALCOHOL – (MODERN MEANING) – The meaning of dreams related to alcohol usually depends on the relationship you have with alcohol in real life. If you drink regularly, then pay more attention to other symbols, because alcohol does not have to carry special meaning in that case. If you drink infrequently or never, then the dream may symbolize the need to escape from reality or quickly alleviate a problem. If you dream of alcohol it will never encourage you to drink alcohol, but the need to improve your life and feel better.
ALCOHOL – long life ~ drink – you have no good friends ~ spill – loss
ALERT ~ hear – pleasure ~ sound the alarm – don’t believe the gossip
ALGAE – you are about to travel
ALIBI – you could have problems with the law, you will pay a fine or something like that.
ALIEN – (MODERN MEANING) – What the dream of aliens means is difficult to unify and you don’t need to generalize things, but as a rule if you talk to aliens it usually means that changes are coming into your life. If you dream that you are an alien it may mean that you have strayed from your original personality. Maybe you are a stranger in the current environment, and you need to work on self-confidence.
ALIMENTATION ~ receive alimony – success ~ give – failure
ALKA – do not doubt your partner
ALMOND TREE ~ blossomed – favorable love period ~ in autumn – love woes
ALMONDS – be careful who you talk to and in what tone
ALPHABET – good business news, new beginnings
ALTAR – something beautiful is waiting for you
ALTERNATIVE – do you decide between good things – favorable sign ~ between bad things – negative sign
ALUMINUM – this time you will not be able to resolve conflicts peacefully
AMBROSIA – a successful period, but be more determined and persistent
Ambush ~ ambush – your co-workers take your credit ~ prepare an ambush – whoever digs another pit, falls into it himself
AMERICA – business success
AMILY – success
AMMONIA – be careful not to take risks
AMPUTATION – (MODERN MEANING) – This is a dream that causes fears or anxiety in many people. It most often signifies feelings of helplessness, anger, and frustration. It can also signal that it is time to make a radical move away from some things in your life.
AMPUTATION ~ if a part of your body is amputated in a dream, the dream indicates the loss of some ability or previous condition
ANAGRAM ~ it is difficult to determine the general symbolism of anagrams because they have a personal meaning and are interpreted according to it
ANARCHIST – money problems
ANCESTORS ~ to see your ancestors in a dream – nothing is forgotten old debts are collected from time to time, take care of your health
ANCHOR – you will stay where you are for a while longer
ANEGDOTE – a good period for socializing
ANEMIA – problems
ANESTHESIA ~ false hopes
ANGEL – (MODERN MEANING) – In the last ten years, there has been a change in the interpretation of dreams with angels. They represent the divine, the protective, and the heavenly. If you dream of angels it could indicate your spiritual qualities. Angels are mystical and spiritual creatures, but they can apply to all those who support you, friends and family.
ANGEL – a joyful event ~ to be – take care of your health ~ to call an angel – misfortune
ANGER – (MODERN MEANING) – If you dream that you are angry, you may have transferred the feeling from your daily life. If you dream of anger it can also be a sure way to express this feeling without any negative consequences. If you dream of very great anger, you must look for a better way to process your emotions in everyday life.
ANGER – financial success
ANGER ~ be angry – you will forgive someone you have been arguing with for a long time ~ if others are angry – happiness
ANGLE – problems at work
ANGRY DOG – best friends work behind your back
ANIMALS – (MODERN MEANING) – Animals in dreams often present feelings we are not ready to deal with. How you interpret the dream depends on the relationship you have with that animal in your daily life. Whether some animal represents fear, friendship, aspiration or something third.
ANIMALS ~ wild – misfortune ~ tame – happiness ~ turn into an animal – even though it seems to you that you can’t overcome problems, you are stronger than them
ANKLE ~ to see – gain ~ to forge on an anvil – a new person will enter your life
ANSWER – you will need to explain your intentions to others
ANT – business problems
ANT-EATER – think twice before making a decision
ANTENNA – success and change for the better
ANTHEM – be careful what you do and who you hang out with, they could have minor problems
ANTIBIOTICS – take – you are distrustful of people, but that is not a bad trait; give – your loved ones can always rely on you
ANTILOPA – love success ~ kill antelope – a short but severe disease
ANTIQUES – you are insecure
ANTS – it’s good to dream of them unless they crawl on you – family problems ~ trample ants – treat your friends better
ANXIETY – (MODERN MEANING) – Anxiety in sleep is probably related to the difficulties you face in real life. There may be a gap between how some things in life are arranged and how you would like them to be. If in real life you don’t feel anxiety without dreaming, maybe the dream is signaling you to ignore something. Pay attention to the details of the dream, and what caused the anxiety. Anxiety in a dream probably refers to the difficulties you face in real life. There may be a gap between how some things in life are arranged and how you would like them to be. If in real life you don’t feel anxiety without dreaming, maybe the dream is signaling you to ignore something. Pay attention to the details of the dream, and what caused the anxiety.
APARTMENT – (MODERN SIGNIFICANCE) – Most living spaces represent the psychological, emotional and spiritual side of an individual, and most often in what condition is the space in such a psychological state is the individual. Since the apartment as well as the hotel is a temporary living space, it suggests that you should perhaps move away from everyday things that burden you and get some rest. The hotel usually presents emotions of shorter duration, something that will soon pass, maybe even one-day emotions.
APARTMENT – financial problems
APARTMENT ~ big – success ~ small – failure ~ rent – loss ~ move in new – gain
APHRODITE (GODDESS) – warns those who intend to marry to think again
APOLLO – if he is engaged in art – success; and if not – strive for change that can be achieved with little effort
APOLOGIZING – problems ~ if someone apologizes to you – you will solve problems
Apology – (MODERN MEANING) – This dream is usually related to the love life or relationships you have with other loved ones. An apology is associated with sincerity or forgiveness, so it can suggest that sincerity, and perhaps even an apology, is necessary in some relationship with a loved one.
APOSTLE – problems
APPETITE ~ the hungrier you are the more you will gain
APPLAUSE ~ hear – expect too much ~ if they applaud you – get down on the ground, you are no better than others ~ applaud – it is better for you to deal with yourself than to take care of others
APPLES – depending on how the apples look, they announce such a love life
APPLICATION ~ to fulfill is – someone will praise you ~ to endure – inconveniences ~ to refuse an application – loss
APRICOTS – your pleasure will be short-lived
APRICOTS ~ if they are big – success ~ if they are small – problems
AQUARIUM – (MODERN MEANING) – Water is generally a very powerful symbol. An aquarium can represent emotions, subconsciousness, and sexuality. Before you go to interpret the dream in which the aquarium appeared, think about other symbols and details from the dream. An aquarium can be a part of your life. People usually enjoy aquariums because they find them relaxing, so a dream about an aquarium can also mean a call to rest and get a little away from the complexities of life.
AQUARIUM – problems in business or love
ARABS ~ see them – good news is coming ~ be Arab – bad news
ARCH – you can rely on a friend
ARCHIVE ~ see – loss of money ~ archive – the effort will pay off
ARENA – you are in some danger
ARGUMENT – someone is plotting against you
ARGUMENT – you have good friends
ARIES – problems of one’s own personality
ARMCHAIR ~ new and comfortable armchair – a positive sign ~ uncomfortable and ugly – bad things will happen to you
ARMCHAIR ~ sit – pleasure ~ see – material problems
ARMOR – some people don’t care about you, but it won’t show you ~ wear it – some good things will happen to you
ARMOR (MODERN MEANING) – The armor symbolizes the defense mechanism, and many believe that in a dream it is a good signal because it represents how you are protected from difficulties and temptations.
ARMY ~ victorious – success ~ loser – loss
ARREST – problems with authorities or legislation
ARREST – you could have problems with something you are not guilty of
ARRIVAL – unforeseen expenses or quarrels
ARROWS – see – news;
ART – you will have a wish come true
ARTICHOKA – pain and impotence
ARTIST ~ to be – now is the time for good deeds ~ to see him – calm down, there is a period ahead of you in which nothing is going your way
AS IN CARDS ~ spade – misfortune ~ club – welfare ~ diamond – enmity ~ herc – love news
ASH – an awkward period in which you will work a lot and earn a little ~ collect ashes – a gift
ASIA – travel or change
ASK – you will be given the opportunity to fulfill your wishes
ASS – you will find a good partner or get married if you are in a relationship
ASSASSINATION – you are surrounded by insincere people
ASSOCIATION – you will have a better relationship with your partner
ASTHMA – problems
ASTRONOMIST – business success
ATHENS (GODDESS) – you will find a partner who will meet all your expectations
ATHLETE ~ watch – business success ~ be – problems at work
ATLAS – you will have to make some decisions
ATOMIC BOMB – you will win
ATTACK – keep an eye on your business ventures
ATTIC – what is stored in the attic only you know, keep secrets well
ATTIC (MODERN MEANING) – Any part of the house that you dream about is your dream about you. The house represents a person who dreams. The attic or attic is usually the last thing that is built on the house, so think about the details of the dream and what the subconscious is trying to tell you. Some believe that the attic is the best edition of the person dreaming, so consider the condition of the attic you dreamed of.
ATTITUDE – change, you will probably travel or guests will come to you
ATTORNEY – expect unnecessary expenses
AUCTION – an unfavorable period awaits you
AUCTION – be careful who you lend money to
AUDITION – be more determined
AUGUST – you will progress, but beware of who might be envious of you
AUREOLA ~ your own halo – you deserve the recognition you deserve ~ someone else’s – ask for advice from people close to you
AUTO – you know the best solution for your problems ~ the appearance of the car speaks about you, and the engine about your psychophysical condition ~ drive auto – progress
AUTOMATIC – think about your actions, you may be wrong
AUTOPSY – the truth will come out
AUTO-STOP – an unpleasant surprise at work or from a partner; pick it up – a positive period private and business
AUTUMN – the beginning of the end
Avalanche ~ to see an avalanche – gain ~ to flee from an avalanche – loss
AVOID – think about yourself and what you really want, be more confident in yourself
AX – you are in danger

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